‘The left is turning into a Woke Taliban’

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Brendan O’Neill and Julia Hartley-Brewer discuss the BLM protests, the tearing down of Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol, and the hysteria of the PC middle classes.

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Jack Sprat

19th June 2020 at 12:10 am

If radical female transgenders demand the right to be officially recognized as self identify men without gender check up. and if they have a child be recorded as father , why can’t I self identify as black and officially take advantage of diversity initiate preferences ? Joking, I really want to be frog.

Brandy Cluster

10th June 2020 at 12:55 am

Irrespective of whether he criticizes Left or Right, I’m so very grateful we have a brave soul like Brendan O’Neill and others here on “Spiked”. His Woke Taliban comment is absolutely inspired.

Please take care of your safety, Brendan, because this is the new world order. Dissent and you are in grave danger. The Left would love it in North Korea. This would be right up their alley.

Christopher Tyson

9th June 2020 at 10:54 am

Biden let the cat out of the bag with his ‘you ain’t black’ comment, no doubt a tribute/imitation/parody to black people he has known. It’s difficult to see white liberal left journalist as hypocrites; hypocrisy implies some kind of self awareness, they have a deafness and blindness to what is going on around them, and a staggering ability to ignore or disregard or genuinely not register views and people who do not fit in with their view of the world.
If we consider someone like the footballer Raheem Sterling, he is heralded as a great and courageous campaigner against racism. Why? He is young and successful, he is rich, he is a celebrity he will not challenge the liberal left world view in anyway and he will accept his ‘heroic’ status within that world view, he will be flattered by the attention of these important intellectuals and media figure, they in turn will receive reflected glamour.
There is no black media in the UK, there is one publication called The Voice, I have formerly called the Voice, ‘the disembodied voice’, or ‘the product of MI5 publications’. The Voice too, is celebrity driven, sport stars like Sterling and Lewis Hamilton are treated as oracles and blacks figures who are celebrated and revered by the white liberal media are the same figures celebrated by the Voice, Beyoncé, Stormzy, the Obamas, Gina Miller and others, the rich and famous.
More importantly the voice is taken at its own estimation by the political establishment. The PM has produced a little video for them this week, a couple of years ago the PM Theresa May wrote them a Happy New Years message pretty much every major party leader member in the UK has, over many years, paid tribute to the voice. The (definite article) Voice, is accepted as such by the political establishment, it becomes that (the Voice of the black community), the white establishment creates the black activists by recognising them, their status is confirmed.
White liberals presume a lack of black agency, responsibility, or even moral accountability. Possible this is a reaction against victim blaming. They want the answer they want, ‘there are no black people here because we are racist’. If they answer ‘there were no suitable candidates’ this is also confirmation of racism. If they say ‘no black people applied’ this confirms that you are a racist and a liar too. That kind of reasoning has dangers for black people, it means that black people may be over-promoted, it means that black people of dubious character (chancers and bullshiters) can manipulate themselves into positions, it could result in able people being frozen out (we have our quota now). Liberals aim to challenge stereotypes they run campaigns showing black CEOs or female heart surgeons, ‘this is what a CEO looks like’, but they have there own stereotypes ‘this is what a black radical looks like’ young and glamourous, Raheem Sterling or Lewis Hamilton or George the Poet, and they mistake a staged and, to be fair, well executed bringing down of a statue, (with a nod and a wink and a blind eye from the authorities) as a symbol of spontaneous rebellion, ‘and isn’t it ironic how he ended up in the water’, like the protesters didn’t think of that, like they spontaneously dropped it in the river.

Mike Coops

9th June 2020 at 9:03 am

Spot on Brendan..

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