The Brendan O’Neill Show


Why I changed my mind on lockdown

Rod Liddle on the devastating failure of lockdown and football fans booing Black Lives Matter.

Why the well-off love the lockdown

Julia Hartley-Brewer and Brendan O’Neill discuss Britain’s slide into Covid tyranny.

The left now loathes the working class

Paul Embery talks to Brendan O’Neill about how Labour and the left came to be consumed by class hatred.

The election everyone got wrong

Michael Tracey and Brendan O’Neill discuss the Trump years, the summer of riots and the collapse of journalism.

‘Hysteria is contagious’

Lionel Shriver and Brendan O’Neill discuss Trump, Biden and the panic driving the New Normal.

‘The establishment is creating a dystopia’

Sohrab Ahmari tells Brendan O’Neill why there’s so much at stake in the US election.

The case for Trump

Daniel McCarthy on what is really at stake in the US election.

Big Tech vs free speech

Jeffrey Rosen tells Brendan O’Neill what’s driving Silicon Valley’s embrace of censorship.

We should all be populists

Thomas Frank tells Brendan O’Neill about the progressive history of populism and the elite war on democracy.

Innovation, freedom and ‘failing better’

Matt Ridley talks to Brendan O’Neill about why innovation matters – and what’s holding it back.

Why black autonomy matters

Glenn Loury talks to Brendan O’Neill about race, policing and political correctness.

Why the working class turned Tory

Nick Timothy on Brexit, the Theresa May years, and the great realignment of British politics.

‘The lockdown has been cruel and negligent’

Dr John Lee on the terrible cost of officialdom’s response to coronavirus.

Why borders matter

Frank Furedi joins Brendan O’Neill to discuss the importance of drawing boundaries.

‘We are in book-burning territory’

Julia Hartley-Brewer joins Brendan O’Neill to discuss the recent explosion of woke idiocy.

‘Liberals hate black people they can’t patronise’

Trevor Phillips talks to Brendan O’Neill about racial identity politics.