Turning Brexit into a crime

Remainers are using the law to subvert the will of the people.

Brendan O'Neill

Brendan O'Neill

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This week, the Remainer elite’s war on democracy reached fever pitch. There is now a distinct whiff of autocracy in their campaign to overthrow Brexit. Their aim seems to be to criminalise Brexit, to make it an actual offence to walk away from the European Union.

Remoaner politicians constantly complain about the rhetoric of Brexiteers. But this week their own rhetoric became genuinely alarming. They now speak openly about imprisoning those who try to bring about a clean-break Brexit (‘No Deal’). They compare politicians who refuse to extend Britain’s membership of the EU to common criminals.

So John Bercow, the puffed-up Speaker who abused his position in parliament to try to subvert the people’s will, says Boris Johnson will be no better than a ‘bank robber’ if he refuses to delay Brexit and take No Deal off the table.

Because the Benn Bill voted through by MPs last week outlaws No Deal and demands an extension to our membership of the EU, anyone who defies it is just a no-good criminal, Bercow says.

Meanwhile, anti-democratic lawyers are taking legal action in Scotland to ‘compel Boris Johnson to seek an extension to Article 50’. One of these lawyers – Jolyon Maugham – has said of Boris: ‘he’ll either see the extension or he’ll go to prison.’ That is, keep us in the EU or you will go to jail.

These people have lost it. It is a striking insight into their tyrannical mindsets that they can so casually speak of criminalising and jailing anyone who wants a clean-break Brexit and wants it now.

They are using the law to make it a crime to pursue the thing that millions of people voted for: leaving the EU. This genuinely feels like a coup, where a tiny but powerful elite uses its power and its connections to make it a crime for politicians to be faithful to the people’s will. They are tearing apart the democratic fabric of this nation.

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Trouble McTrouble

23rd September 2019 at 3:46 pm

There’s the old story of the science experiment of a live frog dropped into boiling water, immediately tried to escape. But a frog put into a pan of cold water and the temperature slowly raised until it was boiling, stayed put and boiled to death.

The same can be said for the UK now. We went into the Common Market and little by little and bit by bit, through the Maastricht Treaty and then the Lisbon Treaty, more and more we’ve been forced to go along with the EU against OUR country’s own best interests. However, because it’s been so slow and almost unnoticeable most don’t see the way our country has been almost completely destroyed.

However, if we’d been free all these years and only now were being shown the EU – most would see the rotting edifice for what it really is. A towering despotic monument to tyrannical narcissism and corruption…..given a vote to go in, like we were given with the Common Market, most would vote no. We would’ve been outraged at such a suggestion. But, because the water we’re sat in was brought to boil so slowly, many have got used to the degradation of our country, the almost base need to be seen to be openly hostile and hyper critical of our people – to hate the UK by its own people, is now considered not only normal, but almost required.

michael harris

16th September 2019 at 10:43 pm

Many years ago i researched, for a prize essay, the revolutions (failed) of 1848. I concentrated on the assembly of ‘liberals’ in Germany. Fine speeches extolling the glorious future of the German people when freed from the out of date little statelets where they were confined. And it struck me that these sentiments would be catnip a century later in Nuremberg.

Out of date little statelets, glorious future of our ‘European’ home. Fools waving the EU flag may be in for a shock. Political projects that rely on the accumulation of power don’t kick the habit. An integrated EU – not inevitable – offers nothing higher, nothing new. More likely WAR!

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