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Christopher Snowdon 30 August 2016

Sin taxes and saint subsidies

A new book makes an incoherent case for taxing ‘unhealthy’ foods and subsidising those deemed ‘healthy’.

Timandra Harkness 30 August 2016

Oakland vs Big Data Brother

One American city took on the surveillance society – and won.

Nancy McDermott 30 August 2016

On Hillbilly Elegy

JD Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy is a remarkable portrait of a way of life in crisis.

Tim Black 30 August 2016

The cultural turn

The politicisation of lifestyle has inflamed public life.

Joel Kotkin 30 August 2016

The new culture war dividing America

Underpinning the progressive elite's snobbery is a vicious class antagonism.

Charles Murray 30 August 2016

America against itself

Charles Murray talks to Sean Collins about the new class war cleaving the US in two.

How ‘open borders’ became an illiberal cry

The West’s sanctification of diversity is segmenting society.

‘Our weight is none of the state’s business’

On this month's Last Orders, we talk obesity, Theresa May and booze guidelines.

‘Sporting drama at its best’

Podcast: Duleep Allirajah tells spiked his highlights from the Rio Olympics.

After Brexit, the fury of the Fringe

In Edinburgh, liberal comics’ contempt for the masses has been laid bare.

Patrick West 26 August 2016

In defence of jury service

In an age beholden to experts, jury service reminds us of the importance of common sense.

Alexander Adams 26 August 2016

The madness of Vincent Van Gogh

A new exhibition explores the Dutch master’s psychological torment.

Ella Whelan 25 August 2016

Long live the Night Tube

Ignore the doom-sayers, London after dark is nothing to fear.

Rob Lyons 25 August 2016

Why do we need an obesity strategy?

Our waistlines are none of the government’s business.

Will Franken 25 August 2016

The Defining the Norm Awards: the nominees

Comedian Will Franken honours the most conformist acts at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tim Black 24 August 2016

Defending free speech Down Under

Brendan O’Neill gets vilified for opposing censorship.

Luke Gittos 24 August 2016

The liberal case for scrapping the Human Rights Act

Human rights do not protect our freedom – they limit it.

Mick Hume 23 August 2016

Time to oppose the bloodless coup against Brexit

The future state of British democracy is on the line.

Corbyn’s right, it’s time to disband NATO

Throughout its history, NATO has brutally thwarted democracy.

Tim Black 22 August 2016

Rio: a Games to savour

Five things that made the Olympics so wonderful.

‘Hate speech must be free speech’

Podcast: Brendan O'Neill says the state has no business policing emotion.

Free Anjem Choudary

He’s repulsive, but he shouldn’t be sent to prison.

Patrick West 19 August 2016

The age of belligerent victimhood

From BLM to feminism, too many want to play the victim.

Tom Bailey 19 August 2016

America’s law’n’order problem

To blame rising homicide rates on post-Ferguson ‘de-policing’ is a cop-out.

All that matters is gold

A medal for coming second or third is a loser’s medal.

Leadership election result: judges rule Labour Party

The farce over members’ voting rights shows democracy is out of fashion.

Ella Whelan 16 August 2016

Anti-feminism: the new heresy

The witch-hunting of critics of feminism has got to stop.