‘Her penis’ – the most Orwellian phrase of our age

Nothing better captures the moral derangement of our times than this two-word lie.

Brendan O'Neill

Brendan O'Neill
chief political writer

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‘Her penis’ is back. Just when you thought the weirdos had put it away, here it is again, flopped all over the newspapers. A ‘trans woman’ allegedly ‘played with her penis’ in front of two young girls, reported the Daily Echo this week. ‘She’ allegedly ‘loved’ exposing ‘her penis’ to minors, says Portsmouth News. This ‘56-year-old charity shop worker’ is charged with ‘exposing her penis’ to horrified kids, says Talk TV. ‘Her penis’, they all say, over and over, like members of a lunatic cult, with no clue as to how unhinged they sound to those of us who know that the only possessive pronoun that should ever appear before the words penis, dick, todger and knob is his.

They’re reporting on the case of Samantha Norris, who is a bloke. We know he’s a bloke because he has a cock. Mr Norris – yes, Mr – is accused of exposing his penis – yes, his – to two 11-year-old girls. He’s on trial at Southampton Crown Court. Even worse than the media’s slavish, post-truth flattery of Mr Norris’s deluded belief that he is a woman is the court’s indulgence of such anti-social insanity. The prosecuting lawyer said ‘Miss Norris’ is ‘transitioning’ and ‘she has a penis’, and on the day in question, ‘she was naked’ and ‘glorying in her nudity’ and was ‘definitely manipulating her penis’. No, ‘she’ wasn’t – he was, allegedly. Whatever happened to the truth and nothing but the truth?

It remains to be seen whether Mr Norris is guilty of indecent exposure. But we know beyond reasonable doubt that the media, the justice system and just about every other wing of our cursed establishment is guilty of indecent deceit. They’re gaslighting us. Norris allegedly pulled down ‘her trousers’ and exposed ‘her penis’ at girls who were walking past ‘the window of her home’, the papers say. What? They’re sacrificing truth at the altar of ideology. That might please the noisy minority who deliriously believe you can have a dick and be a woman, but it makes the rest of us think that if they won’t even tell us the truth about an alleged flasher, why should we believe anything they say about anything else ever again?

Nothing better captures the moral derangement of our times than those two words, ‘her penis’. It is such a false phrase, such an abominable untruth, such a cowardly utterance that’s clearly designed to fend off the attentions of the mob by demonstrating one’s unflinching fealty to the new ideologies. That such a sexist, unscientific term now falls from the gobs of so many in the elites – the press, the police, the courts – should horrify us all. For it confirms the victory of identity over truth. It confirms that everything – even science, even logic – now plays second fiddle to validating the self-delusion of the individual. It represents nothing less than the revenge of unreason against enlightenment.

‘Her penis’ is everywhere. In newspapers of record, court transcripts. We hear of the ‘woman’ who exposed ‘her… partially erect’ penis in a spa in Los Angeles. A lady with a boner? I’ve heard it all now. Swimmer Lia Thomas allegedly whipped out ‘her penis’ in a female changing room. The New York Times gushes over ‘queer indigenous artists’, one of whom poses in nothing more than a ‘grand feathered headdress’, with ‘her penis arcing blithely upward’. The only blithe thing here is the New York Times’s haughty disregard for biological reality. Barely a month goes by without news reports of some awful ‘woman’ flashing ‘her penis’. Like the ‘ex-soldier’ who ‘lifted her skirt’ and ‘exposed her penis’ before using a ‘wheelie bin as a sex toy’. How unladylike.

The cult of her penis has conquered the legal system too, with horrendous consequences. ‘Her penis was erect and sticking out of the top of her trousers’, prosecutors insanely say about male rapists. Last year, a man who thinks he’s a woman was found guilty of rape and sentenced to nine years in jail. ‘Throughout the trial’, wrote Carole Malone at the Express, ‘the court referred to him as “she” and discussed how “she” used “her” penis to commit the rape. Have we gone mad?’ Yes. Yes we have. Compelling the female victims of sexual assault to refer to their attackers as ‘she’ is the nadir of woke. It is a sick society indeed that values the self-esteem of rapists more highly than the right of women to tell the truth about their experiences.

The delirium of ‘her penis’ interferes with everything, even crime stats. When men who rape, flash or commit other sexual offences are flatteringly referred to as ‘women’, the truth about such crimes – that they’re overwhelmingly committed by men – is obscured. Remember when the New York Times and the BBC both reported on the case of an elderly lady who murdered and decapitated another woman? ‘She killed’ the woman in ‘her apartment’, they said. It wasn’t until the last line of the BBC report that we discovered this ‘woman’ is in fact a man. And these are the same conceited elites who are forever sermonising to us about the scourge of misinformation.

‘Her penis’ is the most Orwellian phrase of our age. It is as offensive to reason as ‘2 + 2 = 5’. Every newspaper and institution that uses this perfidious term is putting propaganda ahead of truth. Like the minions in Orwell’s Ministry of Truth who rewrite old newspaper articles to make them better accord with current party ideology, they’re erasing objective facts and replacing them with fabricated dogma. Worse, they witch-hunt those who prefer the truth to their lies, those who refuse to genuflect to the religious derangement of ‘her penis’. They brand them ‘TERFs’ and seek to harry them from polite society.

Witness the cases of Maya Forstater, Rosie Kay, Allison Bailey, Jo Phoenix and too many more to mention, all found guilty of heresy against the cult of ‘her penis’, against the trans delusion. Alarmingly, the left cheers this persecution of truth-speaking. Witness warbling one-time radical Billy Bragg who now spends more time haranguing women who say sex is real than he does strumming about the Miners’ Strike. ‘I believe that employers have a right to act in such circumstances’, he said of the outrageous sacking of children’s author Gillian Philip for the crime of supporting JK Rowling. Boss-class Billy, we should call him, the turncoat who went from writing protest songs to backing the capitalist class’s clampdown on uppity women who protest against ‘her penis’ and other modern hocus-pocus.

Yes, it’s okay to snigger when you see ‘her penis’ in the papers. But let’s not lose sight of what’s at stake here: our right to tell the truth. Our right to say that measurable, objective reality counts for more than the feelings of men in comedy boobs. Our right to say that if you have a penis, or you had one and got rid of it, you are not a woman and you never will be. If freedom means anything at all, it means the right to say ‘his penis’.

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