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Wendy Kaminer 5 February 2016

Fear, loathing and victimhood

People across the political spectrum now embrace the vulnerable self.

James Heartfield 5 February 2016

Party Animals: the truth about the CPGB?

David Aaronovitch’s Commie memoir is funny, but it isn’t the whole truth.

Jim Butcher 5 February 2016

Students don’t need no datafication

Monitoring student activity destroys the educational experience.

Mick Hume 4 February 2016

End this phoney
war over Europe

If nobody likes Cameron’s EU deal, why are they all backing it?

Barbara Hewson 4 February 2016

It was right to acquit Doug Richard

The case of the ex-Dragons’ Den star exposes the necessary complexity of the law.

We must have the freedom to hate

Hatred isn’t big or clever, but it should never be a crime.

Joanna Williams 3 February 2016

BDS: censorship disguised as justice

Anti-Israel intolerance has made a sham of academic freedom.

Ella Whelan 3 February 2016

The sexism of
Safe Spaces

Students' unions that want to ‘protect women’ are turning the clock back.

Tom Slater 2 February 2016

Zika is not ‘the new ebola’

The scaremongering over the virus is deeply damaging.

Tim Black 2 February 2016

Is Google running the country? Don’t be daft

The fuss over the tech giant’s taxes is a conspiracy over nothing.

Treating Trump supporters like an exotic tribe

The bigotry of elites who sneer at those who back The Donald.

Luke Gittos 1 February 2016

What a bunch of political point-scorers

Moaning about Cameron’s use of language won’t tackle the migrant crisis.

Ella Whelan 1 February 2016

The Barbie for grown-ups

‘Body-positive’ dolls burden children with adult anxieties.

Patrick West 29 January 2016

Washed-up misanthropy

The declaration of man as pestilence on the planet is adolescent and tedious.

Barbara Hewson 29 January 2016

The ECHR is not working

The European Court of Human Rights should not be ruling on workplace matters.

How ‘progressive’ education patronises the poor

The only responsibility schools have to working-class kids is to give them a good education.

Charles Taylor 28 January 2016

The ideal of authenticity

Charles Taylor explores the making and conflicts of the modern self.

Anil Seth 28 January 2016

The material soul

Anil Seth explores what neuroscience can – and can’t – tell us about consciousness.

Alexander Adams 28 January 2016

Review: Iris Murdoch’s letters

A new edition of private correspondence hides as much as it reveals.

Ella Whelan 28 January 2016

Review: Leibovitz’s women trouble

Annie Liebovitz’s Women: New Portraits is stifled by gender politics.

Christopher Bray 28 January 2016

Review: Dietrich vs Riefenstahl

A parallel biography of Lene and Leni illuminates the lives of neither.

Richard Sennett 28 January 2016

The intimate lives of others

Richard Sennett talks narcissism, identity and the unbearable lightness of selfhood.

Tom Slater 27 January 2016

Meet the students fighting campus censorship

Students across the country have had enough of censorious SUs.

Frank Furedi 26 January 2016

We need to talk about terrorism

The Prevent agenda is chilling classroom discussion.

Mick Hume 26 January 2016

Should anything be ‘beyond a joke’?

The new comedy code of intolerant conformism is no laughing matter.

Phil Mullan 26 January 2016

Economic crisis begins at home

Worry less about China and more about Britain's own economic stagnation.

Rob Harries 26 January 2016

Jerry Sadowitz: an anti-establishment hero

In this era of offence-taking, Sadowitz’s vicious comedy is more vital than ever.

In dystopian Britain, the police now hunt down ‘pre-rapists’

Sexual Risk Orders are ripping apart liberty and due process.

The Litvinenko inquiry: more harm than good

Was there any merit to holding this public inquiry?

John Mason 25 January 2016

Why I’m celebrating Australia Day

Celebrating your national heritage does not make you racist.

Tom Slater 22 January 2016

Oscars boycott: down with the art of identity

A racialised new climate is robbing art of its transcendent impulse.

Patrick West 22 January 2016

After Cologne: where are the feminists?

Why are 'progressives' so reluctant to question what happened?

Ella Whelan 21 January 2016

Vagina voting is bad for women

Neither Clinton nor Foster are interested in women's liberation.

Tim Black 21 January 2016

Why the thirst for sporting scandal?

The endless suspicion-mongering around sport is born of a deeper distrust.

Mick Hume 20 January 2016

Trump debate: treating free speech like a disease

The UK ‘Ban Trump’ lobby is on a moral par with The Donald.

Luke Gittos 20 January 2016

Why rape defendants shouldn’t be anonymous

Granting anonymity to men charged with rape will damage the justice system.

Reason Trumps intolerance – for now

Todd Gillespie reports from the parliamentary debate on banning The Donald.

Frank Furedi 19 January 2016

Why is Europe giving Muslim migrants sex-ed lessons?

These creepy leaflets are testament to a much deeper malaise.

Jon Holbrook 19 January 2016

Transgenderism: a top-down politics of identity

Far from being about liberty, transgenderism is backed by undemocratic power.

Council estates need more development, not less

The government's Housing Bill punishes the worst off.