The spiked podcast


The right-wing threat to free speech

The team discuss flag-burning, Hong Kong and anti-Semitism.

The Tory circus

The team discuss the leadership race, YouTube censorship, and Catholicism vs trans.

Why they hate Trump

The spiked team discuss Trump’s visit, modern feminism and trans censorship.

Two Europes: an EU election special

The spiked team discuss the populist wave and the future of the EU.

An earthquake Down Under

The spiked team discuss the Australian elections, ‘milkshaking’ and Pete Buttigieg.

Jeremy Kyle: how pleb-bashing went mainstream

The spiked team discuss Jeremy Kyle, Alabama’s abortion ban and Change UK.

The fight for Brexit continues

The spiked team on the EU elections, abuse against MPs, and Asia Bibi.

The snobbery of the Trump haters

The spiked team on anti-Trump protests, decolonisation and votes for prisoners.

Sri Lanka and the new barbarism

The spiked team discuss terrorism, Greta Thunberg and the Brexit Party.

Notre Dame and the longing for legacy

The spiked team discuss Notre Dame, Ilhan Omar and Roger Scruton.

In defence of internet freedom

The spiked team on the government’s Online Harms White Paper.

Why parliament can’t be trusted

The spiked team discuss Brexit, online censorship and Joe Biden.

Mueller, May and memes

The spiked team discuss the rise and fall of a centrist conspiracy theory.

The bloody rise of white identity politics

The spiked team discuss the Christchurch massacre and its aftermath.

The week Brexit was betrayed

The spiked team is joined by Paul Embery to discuss a dispiriting few days for democracy.

Labour’s Jewish problem

The team discuss left-wing anti-Semitism, due process, and how PC is ruining humour.