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The Free Speech University Rankings (FSUR) is the UK’s first university league table for campus censorship. We examine the policies and actions of universities and students' unions, and rank them using our traffic-light system.

Data accurate up until April 2018.

Traffic-light ranking system:

  • RED:

    has banned and actively censored ideas on campus

  • AMBER:

    has chilled free speech through intervention

  • GREEN:

    has a hands-off approach to free speech

Traffic-light ranking
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Derby 2018


The University of Derby and the University of Derby Students’ Union collectively create an environment that chills free speech. The university, which has moved to a Green ranking, places no restrictions on speech, aside from a relatively minor restriction on social-media use, as far as we are aware. The students’ union, which has maintained its Amber ranking, has an external-speakers policy that warns against criticism of faith groups. The institution’s overall ranking remains Amber.

The university - GREEN


  • Social Media Guidance for Students

    ‘Users are free to discuss topics and disagree with one another, but please be respectful of others’ opinions. Make sure that criticism is constructive and not hurtful… Don’t make public any personal beliefs or opinions which may cause offence to others. What’s inappropriate in the classroom is inappropriate online.’

    Due to the specific nature of this policy, it has been weighted as an Amber Action.

    Hard copy provided by university.

The students’ union - AMBER


  • External Speakers Policy

    All speakers ‘must seek to avoid insulting other faiths or groups, within a framework of positive debate and challenge’.

    Hard copy provided by students’ union.

To find out more about the FSUR, or to request further comment, contact Tom Slater.

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