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Daisy cutters, carpet bombing and the Western will to fight: more spiked readers give their views.


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After the attack on America: more spiked readers give their views.

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Each stage of the war in Afghanistan when new weapons have been deployed (such as B-52s, ‘bunker-busters’ or ‘daisy cutters’) has been accompanied by a spate of hysterical and ill-thought-out articles, of which Josie Appleton’s is one (Cutting more than daisies, 7 November). The use by the US military of a variety of weapons is not an indication of a lack of direction. It is an indication that the strategists understand the uncontroversial principle of trial and error. It would be a depressing sight were the USA to continue doing the same thing over and over even if it wasn’t working. Furthermore, ‘daisy cutters’ don’t simply affect targets above ground but also below ground, such as caves. Finally: if the USA ‘didn’t know’ where these caves were they would either bomb everything or bomb nothing. Two ‘daisy cutters’ have been used so far – did Appleton bother to wonder why only two, and why those specific points were targeted and not others? At the start of this campaign I was extremely sceptical about the prospects for military action, but since it has started my brain has been so lavishly carpet-bombed by specious arguments, expressions of hidden agendas and apocalyptic hysteria from the anti-war camp that I find myself agreeing with it, if not wholeheartedly, then at least seven-eighth’s heartedly. Steve Chapman, UK

I absolutely agree with your articles and letters commenting on the lack of conviction of the West in fighting the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. And in response, I propose the establishment of a new movement, the ‘Where are the Body Bags?’ campaign. This exciting new group will demand an appropriate level of US and UK deaths, such that UK-based journalists can then write insightful articles about the West’s rediscovered moral fibre. I am opening the bidding at 1000 dead American soldiers, and 250 Brits. However, I am quite willing to demand more…any views from the spiked editorial team on the level of casualties required before the West is deemed to have sufficient conviction? Chris Rodger, UK

Mick Hume should do a little more research before referring to the American bombing as ‘carpet bombing’ (A war that nobody wants to fight, 9 November). Carpet bombing is where bombs are dropped to devastate an area and often involves formations of aircraft dropping unguided bombs. The American B-52s were dropping bombs using GPS to position the aircraft along a line of trenches. The bombs themselves also carried GPS guidance which enabled them to drop on a precise location. Worst-case accuracy would be 30 metres. Bombing is now so accurate that carpet bombing is no longer a military necessity. Neither is it cost effective. However, if the term excites your readers, then by all means continue to mislead them. They may be disappointed to learn the truth. David Lonsdale, UK

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