The spiked podcast


The weird war on whiteness

The spiked team discusses white fragility, social-media censorship and Boris’s New Deal.

Terror returns to Britain

The team discusses the Reading attack, trans ideology and Karen-bashing.

The Tory war on woke

The spiked team discusses Munira Mirza, BLM and the corona crash.

The woke cultural revolution

The team discusses statue-smashing and censored comedy.

America falls apart

The team discusses the murder of George Floyd and its aftermath.

The week the British media completely lost the plot

The spiked team discusses the outbreak of Cummings Derangement Syndrome.

The care-homes scandal that shames the nation

The spiked team discusses care homes, grooming gangs and police overreach.

Lockdown UK: still no end in sight

The spiked team discusses the non-easing of the lockdown, the Electoral Commission, and Big Tech censorship.

Neil Ferguson’s staggering hypocrisy

The team discusses the latest extraordinary week of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why the media have had such a bad war

The team discuss ‘gotcha’ journalism in the age of coronavirus.

The Covid culture wars

The spiked team discusses identity politics, lockdowns and celebrities.

Why the 5G Covid conspiracy theory has gone viral

The team discusses David Icke, the economic impact of Covid-19 and Labour’s latest row.

A PM in hospital, a nation rattled

The team discusses Boris Johnson, China and the Labour leadership.

Can the EU survive coronavirus?

The spiked team discusses how Covid-19 is shaking Europe to its core.

Britain in lockdown

The spiked team discusses the latest in the coronavirus crisis.

Putting the pandemic in perspective

The spiked team on the dangerous overreaction to Covid-19.