The spiked podcast


Why No Deal is still the best deal

The team discuss Brexit, Jihadi Jack and offensive puns.

A coup against the people

We discuss the latest anti-Brexit schemes, Greta Thunberg’s yacht trip, and the sexist-ad ban.

The barbarism of identity politics

The team discuss El Paso, Scottish independence and the DSA.

How the EU played the Irish

The spiked team discuss Brexit, woke royals and trans kids.

Boris: Brexit or bust

The team discuss Boris Johnson, Carl Beech and Canada’s waxing controversy with Lindsay Shepherd.

Trump’s white identity politics

The team discuss the fallout from those tweets.

Labour: party of the middle class

Labour Leave’s Brendan Chilton joins the team to discuss Corbyn’s Brexit betrayal.

Brussels shows its true colours

The team discuss EU ‘democracy’, antifa and Glastonbury.

The Boris delusion

The spiked team discuss the Tory leadership, Iran and Islamophobia.

The right-wing threat to free speech

The team discuss flag-burning, Hong Kong and anti-Semitism.

The Tory circus

The team discuss the leadership race, YouTube censorship, and Catholicism vs trans.

Why they hate Trump

The spiked team discuss Trump’s visit, modern feminism and trans censorship.

Two Europes: an EU election special

The spiked team discuss the populist wave and the future of the EU.

An earthquake Down Under

The spiked team discuss the Australian elections, ‘milkshaking’ and Pete Buttigieg.

Jeremy Kyle: how pleb-bashing went mainstream

The spiked team discuss Jeremy Kyle, Alabama’s abortion ban and Change UK.

The fight for Brexit continues

The spiked team on the EU elections, abuse against MPs, and Asia Bibi.