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How did Britain end up at No40 on the world press-freedom rankings?

The 2018 World Press Freedom Index shows we have a fight on our hands

Trans intolerance is out of control

Feminists are being physically prevented from even discussing transgenderism.

Ella Whelan 25 April 2018

Making a mockery of the suffragists

Many of those cheering the Millicent Fawcett statue don’t really believe in democracy.

Tim Black 24 April 2018

It isn’t America vs Assad – it’s America vs Iran

US meddling in Syria is really aimed at Tehran.

Luke Gittos 24 April 2018

Syria is a moral problem, not a legal one

Judging every military act in legal terms is just moral evasion.

Leave pregnant women alone

Officialdom should stop policing pregnant women’s lifestyles.

The Windrush fallout has shattered every Remainer prejudice

British people don’t hate migrants. They simply want some say on migration.

Now it’s a crime to quote rap lyrics?

Censorship in Britain is out of control.

Hugo Brundin 23 April 2018

The lesson of Sweden? Defend free speech

Stifling open debate about migration is a terrible mistake.

‘I was called human scum just for criticising #MeToo’

Katie Roiphe on the ‘weird energy’ and censorious rage of Twitter-feminism.

Tom Slater 20 April 2018

The problem with Kendrick Lamar winning the Pulitzer

It isn’t for high-culture awards judges to confer legitimacy on hip-hop.

Fraser Myers 20 April 2018

The Square: a vicious satire on the new elite

Ruben Ostlund’s film brilliantly pricks the pretensions of Europe’s cultural set.

Ella Whelan 19 April 2018

The real scandal of the Ulster Rugby rape trial

Punishing men who were found not guilty makes a mockery of justice.

The Lords’ vote for a customs union is a vile assault on democracy

Unelected peers are engaged in an elitist revolt against the masses.

Tara McCormack 19 April 2018

Syria, The Times and free speech

Why did the newspaper attack me for questioning the government?

Ben Elliott 19 April 2018

Annihilation: a shimmering sci‑fi fairytale

Alex Garland’s Netflix film leaves the viewer with plenty to ponder.

Fraser Myers 18 April 2018

The People’s Vote: a parody of democracy

Jean-Luc Picard may want a second referendum – but the public don’t.

Rob Lyons 18 April 2018

Another boozy scare story

Those extra few pints won’t take years off your life.

We need to talk about Muslim anti‑Semitism

The UK’s Chief Rabbi has raised a thorny but important issue.

Enoch Powell was wrong – so were his critics

Both Powell and his detractors rejected the positive idea of integration.

Thou shalt not question the Good Friday Agreement

Why Barry Gardiner was right to call it a ‘shibboleth’.

James Gill 17 April 2018

The problem with ‘representation’

Why we don’t need fictional characters to look like us.

Amnesty for the Windrush children

These people are British citizens yet are treated like criminals.

The West’s virtue-bombing of Syria is a disastrous mistake

Our governments have made themselves the allies of ISIS.

They think we’re all Enochs now

Demands to ban Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech are the latest insult to Leave voters.

Syria: the bloody price of Western narcissism

The Twitter bombardiers have no idea of the horrors they will unleash.

Why I’m pro‑choice and anti‑buffer zone

Those Ealing pro-lifers have the right to stand outside that clinic.

The comics who are waging war on comedy

Some turncoat comedians want to ban ‘offensive’ comedy gigs.

Free bus travel for young adults is a terrible idea

Jeremy Corbyn’s cult of youth is actually bad for young people.

Now they want to lock up Rod Liddle and ban Quentin Letts

Joking about the Welsh or criticising black actors is the new limit to free speech.

Ann Furedi 12 April 2018

Buffer zones are not an attack on free speech

Protests outside abortion clinics are about intimidation, not debate.

Pulse of Europe: an elitist campaign

Meet the ‘grassroots’ pro-EU group that is only popular with politicians.

Why do you hate Israel?

The question that hangs over the left, and which no one can answer.

Fraser Myers 11 April 2018

Another moral panic about rap

‘Drill’ music is not the cause of youth violence.

Emily Dinsmore 11 April 2018

Young people have never had it so good

So why do so many of us say we can’t cope?

On Kevin Williamson and cowardice

Editing isn’t censorship. But this sacking didn’t come from nowhere.

Molly Ringwald, you are wrong about The Breakfast Club

There is a serious philistinism in viewing culture through a #MeToo lens.

Rob Lyons 10 April 2018

The bitter reality of the sugar tax

This illiberal policy will do sweet FA for the problem of obesity.

Orban’s victory: another blow to the EU oligarchy

The demonisation of Hungary is the real threat to democracy.

Tim Black 9 April 2018

Boris is not the only Russia baiter

Too many today think Russia is to blame for everything.

Who’s afraid of automation?

Yes, robots will replace existing jobs, but they’ll create new ones too.

Why centrists are holding out for a hero

The Third Way nostalgists crave a return to elite rule.

Winnie Mandela: a flawed but exemplary life

How the ANC betrayed this bravest opponent of Apartheid rule.

I’m a pay-gap denier and proud of it

We need to junk this fact-lite obsession with gender pay.