Millennial men need to man up

The attack on traditional notions of masculinity is creating a generation of insecure incompetents.

Mica Soellner

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Modern feminism spends a lot of time attacking toxic masculinity. And this attack, which often turns into an attack on traditional gender roles, is having serious consequences. It is leading to the churning out of insecure, non-competitive men, who can’t seem to manage basic life skills. It also means that trying to find an interesting person to connect with, let alone a life partner, is becoming more and more of a challenge with Generation Woke.

Accusing someone of toxic masculinity has become a way to denigrate any man who doesn’t comply with the modern demands of feminism. It’s a term that can be used almost indiscriminately. It can be used to put down men who have, say, a pro-life stance on abortion, or have simply been promoted in the workplace above a female counterpart.

Unsurprisingly, the accusation of toxic masculinity has been levelled at a whole host of conservative male figures, such as Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and, of course, Donald Trump. But it’s not just conservatives on the receiving end of feminists’ wrath. Actress Meryl Streep was attacked for suggesting the idea of ‘toxic masculinity’ can hurt young boys. We’ve even seen it being used by businesses to sell male products, with razor company Gillette urging men to be better.

What’s odd about the obsession with toxic masculinity is that very few men today actually showcase any of its characteristics. As Forbes reported in 2017, millennial men are redefining masculinity, with fewer than a third of 18- to 29-year-old men claiming to feel ‘completely masculine’. The alpha male is a rarely spotted animal in 2019.

But whether millennial men feel at ease with their masculinity is less important than whether we are accelerating into a society which demonises the very characteristics we are born with. Western culture has shifted from welcoming home brave 20-year-old men who have risked their lives in war to celebrating guys who have decided to wear pink hats on a Women’s March. The cultural attack on masculinity is widespread, too, having made its way into education, the workplace and even romantic relationships.

Trying to date in a culture that denigrates so many traditional masculine acts, from holding a door open for a woman to paying on the first date, is becoming increasingly challenging. It’s even creating an environment where men are reluctant to talk about things for fear of being accused of mansplaining. Instead, men increasingly seem to be happy riding in the backseat. I, along with many of my female peers, have had my fair share of first/last dates where guys seem to be content with still having their parents pay their bills well into their 20s. Many can’t seem to manage basic tasks of ‘adulting’, like cooking a simple meal or doing their own laundry.

I can’t speak for all women, but I would think most are hoping to be someone’s partner, not his mother. I want someone to challenge my ideas and thoughts, not constantly agree with them out of fear of offending me. I want a man to be able to support my career as I could his, while also playing an equal part in our home life. If I fail at something, I want someone to be honest about my shortcomings instead of preaching about the systemic barriers I may face as a woman, just to show how woke he is.

There is a way to challenge behaviour that perpetuates sexism. But this self-apologising culture we are creating is not that way. And it is having serious consequences. If we keep this up, we’ll be cultivating a generation of painfully insecure men who revel in their incompetence. For the sake of the future, I’m urging millennial men to ignore the false messages, grow up and man up.

Mica Soellner is a journalist based in the Midwest of the US.

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Nester n/a

11th February 2020 at 12:56 am

The globalist elites want males and females divided

This all by design

I would love to have a family

But, the system is too risky to be involved in.
I couldn’t stomach being separated from own children, and financially tortured by the court system.

It’s sad alot of men want families, and a loving wife.

But, that’s dead now.
The family unit has been under attack for decades. How many tv shows do you remember from the 90’s with solid family units?

There were a handful, but now any glimpse of a family structure on TV, or movies are split up.
Or the husband is an idiot/abusive tyrant etc.
And now there are gay couples raising kids, and all this alternate family structure nonsense.

This is social programming.
Men are not promoted by our culture to lead their own families anymore. The wife is now the leader of the house hold..

what guy would want any part in that ???

That Mica Soelner is why dudes are checking out
Lotta dudes are marrying women overseas.
? ?‍♂️

John Henderson

24th March 2020 at 2:27 pm

With so many very pathetic loser women nowadays that are so very high maintenance along with their very high standards, MGTOW is the way to go now for many of us smart single men.

Nester n/a

11th February 2020 at 12:35 am

The women are lost
They hate masculinity, but want a mature man.
Part of a mature man is his masculinity.

Also, you women only acknowledge the men who are a big accomplishment in some aspect.
Be it looks,social status, income, health, financial wealth.

You don’t care about the men who are fighting their way to financial stabiliy, better physique, polished social skills. You can’t even see them.
You can only see the top notch guys.

You ladies want the best of the best, as you bring your giant laundry list of what you want your guy to be.

Big kicker in this whole dilemma is that you’re not willing to look at yourselves and admit that you aren’t accomplished in certain areas of your life either.

Men and women used to work together in relationships.

Now women want the man to be completely accomplished, and ready to provide for her, and be this big super hero.

Then whe she gets bored, she can divorce her superhero husband and take 1/2 of everything he ever worked for. He can watch his life get robbed by a self-centered bratty, woman child.

No thanks, girls.

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