The madness of James O’Brien

He has spent the past 24 hours going ballistic about a breakfast.


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James O’Brien, LBC radio host, King Remoaner and author of How To Be Right, is doing that thing again – that thing where he goes ballistic over nothing and in the process makes himself look far more unhinged than the fulminating gammons of his nightmares.

All it took this time was a slightly silly tweet from the Telegraph, saying lead Brexit negotiator David Frost ‘enjoyed a delicious patriotic breakfast of sausages, baked beans, bacon and eggs before leading a team of 100 UK officials into negotiations’.

A short Google later, the philosopher king of daytime talk radio was making clear to all us ignorant Brexshitters that actually most of the ingredients of our beloved English breakfasts are either from, or were pioneered, abroad. So there!

He actually thought this was a slam dunk – as if Brexit was basically a vote for Britain becoming a peculiar little hermit kingdom in which we will from now on only eat things grown, reared and produced here, using exclusively British recipes.

He was still going on about the whole thing this morning:

We’ve been here before with O’Brien, whose unhinged Remoanerism at times sends him down some odd alleyways. Who could forget when he was wondering out loud if Nigel Farage had had himself milkshaked in a convoluted plan to manipulate the news agenda?

The silly sausage.

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Jerry Owen

9th March 2020 at 1:38 pm

JOB is in the top ten regularly for the ‘plank of the week’ award on Talk Radio.

Captain Scott

8th March 2020 at 9:43 am

I refuse to listen to him following his support for and promotion for Carl Bleach. He was wrong about that and possibly about everything else too. Plus he refused to admit that he was wrong, which is far worse. Utter ****.

Finbarr Bruggy

28th April 2020 at 4:31 pm

Bit late joining the conversation but, like you, I immediately switch over to Talk Radio as soon as I hear him. Though I’m a remainer, I found his comments to be generally sneering and offensive. I haven’t been too impressed with Sheila F. either.

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