Google’s attack on media freedom

ZeroHedge and the Federalist have been punished by Google for failing to delete offensive comments.


Two right-leaning politics websites, ZeroHedge and the Federalist, have become the latest victims of Silicon Valley censorship.

Google has banned ZeroHedge from its advertising platform, while warning conservative website Federalist it could face the same fate unless prompt action is taken.

Both sites have been accused of indulging in conspiracy theories and fake news in the past. But it is not these site’s own articles that Google is objecting to — it’s the comments other people have left on their articles. The Federalist has now deleted its comments section entirely in response to Google’s warning.

To hold publications responsible for the words of their commentators opens up a dangerous can of worms. The loss of advertising revenue from Google could mean a serious financial hit for certain sites. There is no reason why other sites could not be similarly affected.

A number of conservative commentators see Google’s ban and warning as yet another example of tech giants and a supposedly liberal media censoring opinions they disagree with. Trump supporters have pointed out that Google’s move could have profound implications for the presidential election.

The whole saga has the feel of a hitjob. A journalist at NBC reported the sites’ supposed violations to Google, which is believed to have prompted Google’s warning to the Federalist (the ZeroHedge ban was enforced the week before). The NBC journalist later thanked two pro-censorship lobby organisations – Stop Funding Fake News and the Center for Countering Digital Hate – for their ‘hard work and collaboration’ in getting Google to take action. In other words, a mainstream media company has weaponised tech censorship against smaller rivals with politically opposed views.

These are deeply worrying developments for free speech and media freedom.

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Tony Benn

19th June 2020 at 10:34 am

If you’re using Google you’re part of the problem I’m afraid. Get yourself a sponsor maybe, but never be held to ransom.

John D Henry

18th June 2020 at 12:49 am

Debate is being closed down when to suit a distinctly left agenda. We are now at a point where not to support an extreme left Marxist agenda of organisation such as BLM & Antifa, can lose your job. Unfortunately much of the decent silent majority of all creeds are effectively neutered under this implied threat.
In the style of 5th columnists of old, much of our mainstream media, academia, legal & government systems, and social media have been infiltrated by this group think. As an ex military (RN) man of some 24 years, I can sniff out the standard communist strategy of wrapping your bat dropping crazy Marxist Policies in a homely label (i.e. Black Live Matters & Anti-Facist). This is clearly a Trojan Horse attempt to deliver such delights as: defunding/disbanding police, anti-capitalist, anti-family, and anarchy.
As well as all this, the BLM organisation, is clearly racist by definition, and doesn’t even try to match up with the name. The following black lives matter to them: Criminals, & left wingers, that’s it. These black lives they do not give a hoot about: Police, Military, Right Wing Supporters, Small Business Owners, and victims of B on B murders.
Labour in the UK & Democrats in the USA, seem to be adopting a divide and rule approach to try and gain power. Creating racial divisions for example, does not help anyone, but them. They both perpetually claim to fight inequalities, whilst in my view create the victims and people trapped on welfare; that very conveniently vote for them. That explains why the left are so keen to open up boarders, this is de facto gerrymander more people for their voting base.
Most people of all creeds I believe are basically decent, but we are being played for suckers. I also fear we’re living in very dangerous times, at some point the silent majority may be pushed too far. And as an ex policeman said on the UK’s TalkRadio a few days ago, he believes we may only be one bad cop away from Civil War.
What can we do? This won’t be easy, as we are starting with a system that has ensured the dice are loaded in their favour. However, the silent majority can be galvanised, as we saw with Brexit.
Here are a few suggestions, of things that we can collectively do.
Seek alternative online search engines to Google or Bing such as DuckDuckGo. This will enable you to seek out some of the information censored or distorted.
Most employees in the public sector and working for large corporations are silenced under implied threat of losing their livelihoods. Therefore it is up to the self employed (myself) and retired to provide their voice.
Do the research, and preserve evidence. For example the many videos in recent weeks clearly showing BLM destruction and violence, have been censored by YouTube and others. Preserve a record of these.
Seek the truth. For example Sky News Australia & USA Fox News (on YouTube) provided the footage from the recent BLM protests/riots, that was largely censored by the likes of BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky in the UK, and CNN and MSNBC in the USA. You will find astonishing attacks of presenters live on air (two in London), animal abuse (including a puppy, again live on air), and the voices of people (black, white, Asian etc.) who have had their businesses destroyed, or worse aware of the numerous murders during these ‘peaceful protests’ such as of David Dorn.
Seek out and communicate your support to a wide range of voices online. Here’s a few suggestions: Mahyar Tousi (UK), Douglas Murray (UK), Ex Army Paz 49 (UK), Paul Joseph Watson (UK), Paul Weston (UK), The Iconoclast (UK), Rotten Politics (UK), Trigger Nometry (UK), Daisy Cousens (Australia), Sydney Watson (Australia), Rev Jesse Lee Peterson (USA), YoungRippa59(USA), Candace Owens (USA), The Rubin Report (USA), Terrence K Williams (USA). These include many black voices.
Discreetly communicate (direct message, telephone, face to face) share your significant finds to those you trust and have been silenced due to implied threat of losing their job.
Share your concerns with platforms such as TalkRadio. With the exception of Nick Ferrari (great chap, school chum in the past) and Ian Dale, you will not get much joy nowadays from the ever woke LBC Radio.
For the record, I have no political alliance, and consider myself neither left nor right wing. I am interested in the truth, and the big picture, and generally support the ‘silent majority’ of decent people irrespective of colour or creed. I have seen what cultural wars ultimately looks like, whilst I served in Former Yugoslavia in a Royal Navy active service NATO post – mutual destruction of statues, monuments, buildings, venues, transport, bridges, and ultimately people.
Finally, of course ensure keeping on the right side of the law at all times.

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