YouTube is censoring lockdown sceptics

An interview with Peter Hitchens has been delisted from YouTube’s search function because he opposes lockdown.



YouTube has become a censorship hot spot during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Its latest target is Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens, one of the UK’s most outspoken critics of lockdown.

His interview on the Triggernometry podcast has been ‘shadow banned’. It has not been deleted but it cannot be found by searching for it on YouTube and Google. This move is clearly designed to limit the video’s audience as viewers need a direct link in order to access it:

Other videos featuring lockdown sceptics have been deleted outright. Toby Young, who runs the blog, was removed by YouTube for supposedly violating its guidelines.

In recent weeks, even scientists who have opposed the lockdown have been censored by YouTube, such as Professor Karol Sikora and Dr Knut Wittkowski (the former was eventually reinstated after significant public pressure).

Internet censorship has reached epidemic proportions.

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Michael Morgan

6th June 2020 at 4:00 pm

There is a lot of censorship going on. I read Spiked because it lets comments be aired on most if not all articles. I was a subscriber to the Telegraph until my comments were filtered in that I could see them but no one else could. I became suspicious of this when my comments received no replies or likes. I wrote to the Telegraph with screenshots of the same comment section which showed the different views when I was logged on and the one when I was not. I asked for a reason why this was being done as I had obviously ‘upset’ the comments editor somehow. I got a reply saying it could be a technical issue. I wrote back saying not to be so ridiculous and I was not that stupid. I have received no reply. The Telegraph has recently restricted comments by subscribers only, but I do wonder how many are receiving the treatment I did. The organisations which own their technology will manipulate the truth like this more and more to suit their own ends

Tracy Jones

1st June 2020 at 8:16 pm

Youtube, Facebook, twitter etc are Publishers and should be subject to the same rules and regulatons as the press.Instead they are an extension of Government arms and as such censor in line with what Governments want them to censor

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