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Nick Cater 17 December 2014

The Sydney siege: an act of evil

Nick Cater takes Brendan O’Neill to task over the Lindt café terrorism.

David Bowden 17 December 2014

Serial: the limits to reasonable doubt

This chilling true-crime podcast series makes a timely stand for the presumption of innocence.

Hands off the human footprint!

We should expand our eco-footprint: read spiked’s climate manifesto.

We need to open the academic mind

Getting rid of the the Research Excellence Framework would be a good start.

Neil Davenport 17 December 2014

Cereal Killer controversy: in defence of hipsters

It’s official: hating hipsters is now more annoying than hipsters.

Frank Furedi 16 December 2014

The myth of a slavery epidemic

Officialdom’s war on ‘modern slavery’ is built on pure fear and fantasy.

After the Sydney siege, the clash of the fearmongers

Some peddle fear of Islamofascism, others promote panic about Islamophobia.

The war on rape: the logic of the lynch mob returns

Five ways in which today’s feminist war on rape echoes the KKK’s war on rape.

Sean Collins 15 December 2014

UVA scandal: fight for the right to fraternise

Frats are taking the rap for the non-crime of rape culture.

Farage and Brand: cut from the same cynical cloth

Their big spat on QT actually showed how much they have in common.

Tiffany Jenkins 12 December 2014

The British Museum has lost its marbles

Why loaning the Elgin Marbles to Russia is a mistake.

Tim Black 12 December 2014

Meet the state‑loving libertarian

Shami Chakrabarti’s On Liberty is a libel on John Stuart Mill.

Shingi Mararike 12 December 2014

Abusing the manager – a fan’s right

Those frothing over fans’ treatment of Arsene Wenger need to get a grip.

Tim Black 11 December 2014

Hong Kong: how the Occupy brand is killing politics

The Occupy model has been a complete disaster for repressed peoples.

Brendan O’Neill 11 December 2014

After Ferguson: who’s really racialising America?

Progressives are now the most fervent promoters of racialised thinking.

Dave Clements 11 December 2014

Turning food banks into a moral weapon

The government’s food-bank strategy will increase state intervention in poor people’s lives.

Tom Slater 10 December 2014

The war on banter is killing comedy

Comedians’ crusade against Dapper Laughs is coming back to haunt them.

Stuart Derbyshire 10 December 2014

Ignore the ‘plague’ panic – mankind is beating AIDS

We have pretty much tamed the AIDS virus. So why won’t we celebrate?

James Woudhuysen 10 December 2014

Drones: time to reach for the skies

Unmanned aircraft systems could radically enhance people’s lives.

Tim Black 9 December 2014

Lady Jenkin: the unacceptable face of prole-bashing

It isn’t only Tory peers who sneer at the diets of the poor.

Luke Gittos 9 December 2014

We should cross-examine this watering down of justice

Protecting witnesses from tough questioning deals a body blow to justice.

#Gamergate: we must fight for the right to fantasise

The war on violent videogames is a war on the freedom of thought itself.

Sean Collins 8 December 2014

Rolling Stone and the myth of a rape epidemic

Rolling Stone’s rape hoax speaks to a new hysteria on US campuses.

Duleep Allirajah 5 December 2014

Phillip Hughes: mourning sickness Down Under

Why the global grieving leaves me cold.

Joanna Williams 5 December 2014

The boycott-Israel brigade undermines the university

BDS-supporting academics make a mockery of academic freedom.

James Woudhuysen 5 December 2014

The robots are not taking over

Stephen Hawking may be scared, but AI promises to help, not hinder us.

Turning all adults into panto villains

Lionel Blair’s retirement from panto is a sad sign of the times.

Ella Whelan 4 December 2014

Don’t blame LaBeouf for demeaning rape

It was feminists who blurred the lines between rape and sex.

Jon Holbrook 3 December 2014

It shouldn’t be a crime to be a bad parent

The Cinderella Law will make everyday family life a criminal matter.

Ecopop lost, but its miserabilism lives on

Switzerland rejected green immigration proposals - now it needs to reject green principles.

Tom Slater 2 December 2014

It was a shopping spree, not a zombie apocalypse

The snobs freaking out about Black Friday need to calm down.

Andrew Mitchell: the wrong sort of snob

Plebgate revealed the shallowness of anti-Tory posing.

Patrick West 2 December 2014

Litter fines: what a load of rubbish

It is primitivism to make a spectacle of litterers.

Frank Furedi 1 December 2014

The question no one can answer: What does it mean to be British?

How can we teach British values to kids if we don’t know what British values are?

Neil Ross 1 December 2014

Elonis v US: freedom and the Facebook generation

The US Supreme Court must not erode free speech online.

spiked podcast 1 December 2014

Paul Morley: ‘Pop music needs a cull’

The music critic talks to spiked about the hyper nostalgia that is killing pop.

Sean Collins 28 November 2014

After Ferguson: no, the US is not ‘congenitally racist’

The shooting was terrible. But so is the fatalism of much of the response.

Duleep Allirajah 28 November 2014

If Dave Whelan’s a racist, then I’m a Chinaman

The Wigan chairman’s only crime was to belong to a less PC generation.

Theory and thuggery in the slums of Bombay

David Hare’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers: a portrait of poverty that lacks perspective.