Why the media have had such a bad war

The team discuss ‘gotcha’ journalism in the age of coronavirus.

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Why have so many people lost faith in the media? Can apps help win the fight against Covid-19? Are we past the peak of trans lunacy? Tom Slater, Ella Whelan, Fraser Myers, and special guest Timandra Harkness, discuss all this and more on this week’s spiked podcast.

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Brandy Cluster

4th May 2020 at 7:09 am

Sorry, me no speak Philippino, Ting Tong.

Jackie Robbins

3rd May 2020 at 2:54 am

1) Media skepticism: think Russia Russia, phony impeachment of Trump, media intentionally pushed a conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with Russia, which on its face is comical and silly: Yeah! Trump is a secret agent for Russia! Absurd… when as we all know that it was Obama, Hillary and his WH team that was colluding with the FBI and CIA to illegally spy on the Trump campaign, and illegally attempted a coup of American people’s 2016 election of Trump. To this day, the U.S. mainstream media is still sticking with the lie, including Pulitzer Awards based entirely on a fabricated hoax.

2) Consider U.S. media’s approach to the sexual abuse allegations made against Joe Biden and the blatant-in-your-face Hypocrisy on the part of the Fake News Media and the Democrat leadership that “every woman should be believed, OVER and ABOVE the principle, Innocent until proven guilty” when it came to Trump’s nominee Judge Kavanough for US S.C.

Upshot: We now know that the media, the Democrat Leadership, the Me Too Orwellian anti-sex league could care LESS about moral principles regarding this issue.

And those in the Fake News Media (Spiked is an exception, of course!) just can’t figure out why no one trusts them? It’s funny but it’s also disgraceful on how they perpetually offend us as if the words DUNCE were written on all of our foreheads.

3) App Tracking on C. Infections: As reported in your last discussion, BTW, LOVE Spiked Podcasts and articles, we are learning that the Gates-Fauci ” predictions (millions and millions will die! extreme fear) were waaay overblown and that the overall statistically few deaths among many infected do not justify China’s Authoritarian Lockdowns around the world. Sweden’s leadership knew better, perhaps because they didn’t get paid off by China players…

Question: How many politicians in the US, EU and around the world have received huge donations from China in exchange for what? including… giving away our freedoms? And if it turns out that our leaders are taking their marching orders from China, which looks a lot like “treason” should they be prosecuted for treason? Think Joe and Hunter Biden accepting 1.5 billion from China agents in exchange for WHAT?

That would be the Investigative Report of the Century that’s been completely ignored in the world of journalism. Why?

Upshot: What if the Coronavirus is not that different from other serious virus flues such as the Swine flu?

4) Now how would you feel about tracking infected people via an invasive spy app if the Coronavirus is no different from China’s Swine flu? Would you have wanted to track people for the Swine flu as well?

Thank you, Tom and Spiked Team!

In Negative

2nd May 2020 at 10:27 am

Some interesting things about that joint Google and Apple contact tracing project:
1) That they are working together suggests a corporate centralisation of interests. That the biiggest tech companies on earth are working together to take hold of a single tracing solution should raise an eyebrow for anyone interested in freedom, liberty, nation and any kind of radical earthly diversity.
2) This technology will be built into every Apple and Android phone, so it will be there forever whether you like it or not.
3) Forever is a very long time from an evolutionary perspective. Once you get used to something, its intrusion starts to creep. For instance, there was a time where I could have a Gmail account without giving them my phone number.
4) They are talking about this being an API, so any third party app developer will theoretically have access to this technology (they’re currently limiting its use to public service authorities only). Will it be possible, for instance, to in the future create a sex-offender notification system using the same technologies – notifications for your children when they’re near a know sex offender; notifications for women in bars when they sit near a known domestic abuser? Obviously you’d have to expand the technology from what’s being currently suggested as presently your criminal would have to permit their phone to broadcast, but I’m sure such conversations will be coming.
5) In a similar way to how cloud service APIs (e.g. Azure or AWS) have brought Microsoft and Amazon deeply into national global infrastructures and public service/government infrastructures, so too will this. More an more our national governments are based on the technology of private individuals and a corporate class. I often wonder if democracy isn’t already a done deal at this point.

Just some initial thoughts.

In Negative

2nd May 2020 at 10:33 am

By comparison, that NHS one just sounds like an old and clunky hangover from the world of selff-sufficient nations. A temporary sticking plaster to cover the wound whilst we get the global infrastructure properly sorted. A bit like Cuba.

jan mozelewski

4th May 2020 at 8:35 pm

Nobody can trace me by my phone. I don’t have one. don’t miss not having one. It is a choice. people will insist on confusing lifestyle with choice. I choose to be private. i know that means I will have to actually watch an event or look at a place i visit instead of recording it with the option of uploading it onto youtube. But there it is. I also spend time studying my route and familiarising myself with waymarks before I go on an unfamiliar trip. Because I don’t have sat nav either.
I don’t like satnav because I realized very early on that it was a two way street and they knew where I was. I don’t want that.
I get people saying but suppose something happens and you need to contact someone. And i say diddums. i suppose I will either find an alternative solution or not. Again I choose to not have that fallback position. (And to not have people know my position) Just like every other generation since the dawn of time.

In Negative

5th May 2020 at 6:18 pm

My uncle used to not have a bank account; I used to not have a credit card. I’m sure at one time, people wouldn’t touch paper money. I bet yoou use paper money? It will get more and more like that with phones. ‘Choice’ is contingent.

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