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‘The state should never be the arbiter of what people can think’

Brendan O’Neill meets the Voltaire-inspired attorney general of Australia.

Turkey’s Twitter twitch-hunt

Prime Minister Erdogan’s war on social media is uncannily similar to the war on unacceptable speech in the West.

John Milton 17 April 2014

‘Let Truth and Falsehood grapple’

John Milton on why a free and open public sphere is the best way to the truth.

The fan-bashing spirit of the Eighties lives on

Attitudes to football fans have changed since Hillsborough. But for the better?

Tom Slater 16 April 2014

Calvary: the sins of the fathers

A black comedy about a good priest battling cynicism comes to confused and troubling conclusions.

Don’t let artistic expression take the rap

Prosecuting people on the basis of song lyrics sets a horrifying precedent.

Niall Crowley 15 April 2014

Twenty Feet From Stardom: the decline of the pop professional

A new documentary pays tribute to the unsung performers behind pop's biggest hits.

Brendan O’Neill 15 April 2014

spiked: a free-for-all of ideas and debate

Some changes at spiked plus.

Tim Black 15 April 2014

History makers: Georg Lukács

Here we look back on one of the most compelling intellectual and political journeys of the twentieth century.

Rob Lyons 15 April 2014

Arguing the toss, spiked style

This week: why bother with politics when it’s impossible to change the world?

‘Fat Scottish wanker’? It’s just banter

Pantomime name-calling at football matches should not be a crime.

Frank Furedi 14 April 2014

Nigel Evans trial: UK prosecutors are playing God

This showtrial gave us disturbing insights into the cult of the victim.

If Scotland goes, it should take Northern Ireland with it

Scottish independence would spell the end of British identity in Ulster.

Frank Furedi 11 April 2014

Let's make Paine's Age of Reason a reality

Burke's paternalism won out over Paine's liberalism. Let the fightback begin.

Dolan Cummings 11 April 2014

India's election: the world’s largest question mark

Dolan Cummings on the biggest election in the history of mankind.

Orwell's war on the 'smelly little orthodoxies' of left and right

Robert Colls' superb 'intellectual biography' takes the reader into the liberty-loving, rebellious, and contrary heart of George Orwell.

Helicopter parents vs cotton-wool kids

Parenting Culture Studies cuts through the confusing world of modern parenting.

Angus Kennedy 11 April 2014

Matthew Arnold's error: the state is bad for culture

In order to judge 'the best which has been thought and said in the world', individuals must be free to discriminate.

Daniel Ben-Ami 11 April 2014

Hi-tech Malthusianism does progress no favours

Tyler Cowen’s new book underestimates the benefits society could reap from new technology.

Norman Lewis 11 April 2014

The social life of the networked teen

On social networks, kids have found the unprotected, adult-free spaces now denied to them in the real world.

Weeping for Peaches: ersatz grief gone mad

The Geldof grief-fest shows how ravenous the cult of mourning has become.

Luke Gittos 10 April 2014

‘Victims’ justice’ is no justice at all

Labour is using victims of crime as an excuse to undermine centuries of hard-won rights for defendants.

Toby Young
vs The Blob

Young talks to spiked about his war on UK education’s child-centred orthodoxy.

The purge of
gay-marriage heretics begins

The ousting of Brendan Eich from Mozilla sets a dangerous precedent.

Tim Black 8 April 2014

Modern slavery: a moral project built on sand

Despite the headline-grabbing figures, the evidence for modern slavery is feeble.

The real Miller’s tale: the threat to press freedom

The real scandal is the culture secretary’s attempt to lay down Leveson’s law.

Tom Slater 8 April 2014

‘We are losing the right to live our lives as we see fit’

Christopher Snowdon says plain packs and bans on e-cigs are another step closer to prohibition of tobacco.

A grotesque illustration of modern politics

Politicians pursue pointless, illiberal policies like plain packaging as a cheap way of scoring points against each other.

Rossa Minogue 8 April 2014

History makers: Joseph Bazalgette

This week, we celebrate a civil engineer whose unglamorous project transformed the lives of people around the world.

Rob Lyons 8 April 2014

Arguing the toss, spiked style

This week: should the state put restrictions on political donations?

How the Great War laid waste to liberal education

The First World War unravelled adult authority over the next generation.

Brazil: Not the Web We Want

Brazil's internet bill of rights is more concerned with advancing national interests than internet freedom.

‘I've been told that I’m not welcome on campus’

A libertarian student slams the groupthink dominating UK student unions.

Tom Slater 4 April 2014

Kurt Cobain: fear and loathing of the fans

How Nirvana killed the spirit of youth culture.

Welsh e-cigs ban: liberty goes up in vapour

Government proposals to curb e-cigarette usage reek of irrational illiberalism.

Should Roy Hodgson ban the WAGs?

The pre-match sex debate is as old as sport itself, but it only distracts from England's bigger problems.

Luke Gittos 3 April 2014

Cinderella Law: the Grimm fiction of emotional abuse

New child-neglect laws will criminalise normal aspects of parenting.

Making the case for shale gas and oil

Both advocates and critics of fracking have it wrong. Also, both use the wrong word.

Brendan O’Neill 2 April 2014

Let everyone think what he likes and say what he thinks

Why spiked is launching a campaign for unfettered freedom of speech.

Wendy Kaminer 2 April 2014

We must tolerate assaults on the truths we hold dear

True freedom of speech means acknowledging that we ourselves might just be wrong.

John Locke 2 April 2014

‘Live by the light of your own reason’

John Locke on why no one should blindly resign himself to the will of his rulers.

Karl Marx 2 April 2014

‘A free press must be free to question everything’

Karl Marx argues that a free press isn't free when it is forced to conform to the morality of the day.

Wendy Kaminer 2 April 2014

‘If we hadn't defended NAMBLA, no one would have’

Wendy Kaminer explains why the ACLU defended a notorious paedophile group.

John Stuart Mill 2 April 2014

Against the tyranny of the majority

John Stuart Mill on why we need to awake from the ‘deep slumber of decided opinion’.

Tim Black 2 April 2014

‘Everything should be open to question’

Kindly Inquisitors author Jonathan Rauch on the importance of doubt.

Kevin Rooney 2 April 2014

‘Football fans are treated like scum by the authorities’

The crackdown on Scottish football fans is the free-speech battle the chattering classes choose to ignore.

Sadhvi Sharma 2 April 2014

Sweden is no haven of liberty

Even this supposedly liberal paradise has laws against saying offensive things.

Matthias Heitmann 2 April 2014

Germany’s crusade against ethically incorrect ideas

Everything from licence plates to street names has been on the receiving end of the German elite’s new censoriousness.

Tim Black 1 April 2014

There’s something about Nigel

For Britain’s political and media classes, UKIP’s Nigel Farage is beyond the pale.

Tom Slater 1 April 2014

‘Student unions have become part of university management’

Dennis Hayes says a therapeutic culture is shutting down debate on campus.

Rob Lyons 1 April 2014

In memory of Norman Borlaug

Last week marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of a man credited with saving a billion lives.

Rob Lyons 1 April 2014

Arguing the toss, spiked style

This week: is it wrong for Japan to want to hunt whales?

Phil Mullan 31 March 2014

Why CSR is socially irresponsible

ESSAY: The rise of corporate social responsibility is bad for society.

Gay marriage: the fastest-formed orthodoxy ever?

It is scary how quickly gay marriage became dogma.

IPCC: why the end is always nigh

The fifth assessment report is a product of politics, not science.

Phil Mullan 31 March 2014

CSR: the dangers of ‘doing the right thing’

ESSAY: The rise of corporate social responsibility is bad for democracy.