Status: citizens of nowhere?

Status is the new one-man show from writer/performer Chris Thorpe. He has reunited with director Rachel Chavkin, who he previously collaborated with on the superb Confirmation, which played at the Fringe in 2014. While that show investigated white supremacists and confirmation bias, Status is a globe-trotting exploration of nationality. This thoughtful show questions whether the urge to escape national identity is as positive as some make out.

It all starts with Theresa May’s infamous quote, ‘if you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere’, which is blazed behind Thorpe as he welcomes in the audience. Unusual circumstances lead Thorpe to get two passports, and we follow him on a journey of self-discovery that goes from Monument Valley to Singapore.

Thorpe is a charismatic and intense performer, mixing his storytelling with punkish songs, which he sings and plays on guitar. His writing is brilliant yet unpretentious, as he takes the audience through incredibly dark material with dashes of humour and northern charm.

Status is another courageous show from a highly underrated performer.


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