Letter from America

Letter from America

21 May 2013

No sex talk, please,
we’re students

The latest diktat from the Obama administration bizarrely treats students' sexual come-ons and flirting as sexual harassment.

30 January 2013

Obama: selling out civil liberties

Obama’s inaugural address confirmed that the left and right agree on one thing: freedom can be curbed in the name of some greater good.

11 December 2012

Why we must tolerate hate

To punish racist vandals more harshly than run-of-the-mill vandals is to veer dangerously close towards instituting thoughtcrime.

14 November 2012

No country for old white Republicans

As the presidential election showed, the Republican Party is at odds with the permissive mainstream of America.

11 October 2012

What about our right to be offensive?

Claims by an American newscaster that she had been ‘bullied’ about her weight take hypersensitivity to new heights.

10 September 2012

US politics: a punch-up between mythmakers

Partisanship is the lifeblood of politics, but in America we now have hyperpartisanship, where blind groupthink is trumping tough debate.

25 June 2012

How NYC is colonising
CUNY students’ minds

Recent events at City University of New York show that diversity policies treat students like children and assault academic freedom.

11 April 2012

In America, atheists are still in the closet

No, non-believers don’t face legal discrimination, but their rhetoric about ‘coming out’ is not mere melodrama.

11 January 2012

Wanted: a president who believes in liberty

Aside from kooky Ron Paul, all the Republican candidates, as well as President Obama himself, have a very un-American attitude to freedom.

1 December 2011

The hypocrisy of Occupy Wall Street

By asserting a First Amendment ‘right to occupy’, the occupiers seem to want one rule for themselves and another for everyone else.