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Frank Furedi 31 August 2015

Hey, grown-ups: put down the colouring pens!

Adult colouring-books speak to the infantilisation of the West.

Ann Furedi 28 August 2015

Rape culture and the crisis of intimacy

A new book warns of the threats posed by the obsession with rape.

Sean Collins 28 August 2015

A black hero for guilty whites

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me offers a disturbing insight into the new racialism.

Tim Black 28 August 2015

‘There is a moral case for fossil fuels’

Alex Epstein tells spiked why we need to celebrate our impact on nature.

Alexander Adams 28 August 2015

The Islamic Republic of France

Michel Houellebecq’s Submission is a powerful novel about the fragility of Western culture.

Tara McCormack 28 August 2015

Mystifying IS, the army of terror

The Islamic State cannot be understood outside the context of Western intervention.

Cultural Capital: the myth of Creative Britain

Robert Hewison’s critique of New Labour arts policy misses the point.

The founding of the modern research university

A fascinating new book explores the Kantian origins of the modern university.

‘Entryism’? More like political necrophilia

It’s less a struggle for Labour’s soul than two cliques squabbling over a corpse.

Do disabled acts need a helping hand?

Christian Butler reports on the Edinburgh Fringe’s new push for inclusivity.

Tom Slater 26 August 2015

‘I’d be embarrassed to call myself PC’

Sarah Franken talks ISIS, censorship and the perils of being pigeon-holed.

Tim Black 26 August 2015

The narrowing of debate Down Under

spiked’s editor falls foul of the new elite.

Wendy Earle 26 August 2015

Barbara Hepworth: the last gasp of modernism

The sculptor emerged at a time when artists believed they could change the world.

Reinvigorating the spirit of the First Amendment

This Autumn, spiked explores the future for freedom in the 21st century.

Paul Coleman 25 August 2015

Can religious freedom survive same-sex marriage?

Five ways same-sex marriage is harming the freedom of faith.

How censorship divides us

Political correctness has made us more wary of one another.

You can’t inherit Holocaust trauma

Survivors’ children need to free themselves from their parents’ past.

Ella Whelan 25 August 2015

Even cheating husbands deserve privacy

The Ashley Madison hack is cruelty masquerading as morality.

Banksy: the master of middle‑class misanthropy

Dismaland is a big fat joke at the masses' expense.

Luke Gittos 24 August 2015

Roosh V is a saddo, not a threat

The pick-up industry feeds on the fear of emotional rejection.

#Gamergate: taking on the new feminism

How a consumer movement became a battle against censorious feminists.

Tom Slater 21 August 2015

The biggest threat to comedy? Self-censorship

Yes, most comedians can say what they want. But they don't.

The myth of England’s miserable kids

The Children's Society's latest report relies on nonsense measures and meaningless stats.

Patrick West 21 August 2015

Mindfulness: lobotomisation by proxy

This latest therapeutic fad encourages us to retreat from life.

Austin Williams 20 August 2015

Tianjin was a tragedy, not comeuppance

Too many in the West are seeing a disaster as a moral lesson.

Germany’s gender quota: illiberal and divisive

No radical should support special privileges for women.

Barry Curtis 20 August 2015

Anti-smoking zealots are censoring reality

Denormalisation strategies are curtailing our everyday freedoms.

The Islamic State is not a feminist issue

Not every problem in the world needs to be gendered.

Tim Black 18 August 2015

A culture war on Donald Trump

The GOP presidential candidate is guilty of having the ‘wrong’ attitudes.

Neil Ross 18 August 2015

Pennsylvania is making Minority Report a reality

Using stats to predict individuals’ future criminality is a frightening prospect.

Jeremy Corbyn: The Left’s Tony Blair?

Like Blair, the rise of Corbyn reflects the disintegration of Labour.

Islamism and identity politics – a destructive mix

The strange alliance between leftists and extremists is eroding free speech.

Andrew Doyle 14 August 2015

We comedians must stand up for free speech

An Edinburgh Fringe veteran says comics have got complacent.

When Corbynites attack

Like the cybernats, Jeremy Corbyn’s fans can’t stomach dissent.

Regulating sex: the fear of intimacy

Students’ feelings of vulnerability are driving the regulation of sex on campus.

Luke Gittos 13 August 2015

Don’t call the Bradford teacher stabbing racist

Dismissing a youth’s violent act as racism is a cop-out

Inside the spin doctor’s surgery

What Lynton Crosby’s attack on UKIP tells us about the conformism of PR politics.

We must be free to hurt Muslims’ feelings

Why we must stand with Bangladesh’s vilified secularist bloggers.

Ella Whelan 12 August 2015

Feminism: the latest celebrity must-have

We don’t need celebrity feminists to raise our awareness.

How to celebrate war crimes: a four‑point guide

Croatia shows the world how to get away with murder.

Naomi Firsht 12 August 2015

The myth of the Olympic Legacy

It’s time we let go of the ‘spirit of 2012’.