Antoinette Sandbach: Remoaner snitch

The Tory-Lib Dem defector once called the cops on an elderly constituent who criticised her for blocking Brexit.



Antoinette Sandbach is the latest Tory Remoaner to jump ship and join the Lib Dems. She will now contest her current seat of Eddisbury in the upcoming election on a ‘clear Remain platform’.

To say Sandbach has behaved disgracefully is an understatement. Like other Tory-Lib Dem defectors, she stood, at the last election, in a Leave-voting seat on a manifesto pledging to honour the referendum result. But she went on to defy her own constituents by blocking Brexit in parliament, before jumping ship altogether. And her authoritarian tendencies don’t stop there, either.

When Sandbach voted for anti-Brexit amendments in the House of Commons last year, some of her constituents were understandably angry. Pensioner Linda Banahan emailed Sandbach’s local Conservative association to express her disappointment: ‘I hope the Eddisbury Conservatives will seriously consider deselecting her for such a selfish and self-centred betrayal of the party and country.’

According to a report in the Daily Mail, Sandbach responded by branding Banahan’s email ‘abusive’, adding that ‘your email has also been reported to the police’. Banahan told the Mail that she was left ‘frightened’ that she might get a visit from the police:

‘Here I’ve got an MP who is bullying people when they contact her legitimately. She has threatened to have the police come round… Antoinette Sandbach should be ready to be held accountable for her voting behaviour without so easily taking offence and responding so heavy-handedly.’

We’ve seen this time and again these past three years. Remoaner MPs want to be able to betray Brexit and their voters and face no scrutiny or criticism for doing so. It’s bad enough that some MPs who switched parties have sought to evade the judgement of the people by blocking a General Election, but trying to criminalise your critics is something else.

Hideously anti-democratic and dangerously illiberal, Antoinette Sandbach is a perfect fit for the Lib Dems.

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Brian Burnell

3rd November 2019 at 5:00 pm

If I were that constituent I’d turn the tables on her and sandbag her by reporting her to police for threatening behaviour. That’s a game that two can play.

A Game

3rd November 2019 at 2:25 pm

Another ardent Remainer.
I’m surprised no one has commented. It turns out the Sandbag receives pretty hefty agricultural subsidies from the EU. Personally receives them, I guess as some sort of local farmer? Business registered under married name, is a politician under maiden name.
Well, well, well. It is curious getting to the bottom of why some of these Remainers are indeed so ardent.
Vicky Pollard’s posh cousin – we know her husband’s little “Transparencyetc” think tank or whatever it is scored nearly 4 million from the EU… now we know why they are so unhinged.

I just read that Gove was talking up that they hope they can take back the entire 21 turncoats… that would have included this Force for Democracy.
Its interesting. Is it a British thing that there is no deed too low, no betrayal too great, to actually create an enemy? These Tory Remainers didnt’ just shaft their freshly minted PM, they shafted the UK, they worked against their own country’s interests. But Boris the Sycophant still claims them as friends. Which is what is most important in this game.
It is this ilk that set the scene for that frightful BRINO withdrawal agreement – The Surrender Act – so something decent – say, NI only remaining in the single market, which the DUP were agreeable to, instead of slicing a piece of the UK off to remain in the EU – had to be sacrificed because there was no bargaining power and the timeline to seek an extension enforced.
Then the Letwin Betrayal… supported again by the 21… all resulting in not leaving by the 31st… and now Boris betraying the Leave voters with that odious idea of Brexit.
That BRINO is what Remainers, like Sandbag, set the framework for. And it turns out this is who those people are. (And the Tories would still have them back.)
Calling the police on a genuine criticism, a genuine observation of this MPs conduct. These are the people that BRINO is designed to appease. Snout firmly in the EU trough, a liar to her constituents, and apparently gearing up to collect a 27000 pound payout if she loses her seat.

I just read an article that said Boris The Betrayer is determined to help crack down on the MP abuse. So I guess he’s decided freedom of speech should be sold down the river, too, along with Brexiteers’ vision of what a leave vote meant. More people can expect a chat with the local fuzz, by the looks of things.
And Gove said they would wish a way to have them all back. Oh dear.

Michael Lynch

3rd November 2019 at 6:58 pm

Very telling insight. Another snout firmly in the EU trough. ‘We are all equal, only some of us are more equal than others’. What a disgusting abuse of power. Especially for calling the Police on a pensioner for a legitimate criticism.

Carlo Guli

2nd November 2019 at 6:40 pm

The fact that she thinks she can “go out and campaign in this election on a clear remain platform” says all about how little she understands about the rights and liberties of others. I’ve been brought up with the teaching that my liberty ought to end where other people’s liberty starts. In this case it translates into: respect other people’s vote.
Ms Sandbach clearly believes she can ignore it and do what she pleases stepping over other people’s liberty.
But isn’t this what her party of choice stands for?
Illiberal Autocrats. They just haven’t got around changing the name yet.

Barry Dixon

2nd November 2019 at 5:41 pm

Sandbach was my MP and similarly threatened me that I was harassing her and her staff and questioned my right to write to her as she claimed I was not a constituent. Her attitude to any approach was defensive in the first instant and then aggressive … but always deficient.

Neil McCaughan

2nd November 2019 at 5:40 pm

She appears to be Cyril Smith in an ill-chosen wig.

Ven Oods

2nd November 2019 at 5:28 pm

Sandbag by name, sandbag by nature.
Another fine, upstanding ‘representative of the people’.

Michael Lynch

2nd November 2019 at 8:56 am

The Illiberal Anti-Democratic Party are welcome to her.

Dominic Straiton

1st November 2019 at 5:16 pm

If you don’t want to stand by your election manifesto. Don’t. Step down before you get elected. These liars are the worst people in public life. We have every right to be angry.

Linda Payne

1st November 2019 at 4:34 pm

MP’s have been whinging all week over ‘abusive texts’ do these people really have no concept of people and democracy that they think trying to stop Brexit is not going to arouse some heated passions? I do not condone personal threats but come on some of the examples they gave were not far from kids stuff; Soubrey cited one pleasantry ‘Seeing your face makes me sick’ and another male MP had a tweet basically saying ‘its a shame we don’t hang traitors in this country any more’ No direct threat but a view that is widely held right now in this country

Jim Lawrie

1st November 2019 at 2:43 pm

The Police should condemn a person who in public office issues a threat using their name. Ms Banahan should insist the threat be withdrawn, accompanied by an unconditional and unreserved apology from Sandbach to all concerned, an admission that she was utterly wrong and deceitful to have made the threat, and that she abused her position. Such behaviour has its spiritual home in the Liberal Democrats’ Party.

The alternative is for people to resolve these matters themselves.

H McLean

1st November 2019 at 11:43 am

She’s neither Liberal nor Democratic. People like Sandbach should be given the electoral equivalent of the Bum’s Rush and thrown face-first into the gutter outside the Houses of Parliament.

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