That nappy-obsessed weirdo is not a woman

The elite media are determined to pretend that some of the most depraved men in society are actually women.

Lauren Smith

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‘Abbie Taylor’, formerly Martin Tarling, is the latest in a long line of male ne’er do wells to be described by the news media as a ‘woman’.

A post by Sky News did the rounds on X this week, describing Taylor’s case. ‘A woman accused of dumping soiled adult nappies at children’s nurseries has denied the offences’, it read. But the truth of the story could be seen in the attached image of Taylor, which showed a middle-aged man with a face full of stubble and long, pink hair.

Social-media users instantly smelled a rat. After a flurry of complaints, Sky News quickly deleted the post and replaced it with an amended version. This time it described Taylor as a ‘transgender woman’.

Sky News wasn’t alone. Local paper Chronicle Live described him as a ‘South Shields woman’. Even the supposedly anti-woke Daily Mail used female pronouns throughout its article on Taylor’s court appearance.

The media’s pandering to Taylor’s preferred pronouns seems all the more remarkable given the grotesque and bizarre nature of his alleged crimes. The 45-year-old stands accused of dumping soiled adult nappies outside various nurseries in the South Tyneside area over the course of a year. On top of that, he allegedly stole a roll of clinical waste bags from local nurseries, hid in public bins that contained soiled nappies and smeared excrement on children’s milk bottles and other parts of a nursery building. He (sorry, she!) denies all the charges.

At the time of these incidents, Taylor was also allegedly breaking a criminal-behaviour order. This prohibits him from being within 10 metres of a nursery without a reasonable excuse. This suggests he had had some previous forays in and around nurseries.

Cases like Taylor’s now occur with shocking regularity. Whenever a man who identifies as a woman is accused of a heinous sexual crime, the media insist that he is really a woman. Just last month, Naomi O’Brien was sentenced to four years and three months in prison for helping another man sexually abuse a toddler. Various news outlets, from local papers to the BBC, made no mention of the fact that O’Brien was a man. Even Greater Manchester Police described him as a ‘predatory female’, despite his mugshot clearly showing a biological male.

Similarly, in September, the Mirror ran a story about another male sex offender. ‘Woman jailed for nurse sex assault groped female guards as they served her food’, read the post on X. Attached was a mugshot of a man who calls himself ‘Katana Paris’ wearing a party-store wig and sporting a five-o’clock shadow. No one was fooled by his get-up, apart from the journalists charged with reporting the facts of the story.

In all of these cases, public outcry and ridicule has eventually led to social-media posts being deleted or headlines being amended to more accurately reflect reality. But journalists shouldn’t need to face a backlash to be forced to do their jobs and report basic facts. They should describe the world as it is, not as trans ideologues would like it to be.

Anyone can look at the pictures of ‘Abbie Taylor’, ‘Naomi O’Brien’ and ‘Katana Paris’ and instantly tell that these are men. In fact, we could probably tell that they are men from the lurid allegations alone. After all, how often do you hear about biological women groping prison guards, inciting the sexual abuse of toddlers or collecting soiled nappies?

If the media want us to trust them, then they need to stop pandering to the delusions of criminals. Treating these depraved men as women is insulting our intelligence.

Lauren Smith is an editorial assistant at spiked.

Picture by: YouTube.

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