Seattle has fallen to woke racism

City employees must now undergo an anti-bias course about ‘Internalised Racial Superiority for White People’.


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In one of the clearest and most dangerous examples yet of institutional wokeness, the Seattle Office of Civil Rights has come up with a ‘race and social justice’ curriculum which the city government’s 10,000 employees must undertake.

As revealed by journalist Christopher Rufo, the course, titled, ‘Internalized Racial Superiority for White People’, will be taught in segregated ‘whites only’ training groups. According to the social-justice creed, only white people can be racist – and all of them are privileged and racist.

Staff are expected to go through various humiliating exercises, including ‘processing white feelings’ of ‘sadness’, ‘shame’ and ‘confusion’ (don’t black people ever feel those emotions?), considering their ‘relationships with white supremacy’, describing their own ‘white silence’ and ‘white fragility’, and noting the supposedly internalised white values of racism, among them ‘objectivity’, ‘perfectionism’ and ‘comfort’ (also unique to whites according to woke types – and therefore bad).

Employees will also be called on to share an incident in the recent past when they have ‘caused harm’ to a person of colour – because they must have done it at some point, surely?

This attempt to re-educate staff into following the wacky ideology of wokeness is as unhinged as it is outrageous. It feels like a racialised version of Alcoholics Anonymous: ‘The first step is to acknowledge you have a problem…’

The Seattle curriculum, like many woke re-education programmes, resurrects long-discredited ideas about racial difference and presents white and black people as opposed and almost irreconcilable groups. And it embraces the absurd notion that Western society is fundamentally racist, and organised around the aim of white supremacy.

Whichever bigoted nut-job came up with these demands needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. They are supposed to be working for the Office of Civil Rights, not the Ministry of Truth.

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John Harvey

1st August 2020 at 2:52 am

I am reminded of a prediction that I wrote down and dated over a year ago: “4/13/2019: … Sometime in or after 2045, either the federal government 0r some state (CA?) will make it mandatory, as part of the public school education , that every white child ( say, a t age 13) spend a year in a reeducation camp ( of course they will be called something else, such as diversity centers) to learn about his/her white privilege etc. In time, as the bill of rights is more and more ignored, the camps may be come concentration camps. People go there but do not come back. Relatives will be able to fil out a form online requesting information on their vanished kin, but these forms once filed will have no effect. In the next stage, the camps will become death camps. By this time, complaining about policies against whites will be called racist and effectively forbidden, i.e., site s that will be the equivalent of Yahoo, face book, etc. will remove any such protests immediately”

Neil John

31st July 2020 at 11:16 am

Welcome to every UK University employee’s normal world, where ‘equality & diversity’ ‘training’ is mandatory.

Though I did find one sociology researchers responses to having it pointed out that certain ethno-religious groups ‘protected’ status has led to more misogyny and inappropriate sexual behaviours towards women from other ethno-religious groups within the University sector amusing. I didn’t get a chance to rub salt in that wound about their treatment of trans-women as well though as she shut down to conversation…

Gordon Al Gopher

31st July 2020 at 10:44 am

‘Internalised Racial Superiority for White People’.

Most of my black colleagues need to go on this. They keep referring to me as ‘the boss’ even though I’m the same grade as them.

Maybe they think I look like Bruce Springsteen.

David Ging

31st July 2020 at 3:05 am

How is this legal? How is this constitutional? Is there no legal foundation that will take up the challenge? This is still America. Isn’t it?

Andrew-Paul Shakespeare

30th July 2020 at 9:31 pm

I’d love to be in the class for garbage collectors or gardeners. Something tells me some solid working-class people who actually have to deal with genuine problems would take a dim view of the horse sht they’re forced to endure. Could be entertaining!

Gordon Al Gopher

31st July 2020 at 10:33 am

I’d go on the course just to take the piss. It’d be hilarious.

Neil John

31st July 2020 at 11:05 am

You’d be unemployed in short order, that’s the level of power these people wield.

David George

30th July 2020 at 8:53 pm

Perhaps there is a need to introduce a course to discourage bias against their own ethnicity.
Some recent research showing that left leaning European North American held a net 21%, ( a significant majority IOW) unconscious bias against their own ethnicity would probably surprise few. It’s worth noting that this figure is a net. I will try and dig out the research paper but, to illustrate; if 60% were against, 20% neutral and 20% in favour of their own ethnicity the net would be 20% against.
I don’t know the eventual societal and cultural implications of such a widespread self loathing; not good I imagine.

Tolar Owen

30th July 2020 at 8:47 pm

Actually, the Twelve Steps are a helpful tool during times like these.

1) We admitted we were powerless over the sanctimonious, cult-like behavior of others, and that our lives had become unmanageable. (The implication with Step 1 is that we’re powerless to CONTROL those behaviors and we go crazy trying to control what we can’t control–not that we’re powerless to change our own attitudes and thereby ACTUALLY change circumstances.)

2) Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. (This is where faith–whether Christian, theist, Jewish, secularist, Buddhist, provides the individual human the radical recognition that no one on earth is better or worse, no more or less capable of “sin,” that him or her).

3) Made a decision to turn our will and lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him. (Again, this is about finding that place–if you’re a meditator you could call it adult neuroplasticity, where you calm down enough to see the vastness of humanity and universe around you, and your place in it. In that space, “miracles” happen in the sense of simply being open to possibilities your conditioned mind precluded your seeing. It’s this place that the more spiritually minded movements have come out of–it why you would see such peacefulness and confidence with Ghandi and MLK and their supporters, because they weren’t obsessed with others “thought” of them–they simply wanted justice. They were grounded in God. It’s a radically different motivation than the restless narcissism underlying the Woke movements today.)

Please, the Twelve Steps aren’t supposed to be forced on anybody, despite some HR departments trying to do that. They’re a faith and therefore it’d be a violation of our Bill of Rights for people to be forced into it. But it’s frankly one of the better frameworks Americans have right now for dealing with this craziness. I find it interesting that Glenn Loury discovered the program in the 1980s. I’ve never written him about it, but I suspect that the radical personal responsibility one starts taking for one’s self in the program influenced his thinking about contemporary race relations.

Dominic Straiton

30th July 2020 at 4:05 pm

Seattle is a city of 80% white and Asian (thats US Asian ie the Chinese Korean Japanese who make up the most successful demographic) virtue signalling, spoilt brat, temper tantrum, meth induced moronism.

Jim Lawrie

30th July 2020 at 3:53 pm

It is ace hustling white people out of their jobs to give them to BAME on the basis that they are BAME. From Detroit to woke in Seattle.
Segregation is being accelerated. White people will have to stop fleeing at some pint.

James Knight

30th July 2020 at 3:01 pm

The only people who have “internalised their own superiority” are the ones who dreamt this up.

Don’t forget that this consulting to corporations on this issue is a growing businesses. People are actually getting paid to come up with this kind of brain fart.

Andrew-Paul Shakespeare

30th July 2020 at 9:33 pm

And somebody’s been lobbying hard and has made a fortune! 10,000 guaranteed attendees at a couple of hundred a pop? KER-CHING!

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