No, ‘designer babies’ are not around the corner

The concern over gene editing is getting way ahead of the technology.

31 January 2018

Three cheers for China’s cloned monkeys

The cloning of primates is a great scientific breakthrough.

29 May 2012

The battle over GM: a noisy distraction

They might disagree about GM crops, but both the haters and many defenders of GM share an eco-miserabilist outlook.

28 February 2011

Lady Gaga’s crazy anthem to biological determinism

The pop megastar’s pro-gay hit ‘Born This Way’ confirms that even this manic queen of reinvention buys into modern notions of fate.

3 August 2010

‘If anything, this milk will be better quality’

In the wake of the NYT revelations, a genetics expert tells spiked that it’s foolish to cry over cloned cows’ milk.

24 July 2009

Restating the case for human uniqueness

Despite all the media hype about ‘clever chimps’ using tools and feeling emotions, in truth there is nothing remotely human about primates.

10 March 2009

Still squeamish about stem cells

Obama’s extension of federal funding to stem-cell research is good news. But Bush was not the only barrier to progress.

27 October 2008

The collapse of the HFEA’s bizarre vendetta

The regulators should cheer the achievements of Britain’s most successful fertility doctor, rather than try to ruin him.

27 October 2008

‘One at a Time’: an attack on choice

The HFEA’s campaign to reduce multiple births in IVF treatment reveals its elitist disdain for prospective parents.