Meet the anti-woke left

Meet the anti-woke left

‘Dirtbag’ leftists Amber A’Lee Frost and Anna Khachiyan on populism, feminism and cancel culture.

Fraser Myers

The left is in crisis across the West. It is out of power in most countries and out of touch with its historical working-class base. Class politics has given way to identity politics. And noble causes like anti-racism, anti-sexism and anti-discrimination have congealed into a stifling morass of political correctness and competitive victimhood.

Thankfully, there are some pockets on the left who recognise this predicament. I’m in New York to try to understand the thinking behind the ‘dirtbag left’. The phrase was coined by Amber A’Lee Frost, a writer, commentator and activist, to describe a loose constellation of American leftists who reject the civility, piety and PC that has come to characterise much of the left.

Frost is a co-host of the hugely successful Chapo Trap House, which offers a funny, irony-laden and often downright vulgar take on contemporary politics from the left. She also writes a column for the Baffler and is a trade unionist.

Newer on the scene is the acerbic and wickedly funny Anna Khachiyan, art critic turned cultural commentator, who co-hosts the podcast Red Scare. Red Scare saves its most biting criticism for ‘neoliberal’ feminism.

Among the most refreshing things about Frost and Khachiyan is that their politics are resolutely not woke. ‘You can tell people that I’m trans’, says Khachiyan, with characteristic irreverence, as Frost, Khachiyan and myself sit down to talk at Eastwood in the Lower East Side. ‘I’m not trans, but you can say that just for fun.’ Their reasons for rejecting wokeness are both pragmatic and political. ‘The majority of people are not woke’, explains Frost: ‘Why would we dismiss the majority of people as hopelessly reactionary?’

Not only that, for Frost, identitarian divisions based on gender, race and sexuality are ‘a distraction at best, an active detriment at worst’. ‘The biggest divide in American society is class and that’s it. I’m a class-first person’, she tells me. ‘You’re hearing in the election how much we need to elect a woman or we need to elect a woman of colour. But the most left-wing candidate is an old, white, heterosexual man [Bernie Sanders] and I want him to win… I’m a Bernie bro. I was a Bernie bro in 2016 and I am now.’

But would the first woman president not be a breakthrough for women? ‘They’re always talking about the “little girls” – how would little girls know that they can be president? It’s just so stupid. I was a little girl once, I’ve never felt limited by this stuff’, says Frost. She raises Margaret Thatcher: ‘You [Brits] had a girl boss – she showed those bro miners!’

Frost describes herself as a socialist. She says she came to socialism through feminist organising. But the current wave of media feminism turns her off. It is about ‘middle-class women trying to get spots in the boardroom’. ‘A lot of this stuff is “fight the power, put me on the throne”.’ Or it’s, ‘Men are rude to me and they explain things to me’, she jokes.

Of course, I suggest, there are many real struggles that women face, particularly working-class women – from low pay to childcare – so why do these issues barely get a look in? ‘They don’t care about working-class women’, Frost says of contemporary feminists. ‘Half the time they’re smearing them as reactionaries because they voted for Trump.’

‘I fundamentally think they are disgusted and horrified by working-class people’, says Khachiyan. ‘Real women don’t live up to the liberal-feminist pieties’, adds Frost. ‘And I think that’s very threatening for the uptight, white, overeducated, liberal women to be confronted with’, replies Khachiyan.

So why did so many people vote for Trump? ‘There are two categories of Trump voters worth discussing separately’, says Frost. ‘There was the wealthy, petit-bourgeois reactionary. But there were also working-class people who heard only one of the candidates talking about jobs.’

Trump has many faults, of course. ‘Fundamentally, he is a cruel, stupid man’, says Frost. But he has ‘a very good observational talent’. Liberals, suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, have been far too moralistic about the Trump vote, she argues: ‘Most people don’t believe that presidential candidates are telling the truth the entire time.’

Worse, the left’s response to Trump has been totally counterproductive: ‘Do you want to tell people how bad they are? Do you want them to repent because they’re bad racists? Or do you want them to pursue a left-wing project?’

‘Those people are ours to win’, says Frost. The populist moment is an opportunity, she says, but one which ‘I can totally see us pissing away’. ‘The self-identified left are very sceptical of the populist stuff. Look at their takes on the yellow vests: “They’re all fascists!” They’re probably just fucking French people – and who can tell the difference?’

Just as significant as Trump’s victory was Hillary Clinton’s loss, they tell me, in that it represented a rejection of an era of neoliberalism. ‘I’m from Indiana’, Frost tells me. ‘Bill signs NAFTA. That obliterated the towns where I’m from. People are extremely bitter about Bill Clinton for very good reasons. And she is married to that, literally and figuratively – she defends that legacy. How did we not see Trump coming?’

What’s more, Trump represented a repudiation of the entire establishment – Democrats and Republicans. ‘There is a severe crisis of legitimacy in our institutions’, says Frost: ‘The Republicans did not want Trump to win either… He was nobody’s first choice, except the American people’s, apparently.’

For Khachiyan, ‘You can say a lot of bad things about Donald Trump, but you can’t say the man is boring’.

‘Trump should be an artist, not a politician’, she adds. ‘He says, “I’ve never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke”, and he loves Diet Coke, that’s his drink of choice. I don’t know if he’s self-aware or not.’

The problem with liberals, she says, is that ‘they can’t differentiate between their political critiques of Trump and their aesthetic critiques of him… He really brings to the fore all these inarticulable taboos. But as a politician, he’s not very exceptional.’ It is not so much Trump’s policies that anger the liberals, but his brashness, his demeanour. Frost adds, by way of example, that Obama also ‘threw tear gas at the border’.

Three years on from the 2016 presidential election, Democrats are still largely in denial or in despair about Trump’s victory. The now-discredited Russia-collusion narrative provided an excuse to avoid any soul-searching. ‘The whole Rachel Maddow and the NBC crowd have infected the minds of boomers with this dystopian narrative’, Khachiyan tells me. ‘Even my mom, who’s from Russia, buys the collusion narrative.’

‘The narrative isn’t itself so interesting’, she argues, but it shows ‘the willful failure of the Democratic Party. Again and again, they fall on their face. There’s some kind of Freudian, masochistic thing they have where they get off on publicly humiliating themselves.’

But while liberals may be electorally challenged, they still dominate mainstream culture. ‘“Liberal’ is the political denomination, but “nerd” is the cultural denomination’, says Khachiyan. ‘We’re living under the triumph of the nerds… If you had an American Psycho-esque novel today, there wouldn’t be this broad-shouldered besuited guy who looked like he walked out of the pages of an advertisement. It would be about a fin-tech soy boy. He’d be hunched over, clutching his tote-bag’, she says.

‘Bret Easton Ellis said there could never be the great Millennial novel – we’ll see. I haven’t read that Sally Rooney book that everybody’s writing about’, Khachiyan says, referring to the Irish author’s breakthrough novel, Normal People, which focuses on a millennial relationship. Frost adds that she read the book ‘with the intent of savaging it’, because ‘all the Guardian feminists like her’, but found ‘there was a lot of good shit in there’. ‘I think the women who like it don’t understand why they do… women today aren’t allowed to want a traditional relationship’, she says. Khachiyan adds: ‘Which is what most people since the dawn of time have wanted… There’s nothing reactionary about wanting a boyfriend!’

The conversation turns back to Bret Easton Ellis, a critic of what he calls snowflake culture, who is frequently accused of being a reactionary. ‘A lot of artists either don’t have any politics or their politics are retarded’, says Khachiyan. ‘His whole virtue as a writer is being a great stylist and a great narrator who retains plausible deniability. American Psycho has references to killing homeless black people, calling Asians “slant eyes”. And a lot of these woke SJW people sincerely think he’s a racist because he describes the condition… Artists are sometimes unassailable… The whole impulse to peg someone for what they are now is bizarre.’

Another recent favourite author among Guardian feminists is Kristen Roupenian, whose short story, ‘Cat Person’, went viral. The story is about a young woman who realises – slightly too late in the day – that the sexual encounter she is about to embark on is not what she wants. When the man finally realises he has been rejected, he lashes out. ‘Guardian feminists liked it because it “proved” men are trash because the man called her a whore at the end’, says Khachiyan. ‘Actually what it showed is that men can be sad and pathetic’, adds Frost.

Khachiyan tells me about an event she was at with Roupenian recently. (‘Hands down one of the most inarticulate, scatter-brained speakers – but the woman can write!’) Lena Dunham was meant to speak, she says, but didn’t show up because ‘she cooked up a fake illness’. ‘It was around the time she had her uterus removed’, she says. Frost adds that lots of American women are ‘voluntary removing their reproductive organs’. ‘Nobody is talking about this. It’s a middle-class, very elite phenomenon, where they’re like, “I have menstrual problems, I’m going to remove my womb”. Lena Dunham wrote a whole fucking essay about it.’

I asked how the seeming frigidity of the #MeToo moment, let alone the alleged epidemic of uterus removals, sits alongside modern feminism’s ‘sex positive’ celebration of polyamory, pansexuality and sex workers. ‘It’s because these people would rather negotiate sex than actually have it… They don’t want to take responsibility’, says Khachiyan. ‘That’s why nerds love this stuff’, says Frost. ‘It’s huge in Silicon Valley. They like games and rules. These are people who consider themselves leftists but probably don’t like anything about socialism except the gulags.’

Khachiyan says ‘a lot of these people are tyrannical narcissists’. ‘They are noncommittal, incapable of tolerating conflict or taking consequences. So they would rather have a system like polyamory where you kick that can down the road.’ Frost adds that many millennials ‘think they can eliminate jealousy… But sometimes you’re going to have bad sex, sometimes you’re going to be jealous. It’s not the end of the world.’

We move from jealousy to hate, and to the alleged epidemic of racism or even fascism often talked up by the left. Hate speech, we’re told, must be contained. Khachiyan takes a refreshingly liberal line: ‘You should be able to hate and hatred should be protected, as long as it doesn’t spill over into physical violence.’ ‘There’s this idea that we live in a white supremacist country when we fundamentally don’t’, says Khachiyan. She mentions antifa, the self-styled anti-fascist group that, since our conversation, has hit the headlines for beating up a right-leaning journalist in Portland. ‘Antifa have manufactured a threat to have some semblance of an identity’, she says. ‘All these people who say they are anti-fascist don’t know what it means to be persecuted.’

Frost and Khachiyan have a Marxist understanding of race. ‘We invented race to justify exploitation’, says Frost. ‘Splitting people on the basis of race was used to morally justify slavery… Racial discourse was created after hyper-exploitation.’ But ever since, argues Frost, ‘When we tried to not be racist, we ended up using the same framework’, which today also lives on in identitarian form. ‘All “race” is, is that some people don’t sunburn. That’s the entirety of racial difference.’

But how much can Marxism really illuminate today’s mad world? ‘Twitter call-out culture’, Frost concedes, ‘has no Marxist explanation. It makes no sense economically or even logically.’ Marx cannot account for a ‘social phenomenon where you rat out your closest friends’ and ‘describe them as reactionary’: ‘Why would you do that? Of course it will be bad for you.’

While there are plenty of woke types queuing up to ‘call out’ Frost, Khachiyan and their collaborators – even accusing them of being Nazis – let’s hope the dirtbag left can resist being ‘cancelled’ altogether. Voices like these, challenging woke orthodoxy and standing up for traditional left values, are needed now more than ever. Here’s to the dirtbags.

Fraser Myers is a staff writer at spiked and host of the spiked podcast. Follow him on Twitter: @FraserMyers.

Picture by: Getty.

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Timothy Dannenhoffer

24th December 2019 at 12:07 am

If you’re an “SJW” and you are unaware of legalized bribery in this country, or how dirty our entire government is, including most Democrats, or the fact that the politicians take special care of the rich to the detriment of half the population…or you are aware of it and just don’t care…I don’t see how you can be referred to as the “woke left”. When I think of the woke left I think of people that are supporting Bernie Sanders and pretty much only Bernie Sanders.

And it’s true, this crony capitalism IS violence towards the half the people in this country that can’t find a way to swim while our dirty government keeps finding ways to dunk their heads below the surface.

jeff reid

18th August 2019 at 7:09 pm

i can’t get over how poorly formatted this story is written. for quotations, it uses ‘ instead of ” and then the writer mixes his thoughts with the podcasters’ quotes in the same paragraph, and also throws random ‘ marks in the middle of them, completely blurring who is saying what.

also, TRUMP 2020 — no one on the left has a chance. not bernie, not biden.

James Gaynes

22nd July 2019 at 2:37 pm

There are some people who would cut off their nose to spite their face in this comment section, not they have the nerve to call us to us names.

— proud member of the dirt bag left

Jane Thomas

16th July 2019 at 6:58 am

Lena Durham has endometriosis. As a fellow sufferer of this insidious disease I have a simple massage for Khachiyan – f..k you. The medical profession told me for 30 years that what I was experiencing was normal. And now you perpetuate this shit by saying Durham made up a “fake illness”??? I have struggled physically, psychologically and financially due to to an illness that started at the age of 15 and wasn’t properly treated until I was 45. Millions and millions of women around the world struggle everyday with this disease, working class women and rich women, and to have so called feminists negate our experience just so you can have a glib go at Lena Durham (who I am not a fan of by ANY stretch of the imagination) is pathetic. Absolutely bloody pathetic.

Rashid Patch

15th July 2019 at 3:04 am

If, “All ‘race’ is, is that some people don’t sunburn,” just exactly why is it that 75% of the people imprisoned in the U.S., and about that % of those shot by police, are those who don’t get sunburn? Why is it that most of the nations that the U.S. takes for allies are white, and the ones it decides to invade are brown and black? I agree that there’s a class war, but to say that racism is not part of the problem is weirdly obtuse.

Bernardo Danesi

11th July 2019 at 2:17 pm

What really bothers me about these people is that literally all they can do is slag off other people on the left. If I were to use their same currency, I would say they are bitter about their irrelevance and try so very hard to blame others for the predicament they find themselves in.

Specifically I was very annoyed by some passages.

“‘That’s why nerds love this stuff’, says Frost. ‘It’s huge in Silicon Valley.” (also: “‘a lot of these people are tyrannical narcissists’”) What’s the point of calling people nerds? It’s not so much that I am offended by this, but, like, who gives a fuck?

Also, “‘We invented race to justify exploitation’, says Frost. ‘Splitting people on the basis of race was used to morally justify slavery… Racial discourse was created after hyper-exploitation.’” (also: “the alleged epidemic of uterus removals”, lol). This kind of stuff is pure pseudo-science, you need to present more evidence to convince me (nerd comment, I know). It’s also so pointless – racial discourse exists so we at least need to address it and, only then, decide whether class is the ONLY determinant. I mean I don’t think that’s the case but at least let’s not be prisoners of our priors.

Last point that really annoys me is this: “‘You should be able to hate and hatred should be protected, as long as it doesn’t spill over into physical violence.’” To me this is pure posturing. They’re so tough and cool eh. But of course is like this, maxism does not have prescriptions about hate speech so looking edgy takes precedence.

I don’t think any of this is helpful.

All the valid critiques these people make of identity politics is drenched in such naked hatred, it kills off any chance of dialectical improvement of the left. Do they think they’re gonna win an election without the “woke” vote? What a fucking joke.

Also, this movement shares all the undesirable features of identitatians, compounded by the classically marxist tendency to never compromise on the assumptions made. Everything is about class. No other explanation, no other reading, no other philosophical tool is allowed.

I could say more about the epistemological similarities between their and Trumper’s stances, but that would probably get me some accusations of confusing politics and aesthetics, so I’ll just leave it.

James Gaynes

22nd July 2019 at 2:32 pm

You don’t think that was the lead of the interviewer, really?

Melissa Jackson

10th July 2019 at 7:21 pm

So, against my better judgement I checked out the Chapo Trap House subreddit. And yeah, it’s pretty cancerous. I got banned after making 4 posts. I had committed such horrendous crimes as saying Fidel Castro really isn’t someone non-communists like, and that the left has long had a bit of an anti-Semitism problem, since Marx’s original writings. Which someone quickly pointed out can’t be true, because Karl Marx was Jewish. And then banned.

So yeah, that’s Chapo. They really are the most foul people. They are just straight up communists, and completely unapologetic about any aspects of that. The are the people who say Capitalism has murdered more people than Communism, because Capitalism has failed to provide food and medicine to people, and thus murdered them. I saw a guy who got his post deleted just for saying that the monstrous negligence of capitalism is evil and needs to be changed, but stopped short of murder. And they just removed him. Off to the Gulag.

I remember something from Emmanuel Goldstein’s book in 1984, about how The Party values the purity of orthodoxy above all. Chapo puts me in mind of that. Possibly because I saw four different times, four different people argue that Orwell should definitely be sold to non-Commies as an example of a socialist, and the critiques in Animal Farm and 1984 don’t apply to them because actually they are aimed at Tankies and there is more to Communism than that.

I just… Who are these people? These weird propagandists who are seriously defensive about communism with no fresh insight and no connection to the working class. They certainly aren’t convincing anyone else about their ideas and frankly they seem to be trying to convince themselves. They can really dish it out, really screaming abuse at anyone who disagrees, including raiding other subreddits. But they absolutely can’t take it, not even a little bit.

To sum it up – “Does Chapo Trap House have a problem with anti-Semitism? No, the anti-Semitism is just fine thank you. And we ban anyone who points it out.”

James Gaynes

22nd July 2019 at 2:34 pm

Prove it?

Are you I’ve of those pricks who think being against the murderous regime in Israel makes you anti Jew?

The Pigman

9th July 2019 at 12:40 am

In other words, the Plutocratic Left has triumphed. What passes for the left is basically just a bunch of White Collar Goons doing their best to distract everyone from class issues. It’s not a mistake, people, it’s a deliberate strategy — and a successful one.

Molly Maeve Eagan

8th July 2019 at 6:39 pm

I see nothing revolutionary in more elitist, ‘holier than thou’ rhetoric. They remind me of the Revolutionary Socialists I met in college who spoke for the poor with no concept of what that feels like, and treated me, the closest thing to working class at the school, and many students of color, like uncool outcasts. I wasn’t cool enough because I didn’t know the lyrics to Violent Femmes (I loved Chaka Khan) and I couldn’t afford Doc Martens, and I had a tough edge from growing up around actual working class communities of color. When they tried to lure me out of higher education to join the revolution, I enjoyed telling them why I’d never join anyone who treated the ‘people’ they purport to speak for like crap. This article also tells me nothing about these people, their backgrounds, or anything of substance but what they think. I have no context for their beliefs or evidence that they live their ideals, or just give interviews and post on Instagram. Have they ever sat with working class, conservative-minded men and actually listened or had a conversation? Have they sat with homeless in soup kitchens or in tent camps and gotten to know residents? Do they work themselves? As a white, educated woman with revolutionary-minded parents, I’m easy to stereotype. The difference is I don’t socialize or organize with the holier than thou crowds, any of them. They’re no better than the people they’re criticizing. The real revolution is living, working, and organizing with the actual ‘people’, living as if you’re no better or smarter or enlightened than they are. I feel just as alive in the revolution when I’m hanging out with young women navigating life outside the foster system for the first time, or finding accessible abortion or housing, as I do in the midst of a protest. But sitting around talking about how enlightened you are compared to anyone else is exactly what keeps ‘the people ‘ away. And using the white celebrity’s interpretation of the #metoo movement to describe the “frigidity” of the movement is evidence of how far removed these people are. MeToo was started by Tarana Burke, a woman of color, and she is an example of a real revolutionary. Most of us empowered by the “frigid” MeToo movement were working on removing statutes of limitations for rape way before Alyssa Milano came in and advised women to withhold sex. Most of us are still recovering from sexual assaults that happened when we were girls and have worked all our lives to achieve sexual health and freedom. So, those of us still living in the deepest crap that the revolution needs to fix will still be here long after these people lose their Instagram following.

Nick Cotton

8th July 2019 at 10:26 am

I’ve never listened to CTH, but they’re subreddit are known for being some of the worst, most censorious, hyperwoke communities online. They cheer every time a dissident voice gets kicked off Twitter, every time an opponent of the PC-ideology takes a hit. Totally pro-Antifa, etc.

If this is the sea change you’re hoping for, don’t hold your breath. The left is not going to change from within.

Gloria Britanniæ

7th July 2019 at 2:09 pm

So Fraser does a nice write-up of them—and they turn round and dump on him on twitter: screencap here
(Can neither verify screencap nor see if there’s more as she hides behind protected status.)

Vin Luna

6th July 2019 at 10:25 pm

A pushback against woke-ism and identity politics is long overdue. The politics of perpetual victimhood accomplish nothing.

Still, it’s terribly myopic to ignore race as the fundamental fault line in American life. I’d posit that to say “The biggest divide in American society is class and that’s it.” is as blinkered as the neo-lib feminist BS that Frost pillories. Perhaps this is the reason the dirtbag left is overwhelmingly white. No war but class war is fine as far as it goes, but in the USA you can’t seriously address societal imbalances without taking into account that today – as always – American society is structured in a way that brutalizes people of color. it ain’t white folks that are beaten, thrown in jail and killed with impunity by the police. The woke left’s victimhood complex does little to try to remedy that imbalance, but it’s a hell of a lot more than what the dirtbag left offers in this regard.

Hamid Mofidi

6th July 2019 at 6:23 am

The old left were not any better than the new cultural left. But yes, at least they were arguable, instead of being outright twatwaffles like the new left. I have almost come to miss the old days when the Soviets would send a million innocent people to the gulags. We didn’t have to argue about race or religion or gender or color of the skin. Even the most detached observer knew that was pure evil.

myles man

6th July 2019 at 1:44 pm

Well said and definitely unique phrasing.

Thomas Smith

5th July 2019 at 8:49 pm

What a great bunch of gals! I want to find a quote to caption this with as I put it on my facebook page, but the whole thing is so wonderful!

Alexander Nöthlich

5th July 2019 at 2:31 pm

I’m all for feminists getting their uteruses removed. These people shouldn’t have children, anyway. So, go for it Lena Dunham! The downside, of course, is, that these people in their lifes have too much time on their hands, get resentful and want everybody else to feel the same way. So I guess, we’ll have to learn to ignore them until they eventually go extinct. Meanwhile, we have to protect our boys and girls from their obnoxious ideology of unhappiness.

Unsupreme Being

5th July 2019 at 8:17 am

Why don’t you try to get a bloody job instead? Who do you think you are? Stupid girls!

De Spooked

5th July 2019 at 5:39 pm

Their podcast makes $125k

Anonymous Comrade

5th July 2019 at 3:28 am

Penultimate sentence gives the game away. “standing up for traditional left values” Where have I heard that before? Oh yes, the screeching hordes on the Right. This is why people keep calling Red Scare, Frost and their ilk disciples of Gregor Strasser.

Jerry Owen

5th July 2019 at 7:38 am

Anonymous Comrade… Says it all really. Just like the anonymous balaclava covered Todd on the streets .. anonymous and cowardly hunting in packs.

Jerry Owen

5th July 2019 at 7:39 am


Winston Stanley

5th July 2019 at 12:13 am

The day is coming soon when we shall have it out with the British state and with all of their fanboys. Nothing shall be forgotten and nothing shall be forgiven on that day. British state, enjoy, the day is coming. Hope you still like the state of Israel. Just remember, what goes around comes around, and we will see happen to you what you did to the Palestinians. Fair is fair?

Jerry Owen

4th July 2019 at 11:09 pm

Trump is cruel and stupid. . why is he cruel ?
Stupid ? He is the POTUS.
‘ we invented race for exploitation’.
Spare me these two they are narcissists ..look at me .. I’m an alt lefty !

Unsupreme Being

5th July 2019 at 8:18 am

because he will put them to work… in their deluded mind, every obligation is cruelty

Winston Stanley

4th July 2019 at 10:33 pm

Urggghhh! Change the photo!

What is “the one on the left” supposed to be anyways?

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 5:26 am

The woman is very pretty.

I think it’s just that he’s wearing her lipstick that he makes him seem a bit odd.

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 5:40 am

* that makes..

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 7:39 am

Here iis another pretty Russian woman. She’s probably the best political commentator that I’ve seen.

Unsupreme Being

5th July 2019 at 8:19 am

Actually I hate leftists with a great passion

Winston Stanley

7th July 2019 at 8:20 pm

Hana, I would agree, those were dr/n/en posts and my id was outdoing my superego, and that is OK sometimes, we all have to let our hair down in modern society, apologies to anyone that I violated in any way on this thread.

Melissa Jackson

4th July 2019 at 9:09 pm

I have come across this lot before – Not PC but still fundamentally wrong about absolutely everything. And the ‘scumbag’ title is well earned, they and their fans really aren’t nice people. They are really just the same old left, just trying to dress tired old “but isn’t the west the real police state?” crap that wasn’t convincing when the USSR was around.

Mark Bretherton

5th July 2019 at 9:59 am

I’ll take the “same old left” over the new “woke left” any day. At least their arguments can be put down to idealism rather than idiocy.

De Spooked

5th July 2019 at 5:40 pm

idealism is literally the opposite of dialectical materialism you imbecile rightoid

Hamid Mofidi

6th July 2019 at 6:05 am

Listen leftard. Idealism is the contraposition of materialism.
Dialectical materialism is a corruption of materialism – it is idealism cloaked in a materialist facade. Get an education, leftard.

Hamid Mofidi

6th July 2019 at 6:07 am

Well said. The same old feces. Complete with secret police and the gulag.

Hana Jinks

4th July 2019 at 3:54 pm

IAm l gonna be allowed to have a proper go at you, because this is the gayest load of…gayness that I’ve ever seen from anyone on this site. Utterly pitiful. You need to grow up and get belted around a bit.

gershwin gentile

4th July 2019 at 4:25 pm

Technically incitement to violence. And a lil’ bit homophobic. And making no coherent point.

Hana Jinks

4th July 2019 at 5:16 pm

It took me twenty minutes to write what l was about to add before losing the post.

I’ll be back later to make my point, and to refute that.

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 9:48 am

Technically I’ve just read it back and feel just as triggered today.

It’s even more lame and bile-inducing than l thought, but prefer to call it gay in the hope of having someone call me a reprehensible, homophobic, bigoted nazi.

That’s obviously not gonna be you.

Brazen Lyers has apparently recently emerged from some kind of safe space, and is in urgent need of a metaphorical beat-down or three. I had a few things to say about how things like

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 9:53 am

…racism, sexism and discrimination were never really rhings anyway, and how the left run the eu, google and yt….and blah, blah, blah…

I’m sorry , but this story is just too gay…I’ve lost the will to comment any further on it. I mean, what kind of western man goes around being a kommie? It just doesn’t add up.

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 9:59 am

The good news is that Brazen Lyers recently wrote a story about how he expected to be verbally attacked in public life for his opinions, or something like that, so I’m expecting my modded post ro come thru..

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 10:03 am

Before l really do trigger someone for the wrong reason, racism, sexism, and discrimination are still actual “things”. Context.

gershwin gentile

5th July 2019 at 1:11 pm

Would you like us to call someone? Do you have a responsible adult, or anything?

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 1:26 pm

What makes you say that Gershwin?

Hamid Mofidi

6th July 2019 at 6:14 am

Another asshat purificationist. “little bit homophobic” – hahaha
Who elected you the chief morality police here?
I bet half your moral principles, if not retarded, are downright inhumane.

gershwin gentile

4th July 2019 at 3:32 pm

“But how much can Marxism really illuminate today’s mad world? ”

Not much seeing as Marxism has caused a lot of the madness in the world today.

And you had to go to NY to find “anti woke” lefties? Couldn’t find any in the UK?

Winston Stanley

4th July 2019 at 11:04 pm

Myers, like BON, is enjoying his “expenses”, trying to make some basic point in a deluded “society”, like he is not totally “deluded” as only facts will convince him. The air tastes and smells so “fresh” and he feel “so at home” in NYC. Now you know. Enjoy NYC boys, we are waiting for you to “return” to our “planet earth” and then we can settle things. Myers was a JW in another incarnation.

Winston Stanley

4th July 2019 at 11:37 pm

Yep and “on that day” no one Is going to rescue the British state or their fanboys, what was always coming to the cowards and traitors is still coming.

Hana Jinks

5th July 2019 at 5:53 am


I’ve always preferred hard rock and haven’t heard much reggae, but l really enjoy the songs you put up.

Winston Stanley

7th July 2019 at 8:55 pm

Hana, if you like my reggae music then you are probably looking for the Jesus Dread, Yabby You. American Christians have released albums based on my selections. The apocalyptic theme in reggae all dates back to YY. He released his music under the “King Tubby Production” monica, “humble” as he was. I am mainly into acid techno, acid trance, psytrance these days, like everyone else in UK.

Hana Jinks

8th July 2019 at 4:49 am

Thanks for that. I didn’t even know reggae had an apocalyptic theme. I liked your trance music too. I’m still waiting for another punk/grunge correction, but l think that the likes of Hole and Alice in Chains may have ruined any chance of that ever happening given the way they embarassed the corporate music world the last time.

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