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Tim Black 21 October 2014

‘The best answer to bad speech? More speech’

Nick Gillespie on Fox News, press freedom, and our new media utopia.

Tom Slater 21 October 2014

Trolling is a free-speech issue, and always has been

Tougher sentences for trolls are shocking, but not surprising.

Helene Guldberg 20 October 2014

Tommy the chimp is just an animal, not a prisoner

The campaign to give a chimpanzee ‘legal personhood’ is ludicrous.

Tim Black 20 October 2014

Ebola: the culture of fear goes viral

The real threat to the West does not come from ebola.

Brendan O’Neill 17 October 2014

Darzi’s doublespeak

When nanny staters say ‘choice’, what they really mean is ‘less choice’.

Duleep Allirajah 17 October 2014

In praise of terrace banter

It’s time to stick up for football fans’ right to trade insults.

Neil Ross 17 October 2014

Why it’s bad to be protected from offence

Greg Lukianoff's Freedom From Speech skewers the idea that we have the right not to be offended.

Tom Slater 16 October 2014

Gone Girl: movies should entertain, not educate

So what if this movie sends the 'wrong' message about rape?

#GamerGate: an un‑PC rebellion

Gamers are not happy with the right-on activists ruining their hobby.

Mick Hume 15 October 2014

‘The Establishment is trying to choke journalism’

David Dinsmore, editor of the Sun, on the challenges to press freedom.

Norman Lewis 15 October 2014

Is Big Data squishing our humanity?

The use of new technologies is turning us into objects of analysis, examination and manipulation.

Jan MacVarish 15 October 2014

Why parents are beating themselves up

The anxiety around smacking has undermined parental authority.

Is a vote for UKIP really just a screech of rage?

There’s something anthropological in the political class’s view of UKIP voters.

Christopher Snowdon 14 October 2014

America, we need to talk about the word ‘progressive’

Berkeley's proposed soda tax shows the city is no 'bastion of liberty'.

Alex Dean 14 October 2014

London: let’s build better

The capital is headed in the right direction – up. But can we please ditch the ‘quirky’ buildings?

Frank Furedi 13 October 2014

It will take more than an oath to improve our schools

Making teachers swear loyalty to their profession won’t repair their authority.

Nigel Scott 13 October 2014

The online petitioners trolling Ched Evans

Evans, a convicted rapist, has served his sentence - it’s time to move on.

Barbara Hewson 13 October 2014

LSE SU: the tyranny of the minority

The banning of LSE rugby club was puritanical – and quite possibly illegal.

Sean Collins 10 October 2014

The tyranny of the new secular priesthood

Joel Kotkin nails the anti-masses Clerisy that now dominates the US.

Jennie Bristow 10 October 2014

Edge of Eternity: before freedom was feared

Ken Follett's final entry in his twentieth-century trilogy is a rollicking reminder of yesterday’s optimism.

Duleep Allirajah 10 October 2014

Keano, don’t tame the fury

Roy Keane's temper may have cost him, but it's what made him a legend.

Rob Harris 10 October 2014

CLR James on cricket and humanity

Beyond a Boundary is now available on Kindle, and you don’t have to be a cricket buff to love it.

Alexander Adams 10 October 2014

Larkin wasn’t as prickly as you think

Philip Larkin’s private prejudices shouldn’t matter a jot to admirers of his poetry.

Anthony McCarthy 10 October 2014

The shallow nihilism of John Gray

The Silence of Animals is anti-humanist posing dressed up as profundity.

Philip Hammond 10 October 2014

We need to rethink resilience

Once, it meant being strong and resourceful – not anymore.

Tom Slater 9 October 2014

Banksy: the artist-in-residence of the new snobby elite

Far from challenging officialdom's prejudices, Banksy caters to them.

Affirmative consent: a crime against liberty

Fearmongering about rape on campus has echoes of the red scare.

Rob Lyons 9 October 2014

We need to generate an energy revolution

To transform society, we need cheap, abundant power. Let's get on with it.

Brendan O’Neill 8 October 2014

In praise of Arin Mirkan

The Kurdish ‘suicide bomber’ dealt a psychological blow to IS – and the West.

Tim Black 8 October 2014

Intervention is making things worse – again

The airstrikes in Iraq will help nobody – except maybe IS.

The moral McCarthyism of the war on lads

The cultural cleansing of lad culture on campus reeks of intolerance.

Luke Gittos 8 October 2014

Cameron is doing the Islamic State’s work for it

Our government would rather crack down on its citizens' liberty than enter into a battle of ideas with IS.

University: lads, blokes and jocks not welcome

Universities now treat male students as deviants in need of re-education.

How UK liberals helped police hack the press

Tabloid-bashing crusaders enabled the state to treat journalists like jihadists.

Online trolls: who’s hounding who?

Brenda Leyland's death suggests trollhunters are far worse than trolls.

Jon Holbrook 6 October 2014

Two cheers for the Tory war on human rights

UK human-rights law doesn't need to be reformed – it needs to be abolished.

Owen Jones: mouthpiece of middle-class moralism

With the bourgeoisie and workers in retreat, a bland new politics is emerging.

The lost art of the tactical foul

Rooney's botched professional foul shows that players today aren't properly schooled in the dark arts of gamesmanship.

Tom Slater 2 October 2014

We’re all
pervs now

The explosion of sexting reveals the crisis of intimacy today.

Being a crank is not a crime

Now you don't even have to break the law to be banged up for what you say.