Having a ‘mangina’ is not a human right

A ‘nonbinary’ Canadian wants the state to pay for him to have both male and female genitals.

Jo Bartosch

Jo Bartosch

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Most men are quite attached to their penises. Even the fellas who tuck theirs into silky ladies’ knickers and ‘identify as women’ rarely actually part with their meat and two veg. So it should come as no surprise that a 33-year-old ‘nonbinary’ man in Ontario, Canada is suing for the right to keep his willy.

No, he is not at risk of some cruel and unusual punishment from the state. KS, as he is referred to in court documents, is actually demanding to undergo a ‘penile-sparing vaginoplasty’. This costly procedure would leave him with intact male genitals alongside a faux vagina. This is apparently so his body can better align with his nonbinary ‘gender identity’.

The Canadian health service has, quite sensibly, refused to pay for KS’s mix-and-match surgery out of the public purse. So he is now suing the government. Bizarrely, this self-absorbed man has not been laughed out of court. Instead, his case is being considered as a matter of human rights.

KS is demanding that the Canadian state pay for him to travel over one thousand miles to a specialist clinic in Austin, Texas where the surgery he wants can be performed. Ontario’s Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) initially denied his request back in 2022, on the grounds that the procedure is experimental and not performed in Canada. Following an appeal from KS, and a counter-appeal from his insurance provider, the decision has landed with Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice, where the case was heard in late February.

Why is KS so persistent? Supposedly, this is a vital treatment. ‘It is very important for [KS] to have a vagina for her [sic] personal interpretation of her gender expression, but she also wishes to maintain her penis’, his doctor wrote in a letter to OHIP. Apparently, this is because KS ‘is transfeminine but not completely on the “feminine” end of the spectrum’. KS himself has gone further by claiming that denying this request amounts to an act of conversion therapy.

It would be easy to laugh off KS’s ludicrous demands for a surgically constructed mangina. But he has good reason to think that his special request might actually be granted. This is the wacky world into which Canada has been led by the trans ideology.

Practically every Canadian institution has fallen into line with the trans lobby. At institutions like the University of British Columbia’s medical school, students have their heads filled with ideas about gender binaries being a ‘colonial imposition’ that are ‘entangled with white, Western and Christian worldviews’. Those who speak out against this new orthodoxy – such as in the case of Amy Eileen Hamm, a nurse from British Columbia – face losing their jobs. Since 2022, the Trudeau government’s ‘federal 2SLGBTQI+ action plan’ has put gender ideology at the heart of every state department and federal body. In many ways, Canada was trans ideology’s Patient Zero.

Herein lies the problem. KS has every reason to believe that the state will indeed fork out for his bonkers cosmetic surgery. Canadian institutions have swung open their doors to trans activists and handed over the keys. Now it’s too late to evict the ideologues who have made themselves quite at home within schools, the civil service and the health service.

Had the state held the line and medics firmly said ‘no’, it would be far easier to reject KS’s case now. But having accepted the nonsensical idea that people must surgically alter their bodies to more closely match a wishy-washy sense of gender identity, it is much harder to deny those procedures to people who don’t ‘identify’ as either male or female. This is the argument used by Canadian LGBT group Egale, which told the court that denying KS his two-for-one combo is ‘exclusionary’ and ‘discriminates against nonbinary people’.

Canada is a cautionary tale. This is what happens when the urge to ‘be kind’ and validate delusional thinking overtakes common sense. If KS wins his case, it could lead to a flood of other people seeking expensive, unnecessary and harmful surgeries. I would say ‘go fuck yourself’, but I wouldn’t want to encourage him.

Jo Bartosch is a journalist campaigning for the rights of women and girls.

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