Now the corona cops are arresting the homeless

A homeless man has been charged for violating the lockdown. This is madness.


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Some British police forces are out of control. Their enforcement of the lockdown has been draconian and overzealous. Meanwhile, prosecutors and the courts have attempted to criminalise people under laws which don’t even exist.

Police have now charged a homeless man for violating the lockdown, according to Court News. The Crown Prosecution Service is reportedly determined to bring the case to court. The man was accused of leaving the place he was living, which was ‘no fixed abode’:

This is not an isolated example of police heavy-handedness towards homeless people. As Brendan O’Neill reported on spiked at the weekend, the police have been throwing homeless people out of parks:

I saw them tell four individual homeless people (ie, not a group of homeless people) to move on… The most despicable thing I saw was a policeman telling an elderly homeless gentleman to move on. Inarticulately, the man explained he had nowhere else to go. I stepped in and explained to the cop that there is no home for him to go to, and he has to be able to sit down somewhere on a hot day. ‘I don’t make the rules’, came the snivelling, officious reply.

Even as the lockdown eases, we still need to be vigilant to police overreach.

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Michael Fereday

12th May 2020 at 6:57 pm

The government (including their subjective scientists) really let the cat out of the bag yesterday! They told the UK population of ‘bed-wetters’ that in London 10% had been infected and 4% in other areas…Just apply some basic high school mathematics (sorry kids, these were the building we got to attend to learn stuff) and there you have it: 10% +4% /2 = 7% mean average (although I suspect it is much higher, but lets just rely on our trusted gods). Apply across the UK population of 70,000,000 = 4,900,000 infections. Now we can divide the deaths (although remember, Pr Whitty siad in a previous briefing that 2/3 of deaths with Covid19 are likely to be overlap, meaning they would have died in the same small period of time, bringing the actual number WAY down) 32,000/4,900,000 X 100 = 0.653% fatality! 0.03% (less than flu 0.1%) if you apply the overlap filter.

This is a complete exposure of the hysteria of zero-risk idiots crying out for complete control over our lives … It all needs to stop now; no lockdown, no social distancing…just good manners and common sense people.

Jonnie Henly

12th May 2020 at 6:24 pm

Incidents of police overreach like this are why it’s vital the government’s advice isn’t confusing and muddled. Otherwise this will keep happening.

People shouldn’t be criticised for pointing that out.

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