29 August 2014

This misanthropic movie should buzz off

More Than Honey uses dodgy stories about the decline of bees to bash humankind.

31 July 2014

There is no ‘dash for gas’

Contrary to green-hued reports, the UK is not about to be turned into a giant shale-gas drilling pad.

2 July 2014

Plastic bags: harbingers of

There is zero evidence that plastic bags kill fish, birds or the planet.

23 June 2014

Don’t blame Russia for the anti-fracking panic

It isn’t Moscow's money that fuels fracking protests – it’s Europe’s own turn against development.

5 June 2014

Recycling: eco‑penance for wasteful humans

Recycling isn’t about saving the planet - it’s about inducing guilt.

28 May 2014

Global warming: the 97% fallacy

Are 97% of scientists really in agreement on climate change? Don’t bet on it.