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Ten years after
7/7, they still don’t get it

The problem isn’t powerful jihadism – it’s the crisis of Western values.

Compo culture and the child abuse panic

Historic sex abuse claims have fuelled the UK’s compensation industry.

Gay marriage: a victory for therapy

The Supreme Court ruling appealed to hearts, not minds.

Educationists have forgotten the power of knowledge

Education academics underestimate the potential of schools.

Foucault: from libertine to neoliberal

Was the French philosopher really a Reaganite in poststructural clothing?

Time to stop patronising the women’s game

Women’s football will only achieve parity with the men’s if we’re comfortable slagging games off.

Wendy Kaminer 2 July 2015

I will defend your right to fly the Confederate flag

No form of political expression should be banned, not even hateful ones.

The only way is middle-class feminism...

That seems to be the view of those condemning TOWIE girls.

Interns, quit your moaning and seize the day

myInternSwap is not an Old Boys' network 2.0 – it’s a good idea.

Spot the little terrorist in your classroom

Why it’s wrong to turn teachers into spies on ‘extremist’ kids.

Five new threats to free speech today

Mick Hume’s new book examines what’s changed in the free-speech wars

Tim Black 30 June 2015

Why Greeks should embrace a Euro exit

Fear of the future is no reason to stay in the EU.

Tunisia was a bloody crime, not an act of war

The best response to this massacre? More freedom, more holidays.

A new British bill of rights? Hopefully not

We can’t trust our illiberal leaders to protect our freedoms.

Luke Gittos 29 June 2015

Janner: when therapy trumps justice

A senile old lord is being subjected to a showtrial.

Glasto: a Butlins for middle-class, middle-aged bores

Glastonbury speaks to the 21st-century crisis of popular culture.

Trigger warnings are educational suicide

Taking Durkheim's Suicide out of schools is madness.

Rob Lyons 29 June 2015

Fracking hell: the green war on progress

A UK council’s refusal to allow shale-gas exploration is very bad news.

Tom Slater 26 June 2015

Streaming is the future of music – now pay for it

Taylor Swift was right to stand up to Apple. Now let's tackle the freeloading fans.

Charlie Pearson 26 June 2015

The Killing Season: lies, betrayal and Labor

A new documentary offers a scintillating insight into the era of Rudd and Gillard.

Should the Confederate flag come with a trigger warning?

Destroying symbols won’t change the past.

Taking selfies is not a team sport

Deshorn Brown should be ashamed of himself.

Who really wants to impose austerity?

The left rages against mild Tory cuts yet dreams of imposing real austerity.

Hate not hope: on the march against austerity

The End Austerity Now protest was dominated by low aspirations.

The men’s rights movement: feminism’s mirror image

MRAs are as mired in victimhood as the feminists they despise.

Controlling guns, controlling blacks

Those demanding gun control post-Charleston need a history lesson.

WORLDbytes 24 June 2015

Keeping the black finger off the trigger

An illustrated lecture on African-Americans and guns.

‘Rape culture is a dangerous myth’

Lauren Southern talks to Ella Whelan about standing up to feminist orthodoxy.

Sean Collins 23 June 2015

After Charleston: a show of common humanity

No, Dylann Roof’s act of nihilism was not ‘the real America’.

The use and abuse of Jeremy Corbyn

The left-right panto over Corbyn reveals the hollow core of British politics.

10 reasons we should be exploring space

Why space missions are worth the money and the risk.

The myth of nationalism’s resurgence

Contrary to the post-election fearmongering, nationalism is not on the march.

Authoritarians in search of meaning

The UK’s devolved parliaments have become shockingly illiberal.

‘Young people aren’t being held back by grasping elders’

PODCAST: Jennie Bristow discusses her new book on Boomer-blaming.

Frank Furedi 19 June 2015

Individualism: a scapegoat for society’s ills

The attacks on individualism reflect the crisis of individual autonomy.

Jon Holbrook 19 June 2015

An insider’s elegy to human rights

Francesca Klug’s new book offers an insight into why the human-rights project has failed to garner public support.

A Nazi-baiting master of the photomontage

John Heartfield made mocking tyrants an artform.

Ella Whelan 19 June 2015

Do it like a woman! You know, while crying…

Caroline Criado-Perez’s new book is obsessed with the weakness of womanhood.

Gap-year do-gooding won’t save the world

Volunteer-tourism projects are not the political panacea some claim they are.

‘People can’t lead full lives if they’re dependent on the state’

spiked talks to David Boaz, author of The Libertarian Mind.

Heretics are the heroes of the fight for free speech

Mick Hume’s new book, Trigger Warning, recounts an heretical history.

Women’s football: still not a spectator sport

No one is watching the Women's World Cup – and it's not because of chauvinism.

From Finnegans Wake to Google Translate

As soon as computers manage to crack Joyce’s prose, we’re all screwed.

We must fight for our right to party

Killjoy bureaucrats are regulating clubbing out of existence.

Tim Black 17 June 2015

The NSPCC: still fostering fear and suspicion

The child-protection industry is constructing the crime it claims to combat.

The pope and the greens: a not-so-unusual alliance

The celebration of the pope's eco-encyclical shows just how moralistic environmentalists are.

Ella Whelan 17 June 2015

The crocodile tears of Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s weepy campaign confirms that identity politics has gone mainstream.

Greenpeace: global warriors against development

Who can blame India for wanting to get rid of these eco-meddlers?