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Mourinho: is he the Messiah, or a very naughty boy?

Or, quite possibly, both? A sanguine Manchester United fan writes.

Tim Black 23 May 2016

Austria: the collapse of the elites

The presidential election captures the ebb of Europe’s political mainstream.

Fear and censorship in Germany

The prosecution of the Pegida leader reflects the elite’s contempt for the people.

The Queen’s speech: all talk and no tech

Promises of driverless cars and space travel ring empty without funding for research.

‘We’re giving up free speech without a fight’

Mick Hume discusses the ‘hand grenade’ edition of his book, Trigger Warning.

James Shapiro 20 May 2016

Shakespeare at work

What history can and can’t tell us about Shakespeare’s continued resonance.

Luke Gittos 20 May 2016

Growing out of Radiohead

It's time Jonny Greenwood was set free from this miserabilist outfit.

The tyranny of the trans movement

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

The SATs bashers are patronising the poor

State-school kids are being denied the knowledge-rich education they deserve.

On abortion, We Trust Women

Abortion is still a crime in the UK – it’s time to change that.

Embracing our radical ignorance

Philosopher Bryan Magee embraces the unanswerability of those ultimate questions.

Frank Furedi 18 May 2016

Project fear: the exhaustion of the elites

The EU referendum debate has taken the politics of fear to a new low.

Facebook’s bias is nothing to fear

Facebook hasn't been brainwashing users. But it has been dishonest.

Term-time holidays aren’t ruining education

Training, trendy initiatives and government meddling are the real time-wasters.

A hand grenade to help fight the free‑speech wars

The new concise edition of Mick Hume’s Trigger Warning is a call to arms.

Old Trafford ‘bomb’: we are terrorising ourselves

The culture of fear poses the greatest threat to everyday life.

Football fans for free speech

Let’s scrap the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act once and for all.

HB2: politics goes down the toilet

The debate over transgender bathrooms reveals the madness of identity politics.

Rob Lyons 16 May 2016

Eurovision: Russia wasn’t robbed

Too many are reading too much into Ukraine’s Eurovision victory.

Calling out false abuse allegations

A new study shows how pseudo-victims’ claims differ to those of true victims.

‘The obsession with mental health is bad for everyone’

Sally Satel explains how therapy culture makes us sick.

In search of Shakespeare’s universalism

Edward Wilson-Lee talks Shakespeare in East Africa.

Patrick West 13 May 2016

The fallacy of happiness

We must stop pathologising normal human emotions like stress and anxiety.

Sunset Boulevard: Close to greatness

The performance of Glenn Close once again elevates this musical version of the Billy Wilder classic.

Tom Slater 12 May 2016

Erdogan is not the prince of Europe

Bashing Turkey distracts us from the crisis of European values.

Wendy Kaminer 12 May 2016

Harvard’s war on ‘privilege’

The blacklisting of single-sex social clubs is another blow to student freedom.

BHS: the pensions ‘black hole’ is not all it seems

The outcry over Sir Philip Green’s handling of staff pensions is overblown.

Tim Black 11 May 2016

Russia’s Palmyra concert reveals what the West lacks

In the war on ISIS, only Russia is acting as if there’s something worth fighting for.

The campus mental-health myth

Being a bit stressed out doesn't make you mentally ill.

It is the EU that is truly ‘Europhobic’

The pro-Brussels side is a hotbed of prejudice against Europe's peoples.

Rob Lyons 10 May 2016

Brexit is no
‘leap in the dark’

We don’t need to decide on a blueprint for a post-EU Britain – we just need to take back control.

Luke Gittos 10 May 2016

The Human Rights Act is no friend of freedom

The HRA hasn’t protected freedoms – it's undermined them.

No winners, no safe spaces, no ‘Corbyn effect’

The election results confirm the gap between the political elite and the people.

Sadiq’s victory: so where are all the Islamophobes?

Khan’s win shatters liberal hysteria about Brits as Muslim-haters.

The humbling of the SNP

The nationalists' lost majority is good news for liberty and the Union.