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The Free Speech University Rankings (FSUR) is the UK’s first university league table for campus censorship. We examine the policies and actions of universities and students' unions, and rank them using our traffic-light system.

Data accurate up until April 2018.

Traffic-light ranking system:

  • RED:

    has banned and actively censored ideas on campus

  • AMBER:

    has chilled free speech through intervention

  • GREEN:

    has a hands-off approach to free speech

Traffic-light ranking
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Bristol 2018


The University of Bristol and the University of Bristol Union collectively create a chilling environment for free speech. The university, which has maintained its Amber ranking, places restrictions on ‘provocative’ and ‘offensive’ speech. The students’ union, which has moved to an Amber ranking, restricts ‘unwelcoming’ and ‘judgemental’ speech, and has banned a ‘chav-themed’ society social. The institution’s overall ranking moves to Amber.

The university - AMBER


  • Freedom of Speech Code of Practice

    ‘The university believes that an atmosphere of free and open discussion is essential to its life and work. Such an atmosphere can be achieved only if all concerned behave with necessary tolerance and avoid needlessly offensive or provocative action and language.’

    Read the full policy

  • Consent Classes

    ‘All undergraduate students living in university accommodation will have the opportunity to attend a [consent] workshop, and we expect you to do so as part of your formal induction… When you arrive at the university you will attend a formal induction presentation that covers a number of subjects, including sexual consent.’

    Due to the specific nature of this policy, it has been weighted as a Red Action.

    Read the full policy

The students’ union - AMBER


  • Safe Space Policy Reform

    Sets out to incorporate Safe Space policy into ‘Anti-discrimination and Harassment statement’, carrying over the line ‘each and every member should feel welcome to participate in non-judgemental and non-threatening discussions, activities, services or events’ from the Safe Space policy into the new statement.

    Read the full policy


  • October 2016 TAB

    Bans chav-themed social

To find out more about the FSUR, or to request further comment, contact Tom Slater.

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