The spiked podcast


Another bloodstained election

The team discuss London Bridge, Trump’s visit, and Labour’s struggle with working-class voters.

Labour’s week from hell

The spiked team discuss the latest fallout from the General Election campaign.

The lie of Labour’s radicalism

The spiked team discuss the latest election pledges, green grandstanding and Prince Andrew.

The taming of the Brexit Party

The spiked team discuss the latest twists and turns in the General Election.

Is this 2017 all over again?

The spiked team discuss the election campaign so far.

The Brexit election

The team discuss what is at stake as Britain goes back to the polls.

It’s time to slay this zombie parliament

The team discuss Brexit, Russia Derangement Syndrome, and the Canadian balls-waxing controversy.

The return of ISIS?

Macer Gifford and Rakib Ehsan offer their thoughts for this spiked podcast special.

The betrayal of the Kurds

The team discuss Syria, Brexit and Extinction Rebellion.

Impeachment, royal censors and OK signs

The spiked team discuss the attempt to topple Trump, and more.

Hysteria, humbug and Lady Hale

The spiked team discuss another extraordinary week in British politics.

Is populism here to stay?

Three perspectives from Britain, America and Italy.

This rotten parliament

The spiked team discuss Brexit and the elite’s turn against democracy.

The Brexit endgame

The team discuss this week’s seismic events in Westminster.

Days of middle-class rage

The spiked team discuss prorogation and the Remainer meltdown.

Why No Deal is still the best deal

The team discuss Brexit, Jihadi Jack and offensive puns.