Why are the police lying about Scarlet Blake’s sex?

No, a ‘woman’ did not murder a man and put a cat in a blender.

Jo Bartosch

Jo Bartosch

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The details of his crime may seem uniquely horrific, but cat-killing murderer Scarlet Blake shares something in common with over 90 per cent of other murderers – namely, his male sex. Yet the truth about Blake’s sex has been routinely obfuscated, and even outright lied about, to the public.

This week, Blake was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Jorge Martin Carreno in 2021. Shortly before the killing, Blake filmed himself putting a neighbour’s cat through a blender.

Throughout Blake’s trial, the court routinely used ‘she / her’ pronouns. And when reporting on his sentencing, many respected news outlets, including the BBC and the Guardian referred to him simply as a ‘woman’ – not even as a ‘transwoman’.

As a final insult to reality, Thames Valley Police have now confirmed that the murder and animal abuse committed by Blake are to be recorded as female crimes. A spokesperson told the Telegraph:

‘We are required to record the gender of individuals when they are brought into our custody. Blake identified as a female when in custody. As such, Blake is recorded as female on our crime-recording system.’

Worse still, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has confirmed that the details logged by the police would be mirrored in official crime and conviction statistics. And so, as has happened on countless occasions, the truth will be hidden to avoid upsetting a dangerous and delusional man. The one concession to common sense made in Blake’s case is that he has been incarcerated in a men’s prison and not a women’s one.

Including Blake’s crimes in the female statistics is more significant than many people realise. Richard Garside, director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, points out that over the past decade, 3,041 men have been convicted of murder compared with just 187 females. This means that at least 94 per cent of convicted murderers are male. And these figures are already compromised, according to Garside, as ‘there are likely some males hiding in the female data’.

Crime statistics should tell us who is actually committing what type of crime. But, Garside explains, ‘Because so few female defendants are convicted of murder, any male murder conviction classed as female dramatically distorts the female murder-convictions data… Class just one male convicted of murder as female, then total annual female murder convictions go up by around five per cent.’

Police SEEN, a group of gender-critical police officers, agrees with Garside. ‘Accurate statistics are essential to future safeguarding, planning, provisions and services’, one member tells me. As trans ideology takes over the police force, it is putting our entire criminal-justice system at risk in the process.

People are tired of being lied to about this. When JK Rowling tweeted ‘I’m sick of this shit’ in response to all the misleading reporting and the pandering to Blake’s pronouns, she spoke for many. Make no mistake, people are now waking up to the lies that have been spread in the name of trans inclusion. And they are angry.

It’s undeniable that faith in our institutions is ebbing away. How can law enforcement and the judiciary expect to retain public confidence when they continue to tell barefaced lies? And why should people believe broadcasters and news outlets who refuse to mention the most basic facts about offenders?

It is clear that these institutions are prepared to sacrifice the truth to trans ideology. It’s time we called them out on their lies.

Jo Bartosch is a journalist campaigning for the rights of women and girls.

Picture by: Thames Valley Police.

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