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Giving science the finger

Alice Dreger’s new book makes too many concessions to snake-oil salesmen.

French Froome-haters aren’t that different to us

Cycling fans in France and football fans in Britain are united by Skyphobia.

How English libel laws dent free speech across the globe

A Russian case heard in London exposed the unjustness of our laws.

Luke Gittos 30 July 2015

Kangaroo courts on campus: a legal travesty

Hearing sexual-assault claims in campus courts is a terrible idea.

Rob Lyons 30 July 2015

Ribena: the latest casualty in the war on sugar

Tesco’s ban will do nothing to satisfy public-health zealots.

Once again, the Kurds are betrayed

Western support for Turkey's assault on the Kurds is a familiar treachery.

Jon Holbrook 29 July 2015

The legal tyranny of gay marriage

When judges get to rule on political issues, the demos loses out.

Cecil the lion: hunting for outrage

Calm down, everyone – lion-hunting is good for Africa.

Truth, illusion and free speech online

Toronto’s Twitter trial reminds us that little on the internet is as it seems.

Tom Slater 28 July 2015

How egalitarianism became a microaggression

Refusing to believe in race is now treated as a form of racism.

Frank Furedi 28 July 2015

Islamic State: built on the West’s cult of victimhood

The Western politics of identity is the fuel of modern jihadism.

Lauren Southern 28 July 2015

White people: a bad racial group?

The MTV documentary White People makes sweeping racial generalisations.

Jeremy Corbyn: a sinner against the Third Way

Corbynphobia reveals the terrifying conformism of modern British politics.

Yvette Cooper and the rise of the New Girls’ Club

Female politicians who cry sexism are doing more damage than the Old Boys' Club.

Luke Gittos 27 July 2015

There is no such thing as a child terrorist

We need to draw a line between the actions of adults and children.

Go Set A Watchman: Harper Lee’s lost illusions

The sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird lives up to expectations.

The war over Atticus Finch

Why Go Set A Watchman has rattled so many liberals.

Tim Black 24 July 2015

Generationally divided we fall

A new book rips apart the Baby Boomer-blaming script.

Why Alice is still wonderful

Lewis Carroll knew the secret to children's stories – never moralise.

Ella Whelan 24 July 2015

The Buried Giant – a fantastic fairytale

Ishiguro’s latest is a complex meditation on history and forgetting – and a rollicking read.

Nothing great about the welfare state

James Bartholomew launches a scathing attack on the effects of welfarism.

‘We need a new industrial revolution’

PODCAST: Phil Mullan says it's time to get real about the zombie economy.

Cricket teams fraternising? It isn’t cricket

Stop trying to be friends, England and Australia. Cricket is war.

Reddit Revolt: battling the moderators

Asking moderators to protect free speech online is like asking wolves to guard sheep.

Tim Farron: falling foul of the New Inquisition

Once, gay-rights activists fought orthodoxy - now they enforce it.

Lena Dunham and the rise of TMI feminism

The new media feminism confuses bodily fluids with political issues.

Luke Gittos 22 July 2015

The EU shouldn’t strike down UK laws

The DRIPA saga shows how undemocratic UK lawmaking has become.

Even in America, You Can’t Say That!

We need to defend free speech whether it’s for Donald Trump or Jerry Seinfeld.

Syria: intervention can never be democratic

Getting parliamentary backing for a military campaign doesn’t make it right.

Canada’s Twitter scandal: arrested for political comments

A Canadian feminist wants her Twitter critic convicted of harassment.

Iran has a right to have nuclear weapons

There's nothing moral about telling other states what weapons they may have.

Turning slavery into the West’s original sin

Today's obsession with slavery has more to do with misanthropy than history.

Petrol power: an eco-revolution

The rise of petroleum-powered transport was an environmental boon.

Tom Slater 19 July 2015

Dave Chappelle vs the new intolerance

In an age of offence-seeking, this comedian’s comeback was desperately needed.

A newspaper bans its own Nick Cave story – the Twittermob strikes again

The ease with which mobs can demolish content is terrifying.

Why British humour is lost in translation

We have our messy language to thank for our puntastic wit.

Football and big money: the root of all entertainment

The massive Raheem Sterling transfer fee is football at is best.

Affirmative consent: the ultimate romance‑killer

New York’s new consent law is bad for freedom, justice and sex.

Ella Whelan 16 July 2015

Stay in Britain,
or else...

Using fear to terrify Muslims away from ISIS is a really bad idea.

Five reasons shale gas is fracking fantastic

Economically, socially and environmentally, fracking makes sense.