The Brendan O’Neill Show


‘I want to see gay newlyweds protecting their pot plants with guns’

Nick Gillespie joins Brendan O’Neill to discuss libertarianism and its limits.

‘I lost two stone from being publicly shamed’

Toby Young on how the Twittermob turned his life upside down.

‘Britain must prepare for a No Deal Brexit’

Tony Abbott on Brexit, gay marriage and multiculturalism.

‘The left should be criticising identity politics, too’

Jonathan Haidt on campus wars, fragile youths and the Intellectual Dark Web.

‘I don’t have a “phobia” – my objections to Islam are rational’

Rod Liddle on Islam, transgenderism, victim culture and more.

‘Everyone on Earth is part of my world. They belong to me’

Lionel Shriver on art, freedom and the nonsense of ‘cultural appropriation’.

Introducing… The Brendan O’Neill Show

Our editor’s new monthly podcast kicks off this Sunday with Lionel Shriver.