The spiked podcast


The mourning wars

The team discuss the death of George HW Bush, the fall of Macronism and the lunacy of PETA.

Project Fear, the sequel

The team discuss the Brexit panic, the gilet jaunes protests and trans misogyny.

The dangers of hate-crime hysteria

The team discuss hate crime, Melania Trump and our words of the year.

Brexit: what is to be done?

Kate Hoey, Daniel Hannan and Brendan O’Neill discuss how to save Brexit.

Why Trump limps on

The team discuss the Midterms, the Grenfell effigy and the problem with killing off Apu.

Trump, terror and hypocrisy

Is Trump to blame for pipe-bombs and anti-Semitic slaughter? The spiked team discuss.

We need to talk about grooming gangs

The team discuss Huddersfield, blasphemy laws and the threat to nightlife.

The Tory betrayal of Brexit

The team discuss Brexit, Saudi Arabia and Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry.

Nazi pugs, gay cakes and Bob Geldof

The spiked team discuss the latest free-speech and Brexit battles.

Tories in turmoil

The spiked team discuss the Tories, Brett Kavanaugh and jazz hands on campus.

Labour vs the people

The team discuss Labour, identity politics and trans censorship.

How #MeToo became a political weapon

The team discuss Brett Kavanaugh, the rise of the ‘democratic socialists’ and the fall of the Lib Dems.

Westminster’s war on the web

The spiked team talks online hate speech, Tory Brexit divisions and the Serena sexism row.

The stupidity of banning Bannon

The spiked team talks Steve Bannon, Labour anti-Semitism and the new Nike ad.

Sell out Brexit? No deal

The spiked team talks No Deal, #MeToo and pronoun badges.

‘Trump isn’t un-PC. He’s just an asshole’

Bret Stephens talks to Tom Slater about the twin threats to free speech.