Some left-wingers have become Hamas’s useful idiots

Western activists are perpetuating the slogans and narratives of this extremist group.

Liam Thompson

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The issue of left-wing anti-Semitism has come to the fore in this General Election. Some of us have been keeping tabs on the near daily examples of it for some time. But for those less aware of what has been going on, a recent example of anti-Jewish hate illustrates what it is we are up against.

A few weeks ago, Eyal Dror, a former lieutenant colonel in the Israel Defence Forces, toured UK universities to talk about his leadership of ‘Operation Good Neighbour’. This was a humanitarian mission which, under Dror’s command, transferred wounded Syrian civilians out of the conflict zone and into Israel for medical attention.

At universities including King’s College and Warwick, Dror was met with less than a hero’s welcome. Instead, he was greeted by jeering mobs. Others were caught in the crossfire. Prominent Jewish journalist David Collier says he was attacked when he tried to film the protests at King’s College, and his equipment was damaged.

Collier’s footage from that night shows students chanting ‘from the river to the sea’, a slogan adopted by Hamas and heard on Al Quds protests around the world. Wittingly or unwittingly, these students were perpetuating the slogans and narratives of a vile group.

Before we continue, let’s remember, for a minute, that Hamas’ foundational charter has been compared to a modern-day Mein Kampf. It accuses ‘the Jews’ of orchestrating historical events ranging from the French Revolution to the emergence of the USSR.

For the left, however, trifling details such as these are less important than signalling solidarity with the oppressed. This is because the conflict in Palestine has become a proxy for the culture wars, a screen on to which leftists project intersectional fantasies about oppressed and oppressor. That their imagined version of the conflict bears little resemblance to the complex reality is irrelevant to the quinoa-eating revolutionaries of Britain’s universities.

So it is that they blindly berate a man like Eyal Dror.

Israel, in this fantasy, is associated with all the ‘woke’ brigade’s favourite bogeymen. Israel is the privileged white man, the empire, the fascist state. The Palestinians, on the other hand, are the victims. They occupy the same space in woke metaphysics as people of colour, homosexuals, disabled people and other perceived victims.

The problem for eager Western activists is that they have become the useful idiots for fascists – for that is what groups like Hamas are. Hamas has achieved the rather impressive feat of convincing many people that they’re the good guys by means of a sophisticated propaganda operation.

Take the tragic story of Laila al-Ghandour, a baby in Gaza who died of blood disease. A Hamas official saw an opportunity in this tragedy and paid Laila’s family to claim she had been killed by tear gas at a border protest. Al Jazeera reported Laila’s death under the headline ‘Laila Anwar al-Ghandour becomes the face of Gaza carnage’.

Many in the West fall for such disinformation because of the preloaded version of the conflict they have internalised. This confirmation bias ensures that the Hamas version of events is all too often bought into, no questions asked. The projection of the culture war on to the conflict in Palestine is leading to the Hamasification of the left, fuelling a resurgent anti-Semitism.

One of the principal effects of this has been to associate – in the minds of the left – the concept of Zionism with the evils of massacre, empire and occupation. That Zionism is merely the desire for a Jewish homeland is irrelevant. So too is the question of where Jewish people who have been hounded out of every other country in the Middle East should go. Instead, the left chants ‘from the river to the sea’, amplifying groups like Hamas’s desire to rid Jerusalem, the Middle East, and preferably the world, of Jewish people.

This Hamasification also perpetuates the misery of the Palestinian people. Hamas and their ilk have no interest in ending the conflict and have rejected all attempts to find a two-state solution. This is because they don’t recognise the right of Israel to exist, so a two-state solution simply isn’t an option.

There are moderates in Palestine who would seek compromise and who protest the brutal regime of Hamas. In return, Hamas leaders label such people collaborators and dole out medieval punishments. By legitimising Hamas, over-indulged Western leftists are aiding Hamas in this dirty work. By chanting Hamas slogans they are actively sustaining the conflict and the misery of the Palestinians they claim to speak for.

But why let these inconveniences get in the way of wearing a cool Palestinian scarf and signalling how woke you are?

Liam Thompson is a writer.

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brian taylor

5th December 2019 at 1:46 pm

A very one sided article. There must be millions who do not support Hamas because the know very little about them but who are horrified that people were turfed out of the homes that belonged to them to make way for other people and that after this intially happened as the Jews were given a homeland, more and more land has been stolen and more and more people seen their homes bulldozed and others building on the land. How angry would you feel if this happened to you?

steven brook

5th December 2019 at 11:07 am

“signalling solidarity with the oppressed.. a screen on to which leftists project intersectional fantasies about oppressed and oppressor. That their imagined version of the conflict bears little resemblance to the complex reality is irrelevant to the quinoa-eating revolutionaries of Britain’s universities.”
Patronising knee-jerk underdogism has been a characteristic of our bleedingheart liberal classes for generations. It’s all about them, consequences and the dirty details on the ground doesn’t matter one iota. They mean well.


5th December 2019 at 10:07 am

Never forget that it was university students who led the book burning campaigns in Nazi Germany.

Jim Lawrie

5th December 2019 at 12:51 pm

A great excuse for not having read them.

Many years ago when I was living in Athens and skint, I was criticised for using the library facilities provided by the American Embassy. Ditto for listening to American forces radio. I was in fact quite impressed by the impeccable manners and courtesy of the US Marines on guard. So much so that on my second visit I spruced myself up a bit.

Jim Lawrie

5th December 2019 at 9:46 am

This is a good and factually fleshed account of the situation with Hamas.

A few of the problems when speaking to many under 40’s are;

1.) Their factual ignorance of the historical and present situation.
2.) Their weariness with the Holocaust as a news item as in “Why do we hear of the Holocaust all the time and see it everywhere, but not Palestine”.
3.) Their acceptance of Hamas’ position as a reaction to “Israeli brutality”, and from there according Israel the tags of Nazism, bigotry, white supremacy, racism and anything else they can throw in.

This last point allows them to dismiss the actions of Eyal Dror and others, which have been going on for decades, as propaganda stunts.

I fully support the right of Israel to exist as an ethno-Religious entity with full nation status.

Cool Palestinian scarves have been de rigueur for student lefties for 60yrs now. I was given one myself as a student but never wore it because the ostentatiousness of it did not sit well with me. Those who urged me to do so were appalled when they saw me with a Celtic scarf. Now they all wear one, ‘n dig oot thir auld Palestinian yins when we play an Israeli team – that is how they now speak as Scottish vernacular is in vogue.
Some of theses glaikit gits raised objections to the signing of Beram Kayal until they realised he was a Muslim Arab. One of them blamed me for not correcting them when I could have done so. Their mistake was that they assumed that only Jews play for Israel. That is how they would wish it, and Hamas would enforce it.
They also objected to a board member at Celtic because he is Jewish. They would prefer that Jews do not support Celtic so they can be comfortable in their little bubble.
Sorry for digressing.

Jerry Owen

5th December 2019 at 8:44 am

For the left there are only the oppressed and oppressors. Everything is black and white. To acknowledge the nuances and complexities of civilization renders their core believes of a ‘one world nation’ ( excluding bosses presumably.. oh no they would be the bosses ! ) void.
Another example of the lefts black and white philosophy was the IRA, we had the same thing with them, in my student days the IRA were NEVER condemned outright for their bombings of innocents it was always excused or glossed over. I know I was involved in the ‘troops out’ campaign, it was always cool to be supporting anyone.. anyone that was against ‘the state’ which in reality is an elected government.
For the left life is cheap .. Hobsbawm famously stated that millions of deaths would be a price worth paying for communism to succeed.
We should never forget that.. these genocidal elements are alive and kicking in the modern labour party.
Vote BXP.

Jonathan Smith

5th December 2019 at 3:25 pm

Indeed. Nuance and complexity are interpreted as a lack of commitment to the cause by righteous minds.

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