Mark Watson gets personal

Mark Watson has sold out at the Fringe the last four years, and his new hour, The Infinite Show, is set to follow suit. Best known for his guest appearances on various panel shows, the self-described ‘vaguely recognisable’ comedian mixes his usual anxiousness with a newfound empathy here.

Prior to each performance, the audience is encouraged to write on a card something about themselves that people don’t emphasise with. Watson then spontaneously reacts to cards picked at random as he seamlessly weaves in his own prepared material, a mix of self-deprecating humour and reflections on his recent divorce and his relationship with his kids.

The Infinite Show continues Watson’s remarkable run of hit shows at the Fringe with acerbic wit and a lot of heart.


Christian Butler is a spiked columnist. Follow him on Twitter: @CPAButler

Mark Watson: The Infinite Show is at the Pleasance Courtyard until 27 August.

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