The art of defending
press freedom

In this video, Mick Hume takes us on a trip through the ‘After Leveson’ exhibition in London that he helped to curate.

In this exclusive video from the ‘After Leveson’ exhibition, spiked‘s editor-at-large, Mick Hume, talks about the importance and meaning of a free press, and explains why, even before the creation of a new post-Leveson regulator, the British press is neither free nor open enough.

The After Leveson exhibition is being shown the Ellwood Atfield Gallery, 34 Smith Square, Westminster, London SW1P 3HL until 21 June. For further details, click here.

Mick Hume is spiked’s editor-at-large. His book There is No Such Thing as a Free Press… And We Need One More Than Ever is published by Societas and is now available in print and Kindle editions. (Order this book from Amazon(UK).) Visit his website here.

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