I was banned for trans heresy

Lindsay Shepherd on the Jessica Yaniv balls-waxing controversy.



Free-speech activist Lindsay Shepherd was permanently banned from Twitter earlier this week, following a clash with trans-woman Jessica Yaniv. Responding to Yaniv’s misogynistic comments about her uterus and vagina, Shepherd ‘misgendered’ Yaniv, which led to Shepherd’s permanent suspension.

Yaniv is the central figure in a major controversy in Canada. He is currently suing 16 female beauticians for discrimination after they refused to provide him with waxing services – many were asked to wax his male genitalia. Feminists like Meghan Murphy – also banned from Twitter for misgendering Yaniv – have long argued that this case exposes the dangers of men ‘self-identifying’ as women and demanding access to women’s spaces.

spiked caught up with Shepherd to find out more about her Twitter ban and the balls-waxing controversy.

spiked: When did you first become aware of this case?

Lindsay Shepherd: I’ve been aware of Jessica Yaniv’s activities for quite a few months. Although there was a publication ban on the waxing case in Canada, there was a blog outside of Canada that revealed Yaniv’s identity. Then some screenshots were leaked showing Jessica – then still called Jonathan – asking advice from women in a Facebook group dedicated to make-up. He asked whether he should teach 10-year-old girls to use tampons, how to bond with other girls in the female washroom, and if anyone had seen ‘tampon strings hanging out of a girl’s thing’? So this is how he operates. And to me, this is something you don’t give excuses for. He is either trying to get off on fantasising about these things or he really is planning to approach girls in the female washrooms using the advice he’s given.

A few months ago, I was given a seven-day suspension from Twitter for talking about Yaniv. After that, I made a video called ‘The Tampon String Enthusiast of British Columbia’. Then, this month, his human-rights tribunal case started. Jessica filed 16 human-rights complaints against female beauticians who declined to wax him. A big part of it was that he had asked a number of them for Brazilian waxes. He literally wanted unwilling women to handle his penis and balls. There were also cases where he asked to have his arms and legs waxed.

Many of the women he is taking to court come from religious and cultural backgrounds where you are not supposed to touch men who aren’t your husband. One was a Sikh woman who provides women-only services and doesn’t touch men for that reason. But we’ve seen from Yaniv’s social-media history that he is anti-immigration. He wants immigration checks in the heavily Sikh part of town where he lives. Some of us have deduced from this that he might be specifically targeting immigrant women to try to prove a point to them that his gender identity is more important than their religion or culture. He seems to specifically choose women who would likely have a problem with waxing a man and then he hauls them into the human-rights tribunal. The women have described all the problems this has caused them. They lose work, it wastes their time and resources for something that should not be happening, for a case that is not legitimate.

spiked: What specifically led to your permanent ban from Twitter?

Shepherd: It was an interaction with Jessica Yaniv that likely led to my ban. When I got my previous seven-day suspension, Twitter told me which tweets had caused it because it asks you to remove them. This time, Twitter didn’t tell me. I filed for an appeal, which was denied.

The ban happened right after Yaniv was arguing with an anonymous account that he wrongly claimed I was behind. I was getting notifications from this because he tagged my real account in those tweets, too. He tweeted to me that I have a ‘loose vagina from pushing out a 10-pound baby’, but that he ‘still has a tight pussy’. It was all so depraved. I replied saying that if he’s trying to sound like a woman, this is not the way to do it, as he sounds more like a man who doesn’t have a functional relationship. Saying ‘Oh, you have a loose vagina’ is kind of how a bro would talk. Yaniv then replied to this by making fun of a reproductive abnormality I have called a septate uterus, which causes higher rates of miscarriage. I’ve described it in an interview as being like a wall in the uterus. And so Yaniv – who I had no idea had listened to interviews I’ve done on podcasts – made some joke, tweeting ‘I heard Donald Trump is building a wall inside of your uterus’. It was incoherent, but so is he. I responded and that’s what got me banned.

People are pointing out that I violated Twitter’s terms of service. I misgendered Yaniv and that technically should result in punishment. But it is something to think about that Twitter is saying that in order to be on our platform, you have to accept the gender ideology du jour. If you don’t, you’d better shut up or get off our platform. But when it comes to Yaniv, sexist and misogynistic comments are allowed.

The mainstream media has picked up on my Twitter ban a bit. But unfortunately, the publication ban on the Yaniv case was lifted a day after, so they couldn’t really discuss the waxing case at the same time. Most of the articles also leave out the fact that Yaniv said I had a loose vagina. Because it’s so vulgar they instead write things like ‘Yaniv made some remarks about Lindsay Shepherd’s genitalia’. They should just say it. They should say that he said I have a ‘loose vagina’ and he has a ‘tight pussy’. He always refers to women’s private parts as ‘pussies’ because he doesn’t have any lived experience as a woman. Nor do they mention the full extent of what Yaniv does, his tweets about immigration or the screenshots of him asking about approaching girls in the washroom.

The feminist Meghan Murphy was banned over the same individual. She said ‘him’ in reference to Yaniv. And she said ‘men aren’t women, though’. Her argument is that we should keep women’s spaces and if trans people would like to have spaces, they can create trans spaces. Why does it always come down to the invasion of women’s spaces? Whether it’s a women’s prison, a women’s recovery home or women’s sports, why is it always women’s things?

spiked: Are social-media companies a threat to free speech?

Shepherd: They are a threat to free speech. I don’t think people should incessantly troll people or cause them grief. It’s interesting because in both the case of Wilfred Laurier University – where I was disciplined for showing a clip to my students of Jordan Peterson discussing gender pronouns – and in this case, I’ve been accused of being this ‘hateful’ person. I was literally banned from Twitter for ‘hateful conduct’. When there are actually hateful accounts, sending death threats and rape threats, sometimes those are not taken down. I’ve had to report some creepy messages myself. Yes, I got into a spar with Jessica Yaniv, but I don’t think he should be able to make rude comments about me without me being able to fight back. People say I should have ignored it, but what he said was so crude and disgusting that I needed to fight back or I would just be letting it happen.

I’ve been accused of being a hateful toxic person, who is breaking the law, causing trans people to feel threatened, and causing violence against trans people. If I saw a trans person getting threatened in public I would stick up for them. I am not a transphobe. But there is a big discussion in our society right now that revolves around trans people, while trans activists – and we should be clear it is just the activists – are shutting this down and are only letting us have one ‘acceptable’ viewpoint. None of this means that I want to cause any harm to trans people or have their rights taken away.

Lindsay Shepherd was talking to Fraser Myers.

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Marvin Jones

31st July 2019 at 2:43 pm

Can this thing not be attended by a six foot hairy Neanderthal with a razor in his hand, and claim that today they are only shaving. “OOOOPPPS!”

Sophia Vitkovitsky

28th July 2019 at 5:47 pm

I am very embarrassed to be Canadian these days, and the fact that Skeevy McPerveson is getting a hearing in front of one of our provincial Human Rights Tribunals as a victim of transphobia, is terrifying to me. My parents escaped Stalin’s horrors, just, but here I am in the New World, hearing echoes of the oppressive and deranged good old days nonetheless.

Penny Watson-Dollery

26th July 2019 at 6:07 pm

There are only two sexes. There’s nothing more to be said.

Marvin Jones

31st July 2019 at 2:38 pm

There are three. Man, woman and freaks of nature.

Cedar Grove

1st August 2020 at 6:00 pm

Feminists of both sexes, gay people, and trans-people, used to think they were all on the same side, united against patriarchal control.

It’s sad to see women who had to struggle so hard for the right to hold mortgages, be openly gay, access a variety of work, gain reproductive rights over their own bodies, etc. now vilified all over again for refusing to pander to people with male genitals.

ian holmes

25th July 2019 at 9:20 am

Sick perverted freaks have rights as well but not the right to force others to believe their bullshit and certainly not to touch their genitals.

Jakealope Darcy

23rd July 2019 at 7:32 pm

The mob of the Twitter degenerates that banned her are thes orts who scoffed at Jordan Peterson’s warning about that Canadian tran knee human rights law

John Mumaw

23rd July 2019 at 5:51 pm

Christian bakers express solidarity with Sikh aestheticians.

Willie Penwright

23rd July 2019 at 5:40 pm

Hopefully and real soon a waxer will say “Certainly. Come in, drop your pants and I’ll heat up some wax.”

Andy Gil

23rd July 2019 at 4:29 pm

Of course, Jessica Yanniv still has a Twitter account. Twitter’s standards are corrupt. Yanniv is clearly a nasty piece of work, and this story tells you everything you need to know about Twitter’s socially toxic values.


23rd July 2019 at 3:12 pm

This guy’s a nutjob, not a true trans. He’s a perv with a pubescent girl period predilection, and a bone to pick with immigrants.

I believe in trans rights. I believe in and support trans people. I know there is concern over their “invasion” of women’s spaces for this exact reason. If anything, this guy should go to show that perversion is usually glaringly obvious. Transexuals are people who just want to live in peace and feel comfortable in their own skin. This guy is obsessed with forcing discomfort on people. His rights should not supersede someone else’s.

Jonathan Marshall

23rd July 2019 at 2:24 pm

Why do people use Twitter? Just ditch it and be free!

Jim Lawrie

23rd July 2019 at 7:58 pm

Articles like this compel those who do not use twitter to go to it. Ditto facebook.

I think I’ll take your advice and not read articles based on either.

Amelia Cantor

23rd July 2019 at 12:18 pm

Hate-speech is not free speech. How difficult is that to understand? The speech that justifies and incites violence against the trans-community is no more acceptable than the violence itself. Jessica Yaniv is pushing the socio-sexual envelope in ways that will inevitably win her pushback from transphobes and other haters. That is why it is so important that Jessica be backed to the full in her legal endeavours by all caring and compassionate progressive people. She only wants her human rights. Human rights do not threaten anyone: they strengthen us all. But that’s precisely why transphobes and other haters want to deny human rights to Jessica.

gershwin gentile

23rd July 2019 at 1:11 pm

Oh per-lease, just wake up: Free speech is the right to say things that others might hate. Those others might hate what has been said because it has struck a chord.

Just because you hate what someone else has said doesn’t mean you are being oppressed or violated. FFS GROW UP.

You might not like peoples right to say things like “You know what, I think trans people are just pretending”, but guess what? YOU DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO STOP THEM. You have a right to disagree. If you don’t like that, try living in Iran, see how far that gets you.

Oh, also people have the right to say “A trans person wanting vulnerable children to email them privately, even tho’ the childrens charity they work for have nix’d that, is acting like a nonce”.

Jerry Owen

23rd July 2019 at 4:50 pm

AC is a troll , best not bother !

Bellis Ell

23rd July 2019 at 1:28 pm

Good luck in deciding what ‘hate speech’ is, and in your attempts to convince someone who accusses you for ‘inciting hatred’ (while you don’t) and wants to file a lawsuit against you.

Hana Jinks

23rd July 2019 at 1:54 pm

The globalists are currntly backing scumbag governments, the scumbag and corrupted judiciary and fake news.

Amelia Cantor

24th July 2019 at 10:35 am

The victims of hate decide what hate is: women, the LGBTQIA+ community, communities of colour, and all other vulnerable minorities, including the Jewish community. (Jeremy, please note!)

Andrew Mawdsley

23rd July 2019 at 2:48 pm

Jessica Yaniv has male chromosomes and a penis. In what way is he a woman? asking a beautician to wax your scrotum should be a bit of a give away, as to that person’s gender. Calling yourself something doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Also. What about the real women’s rights in this scenario? surely they have the right to go about there lawful business without coming under pressure from anyone, be they male or faux female.
Or is being woke more important than allowing real woman a safe place to practice their chosen profession in?

However. With all of the above aside. Are you still sure you’re not Andrew Doyle?


23rd July 2019 at 3:18 pm

Amelia, but these women *were* threatened. And in all likelihood, he chose them because he knew the would be. He could get his balls waxed at a million places. Why should his human rights be more important than other women’s? We’re not talking about a baker not baking a cake for a gay couple, here. We’re talking forced sexual contact without consent. Suppose your daughter was the waxer and wasn’t comfortable with this. Should she be forced by a court of law to touch him intimately against her will?

Winston Stanley

23rd July 2019 at 3:23 pm

Serious question, how do you decide what is a “human right” and who gets to decide that?

Andy Gil

23rd July 2019 at 4:35 pm

Your fake compassion is very impressive Amelia. Maybe you missed the bit about Yaniv’s disgusting comments to Lindsay. He clearly has problems. Oh dear did I accidentally misgender the little creep?

Neil McCaughan

23rd July 2019 at 4:45 pm

Mr Janiv has no “human right” to cause distress or nuisance to women, merely in order to gratify his quest for attention, and pecuniary compensation.

Also, you forgot to mention the patriarchy again, poppet. You’re not very good at this, are you?

alan smithee

23rd July 2019 at 8:44 pm

Human rights for a groomer?

Albert Richardson

24th July 2019 at 9:34 am

This post is a spoof, isn’t it?

Ed Turnbull

29th July 2019 at 1:36 pm

Absolutely Amelia, Jonathan…sorry, sorry *Jessica* Yaniv has the a legitimate expectation for his…aaargh! feck it!…sorry *her* (*zer*?) human rights to be respected. Particularly the right to have his…look, bear with me, I’ll get it right eventually, I’m trying to be properly intersectional, honest (I’m even consuming vast amounts of soy products in an attempt to reduce my testosterone to an intersectional non-masculine non-patriarchal level). Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah: Mzzz Yaniv has a perfect right to demand that zer non-manly ladyplums are fondled by unwilling immigrant wombyn.

After all, these wombyn undoubtedly have internalised toxic misogyny, and aren’t proper immigrants of colour. They believe in so many tropes of the western capitalist toxic patriarchy – family, tradition, morality, and so on – they’re obviously infected with colonialist whiteness. They must be forced to accede to the demands of beautiful wamynz like Mzzz Yaniv – who, after all, is just demanding the human rights due to zer – then we can finally move forward to the bright sunlit woke intersectional uplands.

Right, can’t hang around here all day, must get back to my lunch – the quinoa was ethically killed, and subsequently transported by sustainable container ship powered by renewable diesel (renewable in about 600 million years), so the food miles don’t actually count.

Chin chin

Hana Jinks

23rd July 2019 at 11:18 am

Ms Shepherd makes the point about not being able to fight back.

Wee jack dorsey is an ad-whore for satan. What that means to us is that he’d prefer to prevent any speech that might offend qantas, citi-bank or kraft, as opposed to allowing people like Ms Shepherd to be honest. This especially extends to when insults start flying.

These people are attempting to defend their perversions, find they can’t, resort to lame insult attempts, get eviscerated and then start crying. Deepstate is pushing diversity-communism as a way to get cheap labour and start a war. Business is full of virtue-signallers and perverts.

Winston Stanley

23rd July 2019 at 2:46 pm

Do you think that maybe Satan is having a giggle at God’s children again?

“This is my body.”

If it is good enough for Jesus then it is good enough for Yaniv?

Winston Stanley

23rd July 2019 at 2:59 pm

Jesus still has baws and he can be a piece of bread. People do not seem to mind that at communion time.

Likely Yaniv is Satan having a giggle in disguise. “Jessica” is trans for Jesus? The clue is there.

Hana Jinks

24th July 2019 at 6:06 am

Communion can seem ceremonial.

christopher barnard

23rd July 2019 at 9:38 am

The athletics authorities can apparently designate people as not female enough so why not the genital waxing industry too?

Melissa Jackson

23rd July 2019 at 12:27 pm

No! Now touch my balls you bigot!

Hana Jinks

23rd July 2019 at 1:56 pm

Chris is cool Melissa.

Kevin Carpenter

23rd July 2019 at 9:09 am

So a real woman is harmed because of a man, and twitter is protecting mental illness and the redefining of reality. This is anti-female and feminists should care about this. Something tells me they won’t though.

Melissa Jackson

23rd July 2019 at 12:22 pm

It’s even worse than that – Twitter has banned a women who after she was the subject of a misogynistic attack from a pedophilic man. And this is in the name of being progressive.

Neil McCaughan

23rd July 2019 at 8:57 am

The whole translunacy thing is an attack on women. On their rights, their dignity, and their identity.

Kevin Carpenter

23rd July 2019 at 9:10 am


cliff resnick

23rd July 2019 at 10:00 am

the whole translunacy thing is an attack on common decency!

Amelia Cantor

23rd July 2019 at 12:20 pm

Trumpism and Trump are an attack on women. Transgenderism is precisely the opposite.

Hana Jinks

23rd July 2019 at 2:01 pm

That’s not valid, and l warn everyone against attempting to troll Neil McCaughan.

He’s without doubt the worst troll that I’ve ever seen.

Neil McCaughan

23rd July 2019 at 5:10 pm

You don’t know any actual women, do you?

Jim Lawrie

23rd July 2019 at 5:25 pm

Hana Jinks the hallmark of a troll is – content free – .
This is not the case with Neil’s posts. Can you say the same of yours?
Could you at least try to articulate your dislike of what he says, and in so doing possibly elevate your posts to the level of disagreement.

Hana Jinks

24th July 2019 at 6:02 am

I was joking Jim. I think that Neil speaks a lot of sense.

Jerry Owen

23rd July 2019 at 8:40 am

Jonathon is a man who dresses in women’s clothes , in my youth he was known as a transvestite, the name still fits.
He has a sexual attraction to girls which makes him a pedophile, and he clearly has a desire to be touched by women who don’t wan to touch him, a kind of power trip.
Jonathon is transvestite pedophile that likes to control his powerless female victims.
There is no more to say about him really.

Hana Jinks

23rd July 2019 at 2:46 pm

I’m surprised at how commies are so thick, and yet continue to act as if there cover isn’t blown.

alan smithee

23rd July 2019 at 8:33 pm


Jakealope Darcy

23rd July 2019 at 8:05 am

Twitter is in the thralls of the same SJW degenerates as Facebool

alan smithee

23rd July 2019 at 7:51 am

Some glaring mistakes in this article. Yanev is not a transexual, he is a transvestite as he doesn’t have any female genitals. I’m surprised Lindsay Shepherd didn’t point this out. If you are banned from Twitter, just make another account. Yanev is the Buffalo Bill character, he thinks he’s a woman but he isn’t. Then there’s his attempt at grooming a minor which wasn’t mentioned here.

Melissa Jackson

23rd July 2019 at 12:26 pm

Unfortunately, by Canadia law Yaniv is a transsexual, because you simply need to identify as transsexual to be counted as such. By Canadian law, to call him a transvestite is technically illegal.

So it doesn’t matter that Yaniv is not trans in any meaningful sense of that word, or that he clearly has an unhealthy interest in little girls. The law decrees that he is trans, and that being concerned at his alarming comments about demonstrating to a young girl how to use a tampon is simply hateful on your part.

Canada folks.

alan smithee

23rd July 2019 at 8:33 pm

Yeah crazy.

Hana Jinks

23rd July 2019 at 5:48 am


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