The Last Orders Podcast


Now the London Underground is banning its own adverts

Brendan O’Neill, Chris Snowdon and Tom Slater on the absurdity of the junk-food ad ban.

Why we must repeal the Porn Laws

Andrew Doyle joins Snowdon and Slater to talk porn passes, sock puppets and junk food.

Frosties, booze and weed, with Geoff Norcott

The stand-up star joins Snowdon and Slater to discuss the latest nanny-state news.

Food fads and fat-shaming, with the Angry Chef

Anthony Warner joins us to discuss society’s messed up relationship with food.

Why your Christmas chocolates are shrinking

Last Orders looks back on a mad year for nanny-state meddling.

The truth about FOBTs

Chris Snowdon, Dominic Frisby and Tom Slater on the crusade against gambling.

Woke coke fiends and Tory puritans, with Simon Evans

Last Orders, the spiked podcast on all things nanny state, is back.

Call off this war on cheap booze

Chris Snowdon, Brendan O’Neill and Tom Slater on the latest Last Orders podcast.

‘The smoking ban was never about health – it was about pushing us around’

Chris Snowdon, Claire Fox and Tom Slater discuss the smoking ban, plastic bags and paying people to jog.

Why booze can be good for you

Chris Snowdon, Mark Littlewood and Tom Slater discuss this month's nanny state news.

‘No, roast potatoes don’t give you cancer’

On the latest Last Orders, we look at the maddest health scares of the month.

The rise of the booze burqa

Martin Durkin, Chris Snowdon and Tom Slater talk public-health killjoyism.

‘Synthetic alcohol misses the point of drinking’

On this month's Last Orders, we talk sinnovation, the plunge in cancer rates and the NHS.

‘Our weight is none of the state’s business’

On this month's Last Orders, we talk obesity, Theresa May and booze guidelines.

‘Public-health groups are behaving like religious sects’

We talk malnutrition, smoking in Syria and takeaways in schools.

Has Australia lost the larrikin spirit?

On this month’s Last Orders, we discuss the state of nannying Down Under.