The spiked podcast


The tyranny of the tech monopolies

The spiked team discusses Donald Trump’s exile from social media.

Dark days for American democracy

The spiked team discusses the carnage at the Capitol and the tyranny of Big Tech.

The year the world went mad

The spiked podcast team reflects on 2020.

Democracy or bust

The team discusses Brexit, Millwall fans and the Covid vaccine.

How trans ideology fails children

The spiked team discusses Keira Bell, Labour infighting and Joe Biden’s diversity drive.

The great fascism scare

The team discusses Trump, tiered lockdown and Jordan Peterson.

Boris’s botched reset

The team discusses the ‘green industrial revolution’, anti-Semitism in Labour and Christmas in the Covid age.

Trump’s tantrum against democracy

The spiked team discusses the president’s refusal to concede the election.

Populism after Trump

The team discusses why populism will survive, even if Trump is defeated.

Who will stand with the French Republic?

The team discusses the Nice attack, anti-Semitism and the US election.

The armed wing of cancel culture

The team discusses the beheading of Samuel Paty, the northern lockdown and Critical Race Theory.

David Starkey and the tyranny of the thought police

The team discusses hate speech, the Great Barrington Declaration and Twitter’s war on satire.

The president and the plague

The spiked team discusses Donald Trump, pub closures and woke supermarkets.

Why anti-Trumpers could still get Trump re-elected

We discuss the presidential race, the latest from lockdown Britain, and unconscious-bias training.

The long lockdown winter

The spiked team discusses the lockdown measures, Labour’s Brexit backpedalling and right-wing snowflakes.

Lockdown 2.0

The spiked team discusses the ‘rule of six’, Brexit and JK Rowling.