The spiked podcast


Can the EU survive coronavirus?

The spiked team discusses how Covid-19 is shaking Europe to its core.

Britain in lockdown

The spiked team discusses the latest in the coronavirus crisis.

Putting the pandemic in perspective

The spiked team on the dangerous overreaction to Covid-19.

Inside Italy’s coronavirus lockdown

Dominic Standish calls in to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic.

Has Bernie blown it?

The team discusses Super Tuesday, Priti Patel and the war on womanhood.

Why free speech matters

Toby Young joins the spiked team to discuss how to take on the censors.

The ghoulish exploitation of Caroline Flack

We discuss the response to Caroline Flack’s death, the sacking of Andrew Sabisky, and Dave’s BRITs performance.

Labour’s woke war on women

The spiked team discusses trans ideology, the Brexit negotiations and Germany’s populist revolt.

Why the Democrats might just get Trump re-elected

The team discusses Iowa, social-media censorship, and why wealth and wokeness go hand in hand.

Why Brexit Day is worth celebrating

The spiked team talks about the long road to this historic day.

Trump, Davos and Laurence Fox

The spiked team on impeachment, green capitalism and wokism.

The woke Stasi

The team discuss microaggression monitors, the Labour leadership race, and the Oscars.

Megxit and the rise of woke royalism

The spiked team discuss the royals, Iran and the Labour leadership.

2019: the year the people struck back

The spiked team discuss a remarkable year in politics.

A new era

The spiked team discuss the fallout from the election.

A working-class revolt against Labour

The spiked team react to the historic election.