In defence of flag-burning

Stop being a snowflake, Candace Owens.


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Donald Trump thinks it should be illegal for Americans to burn the flag. At the weekend he tweeted favourably about a Republican senator who wants an actual constitutional amendment banning flag-burning:

This follows on from Trump’s mad proposal in 2016 to jail people for a year, or strip them of their citizenship, if they burn the flag:

Turning Point’s Candace Owens agrees. She says anyone who burns the flag should have their citizenship removed. You would have ‘one year to liquidate your assets and get the hell out of our country’:

This is extreme authoritarianism. Anyone who thought Turning Point was a pro-freedom organisation, and that Trump is against political correctness, must be feeling pretty stupid right now. Because there is nothing more illiberal and stringently intolerant of ‘incorrect’ thinking than punishing people for making a statement by burning the flag.

Once again we see right-wing snowflakery in all its tragic glory. It has become so clear in recent months that the anti-‘snowflake’ right is in fact as touchy, sensitive and censorious as any of those lefty ‘snowflakes’ they love to hate.

Only where so-called SJWs rage against offensive speakers on campus or statues of long-dead men who had different moral values to their own, the new right censors fume and weep over flag-burning.

Candace Owens loves sharing videos of intolerant campus activists screaming at her to shut up and stop being so offensive. Yet her intolerance of flag-burning is exactly the same kind of behaviour.

In fact, it’s worse, since she wants to use the full force of the law to crush those who offend her fragile sensibilities.

When will people learn that freedom of speech is all or nothing? That you support it for everyone or you don’t support it at all? Both the left and the right currently pose a serious threat to this most important of liberties.

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Paul Handley

29th June 2019 at 9:09 am

I’d certainly defend someone’s right to burn a flag if they saw fit, but in the interest of true freedom there’s also my right to take deep offence at someone trampling underfoot the very symbol of all I hold dear – after all if flags meant nothing what would be the point of burning them? I don’t think Candace Owens is a snowflake by any means but she is sailing dangerously close to hypocrisy in seeking to use the law to banish ideas she disdains – which is a real shame because I like her very much.

Chris Hilton

21st June 2019 at 8:58 pm

National flags are mere decoration. That so many people are in love with them is very sad, like loving the Queen (who’s ok. It’s not her fault we have monarchy) – in love with a few strips of colour. Grow a brain.

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