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Tom Slater 29 August 2014

‘The gay movement is full of staid conformists’

Julie Bindel talks to spiked about the death of gay radicalism.

Man’s inalienable right to banter

In the wake of the Mackay / Moody scandal, we must defend the liberty to talk bollocks.

Andrea Seaman 29 August 2014

This misanthropic movie should buzz off

More Than Honey uses dodgy stories about the decline of bees to bash humankind.

Tom Slater 28 August 2014

Why feminists bow down to Beyoncé

The excitement over Queen B’s ‘feminist’ VMA turn reeks of desperation.

Cameron vs the ‘Wild West’ web

Plans to restrict access to online music videos set a dangerous precedent.

Jack Prescott 28 August 2014

The NSPCC’s war on youth culture

The charity’s new anti-gang initiative sounds suspiciously like an assault on young people.

Tim Black 27 August 2014

And the fate of the Union rests with... Alistair Darling

So weak is the pro-Union side that all its hopes now rest on a political sad-case.

What Rotherham reveals about the corrosion of community life

The abuse scandal exposes the dangers of welfarism and multiculturalism.

Rob Lyons 27 August 2014

The public-health lobby – more dangerous than e‑cigs

The campaign against e-cigarettes is not just illiberal, it's illogical.

Why we should all hail the Redskins

The campaign against the Redskins’ name is an insult to fans.

Mick Hume 26 August 2014

Kick the thought police out of football – and smartphones

The real scandal is the public hanging of Mackay and Moody for private texts.

Caliph Cameron brings ISIS-style intolerance to Britain

Our rulers’ authoritarian response to ISIS is trashing freedom and tolerance.

Jon Holbrook 26 August 2014

Lord Neuberger: giving democracy a hammering

Britain's judiciary is eroding our sovereignty from within.

spiked podcast 24 August 2014

What really happened in Rwanda?

Everything you know about the genocide is wrong, says Barrie Collins.

Why we’re against the demonisation of Israel

Podcast: Brendan O’Neill talks Israel, Gaza, the West and anti-Semitism.

What Sartre might say to Crystal Palace

It’s time my team ditched the ‘if only’ mantra and determined its destiny.

What is brave about suicide?

Once, suicide was taboo. Now, criticising it is taboo.

Rob Lyons 20 August 2014

Whatever happened to the Eurozone revival?

If we fail to tackle the true cause of the crisis, growth will remain a mirage.

Mick Hume 20 August 2014

The ‘Yes’ campaign’s version of history is Scotch mist

Six myths being peddled by left-wing converts to Scottish independence.

Frank Furedi 20 August 2014

This gruesome video contains a message to Britain, too

What that barbaric beheading tells us about a crisis of Britishness.

Sean Collins 19 August 2014

Sorting fact from fiction in Ferguson

Same old racism? Actually the riots show how much has changed in the US.

Cheryl Hudson 19 August 2014

Ferguson: this isn’t history repeating

The idea that US race relations are the same as they always were is ahistorical.

Paddy McKeating 19 August 2014

History makers: the Peterloo protesters

A look back at the fateful happenings in St Peter's Field 195 years ago.

Tom Slater 18 August 2014

Al Murray: ‘My audience isn’t thick’

The Pub Landlord talks to spiked about snobbery on the comedy scene.

Cliff Richard: the moral annihilation of a celebrity

Justice is the greatest victim of these PR-driven witch-hunts.

Barbara Hewson 18 August 2014

The NSPCC: enemy of justice

The group’s latest hysterical campaign could seriously damage the law.

Ellamay Russell 15 August 2014

An Angela’s Ashes for the bored middle classes

Laurie Penny’s tome is self-pity sexed up as radicalism.

Tim Black 15 August 2014

The Inbetweeners 2: filthy fun Down Under

The Brit-com is back, and it’s funnier, and warmer, than ever.

A foul-mouthed haven in a sterilised world

Why Millwall fans should be able to sing tasteless songs about Jimmy Savile.

Scottish independence? Just say no!

Brendan O’Neill kicks off spiked's campaign against Scottish separation.

Rossa Minogue 14 August 2014

Time to revive
pub-lic life

CAMRA's plea to the state to stop pub closures ignores the real reason for Britain's vanishing drinkers.

Tim Black 13 August 2014

A year on: how the West green-lighted Sisi’s massacres

The assault on Morsi supporters marked the end of the Arab Spring.

James Woudhuysen 13 August 2014

Digital native? There’s no such thing

It's a myth that children are better at IT than adults.

Lib Dems: the snoopers’ party

Plans to stick cameras on police officers’ jackets tell us all we need to know about the Lib Dems’ commitment to privacy.

‘The Edinburgh Fringe has failed us - and failed freedom’

The Israeli theatre group shut down by an anti-Israel mob talks to spiked.

ISIS: a monster made by the moralists of the West

The West weeps over the Yazidi people, yet is responsible for their suffering.