Ageing and pensions

Ageing and pensions

13 April 2017

We need to do right by old people

The crisis in adult social care is punishing those to whom we owe so much.

22 November 2012

In defence of the Liverpool Care Pathway

The panic spread by hacks and politicians about end-of-life care in UK hospitals needs to be tackled head-on.

What’s really behind the crisis in caring?

Last night’s BBC Panorama showed how grim some care homes are. But more bureaucratic monitoring is not the solution.

10 September 2007

Look on the bright side of 'later life'

Ignore reports that depict millions of elderly people as the victims of abuse or mental illness. Getting older is better than it's ever been.

16 July 2007

How China respects
its elders

With 144million over-60s, China is having to devise new ways to care for its elderly. Chris Dalby reports from a retirement home near Beijing.

5 March 2007

A demented approach to the ageing population

Scary headlines about a 'dementia timebomb' expose today's miserabilist view of the human success story that is longer life.

There’s more to life than avoiding death

Philip Roth’s new novel Everyman explores what happens when we obsess too much about life’s final ‘reality check’.

8 December 2005

Ageing and the ‘pensions crisis’

Never mind the Pensions Commission: we can afford the future without saving our pennies and keeping pensioners in poverty.

29 July 2005

Don’t raise the state pension age - scrap it

People should be able to choose when and how they retire.

18 January 2005

What’s wrong with the World’s Oldest Mum?

It might be selfish and unnatural - but a woman in her 60s should have the choice to have a child.