The Counter-Leveson Inquiry

21 October 2014

‘The best answer to bad speech? More speech’

Nick Gillespie on Fox News, press freedom, and our new media utopia.

15 October 2014

‘The Establishment is trying to choke journalism’

David Dinsmore, editor of the Sun, on the challenges to press freedom.

6 October 2014

How UK liberals helped police hack the press

Tabloid-bashing crusaders enabled the state to treat journalists like jihadists.

1 October 2014

Brooks Newmark: another chance to bash the tabloids

Post-Leveson, even Tory sex scandals are deemed unacceptable.

4 September 2014

It’s official: phone-hacking is not a crime or a scandal

When it’s Britain’s secret police hacking the tabloid Sun, that is.

7 August 2014

The fight for press freedom – still a war without end

Now we know: anti-hacking hysteria was just a flag of convenience.

3 July 2014

In defence of hacks who break the law

The phone-hacking scandal is being used to criminalise investigative journalism.

25 June 2014

A battle for the soul of UK journalism

The bigger issue behind the phone-hacking trials is the future of a free press.

17 June 2014

Freedom of the press is never ‘case by case’

If the US is to remain committed to press freedom, ‘reporter's privilege’ must be extended to all.