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Aretha Franklin, voice of freedom

The Queen of Soul expressed a new optimism in black America.

Press freedom is too important to entrust to judges – or government

The BBC won’t appeal the Sir Cliff ruling. We need to appeal to the public.

Barcelona, one year on

Why people still aren’t taking violent Islamism seriously.

spiked 17 August 2018

‘We can’t let the Islamists win’

Qanta Ahmed on what the Boris/burqa storm reveals about the rise of Islamism.

Emily Dinsmore 17 August 2018

Within touching distance of the Sun

The Parker Solar Probe represents a huge step forward for humanity.

The terrible price of a ‘People’s Vote’

To overthrow the Brexit vote would be to overthrow democracy itself.

Austin Williams 16 August 2018

Genoa: notes on a disaster

Poor maintenance and underinvestment could well explain the Morandi Bridge collapse.

Christian Butler 16 August 2018

Why shouldn’t straight actors play gay characters?

It’s called acting for a reason.

Frank Furedi 15 August 2018

Identity politics has conquered the Westminster bubble

The anti-Semitism / Islamophobia spat is another Culture War stand-off.

Fraser Myers 15 August 2018

Where are all the white supremacists?

The pathetic Unite the Right rally shows white supremacy is dead.

Maren Thom 15 August 2018

Why Idris Elba shouldn’t play James Bond

Bond is a racist, sexist dinosaur. He is the antithesis of diversity.

Corbyn and Munich: this really matters

We need to talk about the problem of ‘anti-Zionism’.

Luke Gittos 14 August 2018

Operation Yewtree: the moral panic that ruined lives

Why is no one talking about the wrong done to Jonathan King?

Giving a green light to euthanasia

Why has the UK Supreme Court backed out of life-and-death decisions?

Can poetry survive outrage culture?

A poet has been hauled over the coals for a pretty inoffensive poem.

Tim Black 13 August 2018

The destruction of Yemen

The West is complicit in the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe.

Sam Gyimah: the minister for philistinism

The HE minister thinks universities should parent rather than educate.

Ella Whelan 13 August 2018

No, an invitation to debate isn’t a catcall

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to Ben Shapiro was ludicrous.

MagicGate: game culture’s new civil war

Political violence is breaking out... over a trading-card game.

Miguel Murado 10 August 2018

Whither Podemos?

On the rise and fall of Spain’s left-wing populists.

Daniel Ben-Ami 10 August 2018

The elites vs social media

Why our rulers lost faith in the digital dawn.

Democracy’s shadow

Populism emerges when people want more from politics.

Udi Greenberg 10 August 2018

The myth of a New Nazism

Udi Greenberg on why today’s populism isn’t a replay of the Thirties.

Tom Slater 10 August 2018

Everything has changed

Why the Brexit revolt cannot be undone.

Italy: the rise of the techno-populists

The spiked review talks to Carlo Invernizzi Accetti about why the Five Star Movement is a new kind of populism.

Who’s really racist – Boris or his critics?

It is the refusal to criticise certain groups that smacks of racism.

Mick Hume 9 August 2018

Boris burqa row: another excuse to bash Brexit voters

Remainer elitists are hiding their prejudices behind a veil.

spiked 9 August 2018

The problem with ‘woke’ comedy

Simon Evans on how sanctimony is dulling our sense of humour.

The dystopia of the child-protection industry

From Norway to Britain, more kids are being seized from their parents.

Karl Kemp 9 August 2018

A feeling of apartheid in Holland

A South African writer sees too much of his homeland in multicultural Europe.

Julie Burchill 8 August 2018

The problem with gay surrogacy

There’s something narcissistic in demanding your own biological children.

Leave those kids alone

Now officials want five-year-olds to pick their own gender.

How feminism makes life harder for girls

Girls are stressed because they’re constantly told to expect the worst.

No, we are not addicted to smartphones

The idea that we’re at the mercy of Silicon Valley is an elitist myth.

They’re not book‑burners – they’re morons

The Bookmarks stunt was dumb and illiberal, but this is not the 1930s.

Alex Jones and the rise of corporate censorship

The banning of Infowars is an alarming act of capitalist intolerance.

Boris’s burqa-bashing is not ‘Islamophobic’

Ring-fencing Islamic culture from criticism has created a new intolerance.

Tim Black 7 August 2018

Zimbabwe: a victory for Mugabeism

Zanu-PF’s election victory shows how little has changed.

How the left made Tommy Robinson

It was their censorship of ‘Islamophobia’ that made Robinson a star.

Why Labour has a problem with Jews

The new anti-Semitism is identity politics in action.

Christian Butler 6 August 2018

Sarah Jeong and the battle of the Twittermobs

The left is now on the receiving end of the outrage culture it created.

Jon Holbrook 6 August 2018

The UK has abandoned the presumption of innocence

The ‘golden thread’ of English law has been eroded by judges and lawmakers.

Spiked 3 August 2018

‘This is just a smear campaign’

The IEA’s Mark Littlewood on Greenpeace’s ‘exposé’.

The #MeToo suicides

Four people are dead as a result of this hysteria. Can we talk about that?

Patrick West 3 August 2018

Nietzsche and the struggle against nihilism

Even the most courageous minds sometimes seek solace in fantasy.

Jon Holbrook 3 August 2018

Diversity: the new favouritism

Ben Cobley’s The Tribe is a searing attack on the diversity industry.

Julie Burchill 2 August 2018

More Trans Pride? Oh please, no

Why trans activists are such a carping, censorious lot.

No, women aren’t at risk from men

What feminists really mean when they talk about ‘violence’.

Gareth Sturdy 2 August 2018

William Blake: poet of the human potential

He was so much more than a nature-loving mystic.

Antidepressants are not the answer

We are in danger of medicalising everyday struggles.

The ACLU is turning its back on free speech

America’s premier civil-rights group gets cold feet about hate speech.

Fraser Myers 1 August 2018

Labour’s turn against the masses

The deselection row shows how distant the party is from working people.

Ann Furedi 1 August 2018

Abortion pills are safe and simple

So why won’t the government let women in England take them at home?

The chilling effect of the Cliff Richard ruling

People are already citing the ruling to try to stifle media reporting.

Ella Whelan 31 July 2018

Love Island: the antidote to feminist miserabilism

Three cheers for the show that proves young women (and men) are all right.

Maybe this heatwave is just a heatwave

Why climate alarmists see all extreme weather as a portent of doom.

Luke Gittos 31 July 2018

Why is crime in London rising?

Simplistic narratives around gangs, police and austerity are wide of the mark.

Stop putting pressure on new mums

Expert parenting advice is stressing parents out.