Why the Democrats might just get Trump re-elected

The team discusses Iowa, social-media censorship, and why wealth and wokeness go hand in hand.

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What are the Democrats playing at? After the sacking of Alastair Stewart, has Twittermob censorship become the new normal? Would you pay $2,500 to be told you’re racist over dinner? Tom Slater, Ella Whelan and Fraser Myers discuss all this and more on this week’s spiked podcast.

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Christopher Tyson

9th February 2020 at 3:20 pm

Money talks. ‘Turning rebellion into money’ as The Clash sang, while turning rebellion into money. I read recently that Noddy Holder make £1 million a year in royalties from ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’. I don’t know if that’s true, but I don’t begrudge Noddy or The Clash. I read that Theresa May is now making 75k for an evening’s work, public speaking, I didn’t feel so charitable, but you pays your money and takes your choice. Black people berating white people has become a literary genre in recent years, this monetary exchange as now become explicit, without the need to produce a book. Who will pay money for political writing and a taste of political radicalism? Middle class liberals with. If you want to be paid you have to tailor your work to this demographic. I can say what I want to say in a paragraph or two, but that won’t pay my bills or get me an invite on Newsnight. You have to turn your idea (or somebody else’s idea) into a worthy tome, to get the cash and the invites. To be fair pop stars are often adopted by the chatterati, alas the 200-300 songs that I wrote never made it into the mainstream. Celebrity, fame, money, the highest accolade for an academic today is to be considered a ‘rock star’ by the chatterati. My question for Stormzy is ‘did they (The Guardian, Radio 4, The black establishment etc) love you before you became rich and famous or after?’ When they adopt you, they want something from you, when they pay you, they want something from you too. In oldy worldy language, what we are talking about here is corruption and decadence.

Christopher Tyson

9th February 2020 at 4:15 pm

I hope that people don’t feel that I’m being moralistic, as the old slogan goes ‘we are all prostitutes’. What do we call our economic system? Capitalism is out of fashion, what we have now is an elaborate system of money laundering. Cash from guns, drugs, crime, cheap labour, is passed through the system and dirty money is transformed into the nice clean money that pops into your bank account every month. As prefab sprout sang ‘there are two things you should be slow to criticise, a man’s choice of woman and his choice of work’, no I’m not being moralistic.

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9th February 2020 at 12:38 pm

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Norman Baker

8th February 2020 at 11:42 pm

Trump is a superhero. His superhero power is driving democrats and leftists utterly insane simply by existing.

Oh and I would love to have Katie Hopkins as my mum so screw you.

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8th February 2020 at 9:59 pm

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Clyde Sanchez

8th February 2020 at 9:50 pm

Gerard Barry

8th February 2020 at 2:26 pm

Watching some interviews on CNN with the Democrat candidates, there seems to be a lot of talk about race, “diversity”, etc. The party doesn’t seem to have learned that a large percentage of the American population (especially Whites) are sick to the back teeth with this obsession with race and racism, and simply want a president and a government that will run the country properly. If Trump wins again, the Democrats only have themselves to blame.

Clyde Sanchez

8th February 2020 at 9:47 pm

nick hunt

8th February 2020 at 12:01 pm

DemonRats will ‘get Trump re-elected’? So Trump’s re-election will be nothing to do with his abilities, only leftist inabilities. How generous Spiked writers are to Orange Man Bad and to the dumb rubes and deploreables who elected him.

vekibay vekibay

8th February 2020 at 11:16 am

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vekibay vekibay

8th February 2020 at 11:14 am

New York Times is censoring itself at $6.99 a copy.

vekibay vekibay

8th February 2020 at 11:12 am


Jerry Owen

8th February 2020 at 11:07 am

Spiked think the Dems might get Donald Trump re elected… I think Donald Trump is going to get Donald Trump re elected.
Give him credit where credit is due!

Jim Lawrie

8th February 2020 at 9:57 am

Eventually Twitter will become completely monocultural and of limited value to advertisers.
Twitter confirm this imperative by taking control of Katie Hopkins’ input, over which they have the copyright, and using it to publicise their product. This is not accidental or unknowing. It is either arrogant or naive to say that it is. Or just plain stupid.

I note that Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders et al are referred to in the first instance by their full name, as is journalistic custom. But it is always Trump, not Donald Trump, then buffoon, incompetent, unaware etc … TDS, as usual. Nothing of substance. He won an election, looks like winning another and has bested The Democrats at every time of asking. They cannot even select a candidate. Their impeachment attempt was an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Procedural and legal abuse. To keep it in camera, with no opportunity for Donald Trump to defend himself in open forum or for voters to see the evidence, was an affront to their sense of fair play and justice, and high handedness at its worst.

For all you out there who like to scream Nazi at the mention of Donald Trump, note that scores of attempts through the courts and The Reichstag to curtail The Nazis resulted in simultaneously strengthening them at the ballot box and weakening democracy and faith in the Courts. The Courts were seen as too concerned with political niceties and political theory, and aloof from the concerns of the German People regarding law and order, and their personal safety. So people looked elsewhere for protection.
The purpose of legal process is to resolve disputes. If it becomes the means for one side to impose their view and ban others, then its authority collapses. To destroy this social institution for short term gain in an electoral contest or to reverse a loss in another is to push people to look for resolution elsewhere.
Donald Trump’s refusal to confine himself to the establishment’s terms of reference is what the Democrats cannot come to grips with. They just cry “unfair”. But it is Donald’s ball and he is now making the rules. To get it off him they have to win an election. That is the sine qua non rule. Attempts to subvert are an admission that you cannot play by it.

Mitt Romney’s vote against Donald Trump was a hissy fit at being passed over for high office. A cheap, dishonest stunt that he will be called to account for democratically.

Instead of sniping at Tommy Robinson, why not bring him on here and take him apart. Or it it easier to steal his thunder and go further by calling for some Islamists to be “deactivated”?

Jerry Owen

8th February 2020 at 4:12 pm

The BBC regularly refer to the POTOS as Mr Trump..I don’t remember Mr Obama it was always President Obama.
I wonder when our Queen will be referred to as Mrs Elizabeth !!

Jerry Owen

8th February 2020 at 6:43 pm


Jim Lawrie

8th February 2020 at 7:45 pm

It sounds like we are nit-picking but this journal often laments the standard of discussion. Replacing basic manners with sniping makes it difficult to stay tuned in mentally. When I hear that I skip a couple of minutes. Experience tells me I am missing nothing. Skilled radio hosts gently but firmly kill off such calls because they know content is everything. Someone tuning in to a programme does not confer the right to irritate them.

Actual Working Class

7th February 2020 at 9:40 pm

For a publication that takes great pride in supporting free speech and endlessly goes on about the importance of keeping the real meaning of words like racist it is quite sad that you call Katie Hopkins an actual awful racist without actual racist examples. If you get real high up on your horse and talk about the importance of words maybe you should die on that hill.

Ven Oods

8th February 2020 at 9:38 am

Of course, ‘free speech’ doesn’t mean that you can’t disagree with the speaker; just that you defend his/her right to be heard. It’s a simple enough concept, and yet widely misunderstood.

In Negative

8th February 2020 at 11:02 am

Personally, I think Ella was on the mark for identifying performance as the driving factor in Hopkins. “Being an awful person is her MO” seemed right to me. But it would do – it’s an interpretive obsession of mine.

That hostility to race and foreigners is the evil of our age is the thing that Hopkins exploits in order to project herself across our screens. Her ultimate goal though is to appear on screens in a negative light. Or more deeply, to appear in the heart of culture in a negative light. I’m not convinced she’d have any of the views she has were there no screens to project them on to. She’d do something else, like learn to bury Narnia in snow or something.

It’s good to cover the base of horrible racist though. She seems pretty obsessed with foreigners in ways well beyond ‘being concerned about immigration’. I remember the interview where she first fell onto my radar back before she was established as wicked queen. She described herself as a professional sociopath, or something like that. She has a taste for the evil.

steve moxon

8th February 2020 at 12:22 pm

Humbug hate-mongering foolish nonsense. As this website regularly points out, “hostility to race and foreigners” is anything but “the evil of our age”. Ordinary people have no such antipathy. It’s simply ‘projection’ of own faults on to others by the ‘identity politics’ backlash Left elites.

In Negative

8th February 2020 at 5:10 pm

This approach would be easier for you to uphold had I not heard Hopkins literally present herself as a professional sociopath. There is no doubt in my mind that Hopkins is driven by a desire to play the Witch. Her self-concept is built from the idea of racism as sin. Her own nature proves my point.

As for her being a racist, the following is all pretty racialised and makes a defiant virtue of stereotyping and sinister historical tropes:

“”No, I don’t care. Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play
violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care.

Because in the next minute you’ll show me pictures of aggressive young men at Calais,
spreading like norovirus on a cruise ship. Watching them try to clamber on to British lorries and steal their way into the UK, do I feel pity? Only for the British drivers, who get hit with a fine every time one of this plague of feral humans ends up in their truck.

Understand this, these two populations are the same. The migrants harassing Brit truckers
at the port are the same as the vagrants making the perilous trip across the Med.”

“There is a simple solution to this. It’s time for the Italians to stop singing opera, drinking
espresso and looking chic in chuffing everything. It’s time to get Australian. Australians are like British people but with balls of steel, can-do brains, tiny hearts and
whacking great gunships… They threaten them with violence until they bugger off, throwing cans of Castlemaine in an Aussie version of sharia stoning.”

“Britain is not El Dorado. We are not Elysium. Some of our towns are festering sores,
plagued by swarms of migrants and asylum seekers, shelling out benefits like Monopoly
money. Make no mistake, these migrants are like cockroaches. They might look a bit ‘Bob Geldof’s Ethiopia circa 1984, but they are built to survive a nuclear bomb. They are survivors.”

She doesn’t see individual characters, she sees swarms of virulent cockroaches spreading like a plague. It reads more like Paradise Lost or something from Dante’s 7th circle than it does a sensitive portrayal of real human lives.

In Negative

8th February 2020 at 5:17 pm

@Steve again
Additionally, when I said “hate and hostility to foreigners is the evil of our age”, I did not mean that we actually hate and are hostile to foreigners. I don’t believe we are, at all. What I meant was that we see hate and hostility to foreigners as a great evil and Hopkins capitalises on this by making use of such tropes.

There are problems with prejudice in this country for sure, and there is still a lot of clumsiness, but I’m pretty convinced we’re a well intentioned and decent lot on the whole.

In Negative

8th February 2020 at 5:20 pm

Forget that first reply I sent you, reading you again I reckon I misunderstood what you were saying, (mainly cos I expressed something badly enough for you to have misinterpreted me).

jessica christon

9th February 2020 at 9:29 pm

I for one can say that I have never heard Hopkins espouse any racist views, but that’s because I tend to use an old school definition of it ; hostility to a person or group on the on the grounds of their race.

I’ve heard Hopkins criticise immigrant cultures and behaviours, but I’ve never heard of her attacking people because of their race and my guess is that neither have you (going by the quotes in your previous post).

If you believe that anything said negative about immigrants is racist, then you are using the woke, expanded and diluted definition which has cost the word its meaning. If everyone’s racist, no-one’s racist.

John Mouter

7th February 2020 at 6:43 pm

I blame Donald Trump

Ven Oods

8th February 2020 at 9:39 am

Bigly? Or just a bit?

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