Let Jo Cox rest in peace, you ghouls

Remainers’ exploitation of Cox’s murder is a new low in British politics.

Brendan O'Neill

Brendan O'Neill

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A new low was reached in British politics last night. Remainer MPs and their online cheerleaders exploited the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox to try to silence their critics and demonise Brexit.

These ghouls stood up in the Commons and physically pointed to Cox’s plaque as they denounced Boris for using allegedly dangerous words like ‘surrender’ and ‘betrayal’. And they took to Twitter and TV to insist that if Brexiteers, especially the PM, do not tone down their rhetoric, then others will die too; others will be murdered like Jo was. It was one of the most cynical, censorious, ghoulish displays in the UK political realm in recent memory. Using a murder victim as a debate-ender? Shame on you.

It kicked off when Labour MP Paula Sherriff accused Boris Johnson of using heated language. He has a tendency to refer to the Benn Act – which makes another extension of our EU membership far more likely – as the ‘surrender act’. And that is ‘offensive, dangerous and inflammatory’, said Sherriff. She said it was an insult to ‘our departed friend’ – Jo Cox – to use ‘pejorative’ language about legislation passed by MPs and to use words like ‘betrayal’ or ‘traitor’ in relation to those who would block Brexit and keep us in the EU.

Boris should be ‘absolutely ashamed’ of himself, she said. To which Boris replied – with admirable constraint, in my view, considering he had just been outrageously likened to the far-right lunatic who murdered Jo Cox – that Sherriff was talking ‘humbug’.

She was. All of them were. From Jess Phillips to Yvette Cooper, from the Guardian to the Twitterati, all the usual suspects joined in the ghoulish marshalling of Jo Cox to the low and censorious end of stifling strong discussion about Brexit.

Phillips suggested that some of the death threats she receives are inspired by Boris’s choice of language in debates about Brexit. One reporter said political party activists have been telling her they are ‘terrified of an election’ because Boris and other Brexiteers have made things so ‘toxic’. In short, the masses are volatile, the throng has been whipped up, and it would be dangerous for any political party to venture into this rabble and start a political campaign. And so do we glimpse the searingly anti-democratic impulse behind the desire to control and stifle the language around Brexit.

Anyone who watched proceedings in parliament last night and thought that it was Boris who was behaving immorally was clearly not paying attention. What is truly immoral is the use and abuse of Jo Cox to silence strong debate and demonise something that 17.4million of us voted for: Brexit.

This isn’t the first time Remainer elitists have exploited Cox to try to criminalise the Brexit ideal. Commentators have argued that the ‘unbridled xenophobia and racism’ of the Brexit campaign in 2016 – where was that, then? – created the conditions for Cox’s murder. Times columnist David Aaronovitch said Brexiteers had been ‘permissive of the motive’ and ‘even of the mood’ that led a far-right loner to murder Cox. That’s a fancy way of saying it was our fault. I myself have had MPs storm out of media debates (Anna Soubry) or denounce me as a ‘horrible human being’ (Jess Phillips) after I suggested that implicating Brexit itself in Jo Cox’s murder, and using Jo Cox to silence critical debate, is an offence to her memory and to reasoned public debate.

It increasingly feels like sections of the political class are losing the plot. We now have a situation in which they are betraying Brexit while also raining fury upon anyone who says the word ‘betrayal’. They are behaving like traitors to the democratic vote of 2016 that they promised to uphold, and yet they rage against any use of the word ‘traitor’. Not content with frustrating the will of the people, they now want to control what the people can say about it all. Anti-democracy and censorship – what a rotten road they have gone down.

Then there’s the hypocrisy. They call us fascists, Nazis, racists, extremists, idiots, etc etc. They use pejorative language about Brexit supporters all the time. In then turning around and saying ‘How dare you call us traitors!’, they expose their shameless hypocrisy. Of course, they should feel free to continue insulting Brexiteers. Public debate should be a free, unfettered and testy zone. People should say what they want. But please, for reason’s sake, leave Jo Cox out of it.

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Amelia Cantor

1st October 2019 at 11:17 am

Remainers’ exploitation of Cox’s murder is a new low in British politics.

If this were true, Jo’s family, devoted husband and still-grieving friends would have condemned the “exploiters”.

They haven’t.

Comrade-Commentator Brendan registers yet another epic failure of elementary logic and simple common sense. Rightards gotta rightard.

Jerry Owen

1st October 2019 at 1:05 pm

A Cantor
Jo Cox’s husband used her death the very next day to attack ‘leave’. What an utterly disgusting man he is … oh and a groper by all accounts.

Amelia Cantor

3rd October 2019 at 10:56 am

You have not addressed the core logic of my post. If what Comrade-Commentator Brendan said were true, Jo’s family and friends would have supported the Bullingdon Buffoon and condemned the Remain community.

They didn’t.

As for Jo’s devoted husband: He is a cis white male, so we cannot expect him to match Jo’s standards of ethical excellence. And even if he were as appalling a person as the Bullingdon Buffoon (which was possible, given their shared cis white maleness), he is only one of the many people who were close to Jo and who have utterly failed to condemn “exploitation” of her name in the Remain cause.

Amelia Cantor 2 Rightards 0.

Marvin Jones

29th September 2019 at 2:09 pm

The sentimentality of these asinine sobbing fools really do astound me. The sad tragedy of Jo Cox was the act of an extremely sick far right loony, who unfortunately do exist in our society, many let out by the biggest imbeciles and flawed and phoney parole boards, instructed and ordered by this gutless government to release these sub humans and to hell with the death and destruction they will cause to the innocent people at risk. There are many inept and idiotic MPs who would be more suitable in social services instead of filling their purses in a kitchen that is too hot for them.

A Game

28th September 2019 at 7:35 am

Its a perfect title. I watched all three hours of Boris’s PQT.
I think Ms Cox was alluded to the first time, then the next one got braver, said her name (which I think is always right. She should never be nameless), and then the snowball was really rolling. Person after person. I get the impression that people have just seen the Sherriff’s efforts, thus, missing the timing of her rant. It came after many had already brought up Jo Cox. It made it just that bit more tasteless.

I realised what I was watching. The exhumation of Jo Cox. And it was…treacherous. Especially as they were doing it whilst claiming her as their friend and peer. It didn’t increase their right to do so, it made what they were doing that bit more profane.

I think everyone knows exactly what political capital they thought they were cashing in on.
What I found most interesting afterwards was the Sky coverage and ticker.
MPs in tears. Not at the time. In fact, they were looking at their phones, they were doing that “post performance” reverie (replaying their moment in their heads), they were as they had been before Sherriff spoke. The tears came when they realised they hadn’t milked it quite right.
The ticker was running… I can’t remember if later that night or the next day (I’m 9 hours ahead, it gets a little time warpy) and it said her widower “felt a bit sick” over BJ’s comments. I thought, hang on, dislike his reaction, but it wasn’t him directly commenting on your wife’s murder.
Then I read an article. It showed the screen shots of his tweets.
He felt sick at the repeated use of his wife’s murder, repeated use of her name, as a reason to censor debate. He very pointedly said BOTH sides should keep perspective, and that Jo would hate her name being used to shut debate down.
Her sister had then been interviewed and said pretty much the same thing. That she had been watching parliament and then her sister’s name being said, over and over. (You imagine how awful that would have been? Three years later, you’ve eased back into a semblance of normalcy and that is what you were met with.)
But the savagery, the punitive, reckless savagery of those people thought her family were talking about Boris, not them… and proceeded to do it all over again. Proof that they are ghouls.
That they have luxuriated in the attention given to them, especially Sherriff, the validation, the prominence… is then another insult to Jo Cox and her family. Mission accomplished, right?
The media’s collusion was reprehensible.
The following day, that quiet, gentlemanly Tory MP (and he’s spoken before, I know that’s his usual demeanour, not that revolting Pollyanna act trotted out – so saccharine, even the blonded Sky reporter… Scott someone?, used it for hours. Ugh.) suggested that a consensus be agreed upon that Jo Cox doesn’t be used in such a way, anymore, for her family’s sake. He got howled down. What an awful man he is. Yet Jo Cox’s sister had put on the record that she’d been watching the session. Nope. Nothing was going to take this opportunity from them.
If I was Jo Cox’s family, I would shun them forevermore, as ghouls.

The memory of Jo Cox deserves much better friends than these.

A Game

28th September 2019 at 8:06 am

One of my problems with what they did was to highlight a very real problem for women in public life, but pretending it was Brexit-centric.
You can see by comments, its made people double down on their right to hurl worse abuse and threats at women than at men. And that is a great shame, because away from Brexit, they suffer these types of attacks and after Brexit they will. People cannot separate their hideous character’s from their biological sex.

I see their actions have also brought out the conspiracists. C’mon. Really? Be better.

Jo Cox’s murder was broadcast to Australia. But being OS, we didn’t continue to get the same level of coverage. So when I became addicted to Brexit on the Monday morning of the Chequers freak show (I thought, WTF is going on? In lock down, can’t escape unless they walked, forced to sign papers etc etc.) and upped my investment in following it, so I looked up to find the details I’d missed regarding her murder.
In reading about the POS who did it, what he was like, who he was, what he was about, I thought, No, this type is good for doing this very thing anyway. He used Brexit as his excuse.
That he chose a young, attractive woman, that he used a knife even though he had a rifle (yeah, knives get used by certain men for very deliberate reasons) and that it risked sabotaging Brexit, rather than enhancing it.
He was good for murdering a woman, eventually. They usually, if they can’t find a political excuse, settle on prostitutes – they are an easy target. Brexit was used by this POS to decide he’d aim higher. If there was an ounce of truth in his reasoning, he would have targeted Cameron, or someone of that level. The face of Remain.
But to kill a man wouldn’t have been as “fun”.
Leave voters should stop feeling they have to trivialise or minimise what he did to protect the cause. You do and its vile.
Likewise, Remainers should never use it to shut down opposing views or to elevate their own actions or cause.
If her husband said something the following day… He gets a free pass. His wife has just been slain by some narcissistic, malcontented, limp, pointless POS.

This type of person who does this sort of thing, exists. There is no inflaming them, provoking them, inciting them. They are always good for this type of crime.
The NZ mosque POS. You read anything about him, he was good for this. He just needed time to work up a justification. His “manifesto”, what I’ve read of it, and I don’t make a point of it, its rambling nonsense. Its never going to make sense because they are just looking for the means to justify the end. Historically, they killed their families or took it to the workplace. But the added element of fame/notoriety means it needs to have a little bit more weight.
The regressive left’s take, of course, in shutting down dissent or disagreement will never effect these types. Its already in them. Its just a matter of time and they will latch onto whatever excuse they like.

People also need to stop hating on Jo Cox because of other’s actions. You are no different from the ghouls in parliament.
Her death is no different from Lee Rigby’s. Oblivious, trusting and attacked without a moment’s chance of defending themselves. Its one of the most cowardly forms of murder.

Jerry Owen

28th September 2019 at 10:53 am

A Game
I was thinking about this article title last night and was going to post on it this morning, however you beat me to it. As you so rightly say it is the perfect title !

Robert Spowart

30th September 2019 at 9:01 pm

I did pick up on a comment that the flood of anguish in response to Boris’s comments may have been in response to a text message advising the MPs in the chamber to raise Jo Cox’s murder as a way of shutting Boris up.

Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:31 pm

I don’t like you Oven-Kraut.

Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 6:04 pm

You’ve got a big mouth.

Jerry Owen

27th September 2019 at 2:16 pm

The news banner on Sky News last night that was making a big issue of some drug addled bloke tapping on a window shouting fascist wasn’t enough for Sky , they had to interview the odious ‘suicide jester’ Phillips who in her faux weepy and angry outrage ( interchangeable at the click of a thumb ) said she didn’t blame Boris for this. How utterly decent of her, should Boris curtsy in recognition of Phillips selfless and grandiose gesture ?

Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 4:36 pm

Thanks for letting you be my bitch, l guess.


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 4:42 pm

Jerry Oven-Kraut.

Hey Babydoll, let me look in your eyes


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:09 pm

Jerry Oven-Kraut

You’re gutless, so good luck trying to shut me up.


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:13 pm

I never trusted you, Babydoll.

Burn Black.


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:22 pm

You probably know me better as ….AnnaBortion.


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:28 pm

Haven’t l already told you that phuckwit city is the where you belong?


( The Guardian, for any newbies….)

Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:33 pm

Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:36 pm

I’m a Riot AND an Outlaw, Oven-cretin.


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:53 pm

Hey Babydoll. What do you think other people make of you letting me make you my babydoll?


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 5:59 pm

This is just me having fun at your expense, babydoll.

I’ve come to realise that you don’t give account of yourself because everything l say about you is right. The same applies to Peeved Gobbett’s. We all know you’re watching, Peeved Gobbett’s , because you already told us..lol)


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 6:13 pm

I know how to break the hearts of oven-bitch’s like you, babydoll. And l know how much you hate these vids on the site, anyway. Is that because of the possibility of this situation?

You’re gutless, babydoll.


Hana Jinks

27th September 2019 at 6:25 pm

Jerry Oven-Kraut.

You remind me of my grandmother. Why don’t you phark off before you end up in a worse situation than Queefer Moreswill.


A Game

28th September 2019 at 6:40 am

Doesn’t blame Boris? Not anymore. She’s began her reformation to being re elected. Plan A has gone awry… time for Plan B. The voice of compromise and reason. If it wasn’t for her electorate calling her a traitor, the country calling her out for her hideous parliamentary performances, she would happily still be doing it. Self preservation will allow no path to remain untrodden.
Cunning as a shit house rat.

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