24 April 2014

George Brandis and the new authoritarians

The response to that interview showed that when it comes to climate change, no dissent is allowed.

31 March 2014

IPCC: why the end is always nigh

The fifth assessment report is a product of politics, not science.

25 March 2014

Using NASA to scare the masses into action

An apocalyptic report touted by doom-monger Nafeez Ahmed says more about its promoters than it does about civilisation's future.

7 March 2014

eco-foodies starved of good ideas

Philip Lymbery's arguments against industrialised food are hard to swallow.

26 February 2014

The collapse of Jared Diamond

New research reveals what really happened on Easter Island.

18 February 2014

The eco-hysteria of blaming mankind for the floods

Blaming storms on human industry is as backward as blaming them on gays.

12 February 2014

Who's to blame for the floods? Maybe no one is

There's something backward about the hunt for the one thing or person who might be blamed for England's flooding.