The Remoaner ex-chancellor is still sabotaging Brexit

Philip Hammond was undermining Brexit behind the scenes long before his latest outburst.


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Ex-chancellor Philip Hammond is trying to sabotage Brexit – again.

In today’s Telegraph, he sets out his new ideas for keeping Britain in the EU in all but name: remaining in the Customs Union and aligned to Single Market and other EU rules in defiance of the referendum result.

Second-referendum campaigners have quickly seized on Hammond’s dismissal of Britain’s trade prospects post-Brexit:

None of this is surprising. Since leaving office, Hammond has been in open revolt against the Leave vote. But even as chancellor, in Theresa May’s supposedly pro-Brexit government, he was sabotaging Brexit behind closed doors.

Delivering Brexit was supposed to be the Conservatives’ defining mission. Every Tory MP, including Hammond, stood on a manifesto pledge in 2017 to leave the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union – and to leave the EU without a deal if an adequate agreement could not be reached.

Yet in government, Hammond never took his promises to the electorate very seriously. He consistently undermined Brexit. He was known to favour Customs Union membership as an end goal of the Brexit negotiations. This was made abundantly clear by the government’s refusal to upgrade its customs facilities – a necessary step towards leaving the Customs Union.

Hammond also sabotaged efforts to plan for a No Deal Brexit. After the contents of May’s disastrous Withdrawal Agreement became apparent, No Deal became the only viable path to a clean break with the EU. A cabinet member has described Hammond’s Treasury as ‘the place where No Deal planning went to die’. Hammond himself has told BBC Panorama that, during his tenure, he did not want companies to prepare for No Deal. Meanwhile, he pushed the government to prepare for a second referendum.

The only difference between now and then is that Hammond no longer feels the need to hide his contempt for the largest democratic vote in British history.

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Marvin Jones

13th October 2019 at 3:25 pm

The wailing, screeching and howling from the liberal, lefty, cowardly remainers about having another referendum instead of a GE, is conspiracy and trickery to save their necks from being sacked by their constituents who think and believe all that is opposite to their narcissistic assumptions regarding Brexit. We, the downtrodden ignorant, stupid uneducated, who should never have been given the chance to make our feelings known, will soon have the power to rid ourselves of their tyranny.

A Game

12th October 2019 at 7:56 am

Like sands through the hourglass, so too, is Hammond’s growing irrelevancy.

This is the guy who was a fan of bringing back capital punishment. What else was he a fan of over the years? With his mate, Clarkey with big tobacco? Whooped it up with the Non-Major with questions for cash?
Not gonna be an MP anymore, eat it, mate… Gonna have to go shill for Big Business somewhere… or retire… into oblivion.

Jane 70

10th October 2019 at 12:47 pm

Having just finished reading Rod Liddle’s The Great Betrayal, I can see how determined Hammond’s opposition to Brexit was,from the very start.

The Tories are hopelessly divided, with messrs Hammond, Clarke and others beavering away, smoothing the way for yet more Remainer legal and constitutional shenanigans.

As Liddle says, thousand of us have been effectively disenfranchised, and trust in parliament and politicians has evaporated.Disgraceful.

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