The spiked podcast


In defence of internet freedom

The spiked team on the government’s Online Harms White Paper.

Why parliament can’t be trusted

The spiked team discuss Brexit, online censorship and Joe Biden.

Mueller, May and memes

The spiked team discuss the rise and fall of a centrist conspiracy theory.

The bloody rise of white identity politics

The spiked team discuss the Christchurch massacre and its aftermath.

The week Brexit was betrayed

The spiked team is joined by Paul Embery to discuss a dispiriting few days for democracy.

Labour’s Jewish problem

The team discuss left-wing anti-Semitism, due process, and how PC is ruining humour.

The death of No Deal?

The team discuss Brexit, campus panics and Bernie Sanders.

Shamima, Smollett and Soubry

The spiked team discuss a packed week in politics and culture.

How Brexit broke party politics

The team discuss new parties, European populism and campus censorship.

The economics of No Deal

The Guardian’s Larry Elliott and spiked’s Phil Mullan on Project Fear II.

Venezuela is not your playground

The team discuss the left-right culture war over Venezuela.

On the ethics of doxxing children

The spiked team discuss the unhinged treatment of the Covington boys.

Hate speech: a warning from Europe

Paul Coleman on why we must oppose hate-speech laws.

May’s defeat, Trump’s wall and woke capitalism

Tom Slater, Ella Whelan and Fraser Myers discuss the stories of the week.

On the right to insult politicians

The team discuss Anna Soubry, AOC and diversity casting.

2018: the year that rocked Europe

The team look back on 2018 in a bumper edition of the spiked podcast.