Culture Wars with Andrew Doyle


‘Comedians aren’t activists’

Stand-up legend Scott Capurro talks to Andrew Doyle about the art of offensive comedy.

Treason of the intellectuals

Peter Boghossian and Andrew Doyle discuss the 'legitimation crisis' in higher education.

The misogyny of trans activism

Julie Bindel tells Andrew Doyle why we need to bring back ‘proper’ feminism.

‘We must lance the boil of cancel culture’

James Dreyfus talks to Andrew Doyle about the tyranny of conformism in the arts.

America is exhausted

Jesse Singal and Katie Herzog tell Andrew Doyle how wokeness conquered the world.

Am I a right-wing comic?

Geoff Norcott and Simon Evans join Andrew Doyle to discuss diversity of opinion in comedy.

The church of social justice

Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay tell Andrew Doyle how identity politics took over the world.

‘The woke are gaslighting us all’

Bridget Phetasy joins Andrew Doyle to discuss the tidal wave of wokeness unleashed by Black Lives Matter.

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