The return of ISIS?

Macer Gifford and Rakib Ehsan offer their thoughts for this spiked podcast special.

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Has Trump’s betrayal of the Kurds paved the way for the return of ISIS? What should we do about returning jihadists and their families? And what can we do to tackle homegrown terrorism, both from Islamists and the far right? Anti-ISIS campaigner Macer Gifford, who fought with the Kurds in Syria, and spiked columnist Rakib Ehsan, an expert on radicalisation and terrorism, join Fraser Myers for this special edition of the spiked podcast.

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jessica christon

16th October 2019 at 8:30 pm

Haha! That’s what I thought when I saw it too, but I would buy a mug if they were bigger.

jessica christon

16th October 2019 at 8:31 pm

In reply to Perverted Lesbian’s post about the merchandise.

jessica christon

16th October 2019 at 8:07 pm

It was interesting to hear the speakers admit that our justice system here is too soft to deal with potentially returning jihadis. I’ve said as much for a long time and it’s the main reason why I don’t want them returning. And to see the mainstream media crying its woke tears over Shamima Begum without even one dissenting voice was quite alarming.

A Game

18th October 2019 at 8:04 am

Good enough for Edward Snowden to live the rest of his life in exile… but not these little doers.

Gareth Edward KING

16th October 2019 at 7:20 pm

Excellent contributions indeed. That Macer Gifford says rather mischevously that he’s a ‘middle-class guy from Cambridge’ then finds himself throwing it all in with the YPG is extremely telling. It’s almost as if his own security is indeed sufficient to fuel his passionate support for the Kurds. He’s the very best of ‘British’ whatever that is supposed to mean. His pro-Brexit attitudes also take us beyond when we actually leave the EU to uncharted territory which needs to be filled so urgently.

Winston Stanley

16th October 2019 at 4:25 pm

If you want to understand the last five years of the IS caliphate and how it projected, planned and controlled the manner of its own “demise” in a strategically planned manner then check out this classy analysis that is bereft of the grandstanding of Gifford and his pretenders. IS is now resurgent and global which is what it always intended. – How to go from a few hundred hardcore ideologues in a desert to a global franchise in a just few years. The idea that amounted to a “defeat” for IS is frankly ridiculous. Gifford played his planned part along with the rest of them. IS likely thanks him.

IS Second Comeback:

Thomas Smith

16th October 2019 at 12:58 pm

“…and then rehabilitating them in prison.” Thank you, thank you, thank you. Despite the Durkheimian nationalism, a ray of Left humanism shines through!
The #Metoo crowd however seems to have conveniently forgotten that our intention as a society should not be just to “beat the devil.” But how could one make a better upper middle class career, via gender-cleansing through shrill accusation, by arguing that the quality of mercy is not strained?!

A Game

16th October 2019 at 12:23 pm

A hornet’s nest has been kicked. Yes. By the Clodhopper-in-Chief.
Everyone knows that Erdogan kissed his ass, praised his bouffant hair and after that, Trump was happy to give him anything. And that is why I think the disgust is across the board. (Except for his die hard fans… he’s gonna drain the swamp, so he can do no wrong.) As everyone agrees, he is out of his depth with this stuff. His subsequent contributions (in his unmatched wisdom) just prove it. He couldn’t be bothered taking the time needed… say, after he’s on the phone to Turkey, ring up Europe and say, you need to pay for US troops to stay put with the Kurds or else I’m handing it over to Erdogan. If they had half as many smarts as they do when it comes to thwarting Brexit, they’d have coughed up.
But he has shown his usual pattern with this stuff. The initial blitz, then nothing. He brought up, what, 2 years ago, the EU not paying their share of the defence bill, or individual Euro countries… then nothing. Almost like it was forgotten. (Let’s hope its his narcissism, not a more Reagan-esque reason.)
His wanting to spend US $$ on the USA, I don’t think anyone could fault that. But its about extrication, without destabilising and working towards that. That that is the root cause of why the US were funding the Kurds (and other militias) and offering infrastructure… completely lost on him. That the Syrians could have been given passage home to Syria without invasion (how anyone could buy that bunkum…), without this destruction… horribly frustrating to watch unfold, more misery, more deaths, more casualties of war.

Returning ISIS POS. Proven enemies of the state. Murderous despots. Lifetime gaol or don’t come home. Anything less, yes, a sign of weakness. You don’t get to make hay being evil, then when the harvesting is over, oh, well, go home. The children do make it harder… they are innocent, but the adults… they made their choice. (And in that, their children cannot be allowed to give them any slack in “what they want”.)
And this deliberate minimising of what ISIS were like in power… as the guests illustrate, there literally wasn’t a stone left unturned, of what one human can do to another. Grisly, ghastly, cruel acts for sport. Paint whatever romantic ideals you think it might have all been about (which seems to be the worrying conclusion of the humanitarian set), but their actions will forever speak louder than any words they have to say.
I guess if the YPG are fleeing or having to go to the frontline to fight the Turkish… they can’t maintain their prisons. That the prisons have been targeted by Turkey… seems a deliberate ploy to create this very dilemma. And now they can be blamed for “freeing ISIS”. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

We know that the spirit of ISIS only needs an internet connection, to flourish. The word of thousands, previously defeated losers, would be good news around the world. Them being free to fester, or to even be a retired role model to younger men… not good at all. People paid a horrible price for their adventure. Perhaps local justice might kick in for quite a few. Here’s a hint: if their Arabic is bad… you know what to do.

Social media puts pressure on dullards to have an opinion on issues they have zero interest in. Social media is also a personal PR platform to signal how caring and thoughtful and “informed” a person is. Recipe for ignorant, arrogant opinion with zero pressure to actually be right about any of it.

The far right. Dunno. Do they act as a pressure valve for discontent? Does it sooth to hear that one’s thoughts/ideas are not in isolation? that the mainstream message has been so ruthless and rigid – nothing is wrong, everything is brilliant, local terrorism is worth the price of diversity, loss of civil liberty is harmless (I just read where you get sent down for speech against Trans, 6 months in mild cases… sentencing recommendation board or something.) and that in the identity politics game, you are scum – that is a recipe for insanity.
I agree with the lads on the show. Tribalism, belonging, exactly the same for Islamist converts and radicalisation.

I blame the Democrats in US for this. Someone who had a message that resonated domestically, wins because his opponent thought the domestic scene was full of deplorables. But H Clinton would have been much savvier on the foreign affairs.
And the last three years, instead of the Democrats having a good look at why the electoral college system destroyed them, and who the people are that that system empowers, and that they have lost touch with their traditional base (how can they not want jobs and industry etc for all working class? Seriously…), they have doubled down on the identity politics to farcical levels. Elizabeth Warren is unelectable. (I made a joke recently that she’d be so busy apologising to Xi Jinping for her white privilege and making sure she nailed everyone’s personal pronouns, it would go unnoticed that she’d just signed Hawaii over to China.)
So instead of American voters getting a real choice for President, now knowing that Trump is reckless and thoughtless too often, outweighing any good he does, they will vote for him again, because the opposition are so dreadful.

Perverted Lesbian

16th October 2019 at 11:24 am

That is the worst Merchandise I’ve ever seen, could the Spiked team not hire a designer to make the font original or create a merch logo or at least make it ‘less’ generic. It’s like TeeSpring, yuck.

A Game

16th October 2019 at 12:38 pm

Too funny. I’d just finished my earnest contribution and refreshed to see if any comments had arrived before leaving the page… So I clicked on the Shop button. Yep. Its not too fabulous.
Here’s a suggestion for a tshirt or a mug: Free to be British. Lots of flags or something… or the flags of the 4 states. Celebratory, rather than dry and dogmatic. “Speech: Keep it free”.
“Spiked says Custom Unions are for losers”.
Mugs – “Kiss me, I voted Leave.” “When the going gets tough, count on me. I’m a Brexiteer.”

You lot forgot to have some fun with it.

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