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Germanwings: can we no longer call mad people mad?

The policing of language has reached lunatic levels.

They’re all Lib Dems now

The rootless politics embodied by Clegg is now widespread in Westminster.

Tom Slater 27 March 2015

Kendrick Lamar: rap’s angry young man

To Pimp A Butterfly is a rap classic for Generation Y to call its own.

Patrick West 27 March 2015

Jeremy Clarkson: a true internationalist

Far from being parochial, Top Gear was loved from Italy to Iran.

Video reviews: a reffing mistake

Refereeing errors don't detract from football – they add to the drama.

The real reason Obama hates Bibi

This is more than a personality clash – it’s a shift in the world order.

‘Anti-social behaviour’ is the heart and soul of a city

Oxford’s illiberal campaign to control everyday city life.

Sean Collins 25 March 2015

Selma 50 years on: why King’s dream still matters

Today’s new racialists are judging people on the colour of their skin.

Sustainability: smashing the eco‑orthodoxy

NAS president Peter Wood on why it’s time to challenge this campus religion.

James Woudhuysen 25 March 2015

The greening of the ivory towers

A National Association of Scholars report interrogates the tyranny of sustainability on campus.

Why isn’t Farage entitled to a bit of privacy, too?

The media’s complicity in Sunday’s pub stunt reeks of double standards.

The Communist who made Singapore a capitalist success

Lee Kuan Yew transformed a small trading post – but at a cost.

Lee Kuan Yew: the last of the great authoritarians

Love him or loathe him, he had something his successors lack.

Nigel Scott 24 March 2015

When will they stop hounding Amanda Knox?

She’s been framed before, and it looks like she–ll be framed again.

The Sun 4: ‘Guilty’ of being journalists

The UK state is prosecuting tabloid reporters for telling the truth.

Barbara Hewson 23 March 2015

The Hampstead cult that wasn’t: the Satanic panic revisited

In the current climate, it’s all too easy for fantasists to be taken seriously.

Luke Gittos 23 March 2015

Save Gardies from the Stepford Students

Sexual-assault claims are being used to shut down a Cambridge fast-food joint.

The D&G protest: direct action or a two-minute hate?

The demo against the offending designers was a limp, censorious affair.

Luke Gittos 20 March 2015

Three judges caught watching porn? Let’s put ‘self‑love’ on trial

We must stop treating the consumption of porn as good or healthy.

The art of a good pitch invasion

The hysterical response to fans rushing the pitch shows how sanitised football has become.

Adrian Hart 20 March 2015

Things we should be able to say about race

The response to Trevor Phillips’ TV doc shows that the real prejudice today is against white UKIP voters.

Hillsborough: blaming one top cop is a cover-up, too

It took more than an incompetent commander to cause 96 deaths.

Too young to resist ISIS, but old enough to vote?

Politicians’ view of 16-year-olds is schizophrenic.

Prevent: a very risky strategy

The UK’s clueless counterterrorism strategy sees threats everywhere.

Blair: the whipping boy of ideas-lite Labourites

Bereft of vision, Miliband now cynically sells himself as Not Blair.

Jon Holbrook 18 March 2015

Yes, we should abolish workplace race laws

Anti-discrimination laws heighten racial sensitivity and destroy meritocracy.

Michael Cook 18 March 2015

The Newspeak of gender-neutral pronouns

Rather than reducing the English language to pale neutrality, let’s enrich it.

Sadhvi Sharma 17 March 2015

India’s ‘rape epidemic’: an ugly colonial myth reborn

Western feminists have resuscitated the myth of the rapacious foreigner.

D&G said something we disagree with? Destroy those deviants!

The treatment of D&G exposes the shrill censoriousness of our age.

Feminists, we need to talk about consent

Too many campaigners now treat women as the fairer, incapable sex.

Je Suis Billy Boy: free speech for football fans!

In Britain in 2015 you can be jailed for singing a song. Where’s the anger?

Why frat boys, even racist ones, should have free speech

Racist views can only be tackled through open debate, not censorship.

After Oklahoma, who will defend free speech?

Why did so few free-speech advocates stand up for the racist singing frat?

The White Student’s Burden: PC racialism on campus

Student officials who want to protect 'the weak' undermine universalism.

Football’s thought police need to man up

If you find football fans singing ‘get your tits out’ shocking, then you really need to get out more.

Rob Lyons 13 March 2015

Tidal lagoons: another green rip-off?

This latest green initiative is promising, but it will cost British taxpayers a fortune.

Conditioning kids to have state-approved sex

The whiff of Brave New World in consent classes for 11-year-olds.

Election debates: they’re all empty chairs now

The problem is not who takes part, but what they have to say.

Years of Western meddling pushed Ukraine over the edge

It is beyond wrong to hold Russia responsible for the Ukrainian instability.

Cameron: a bad case of child exploitation

Why politicians love to pose as the grand protectors of children.

You can’t be green and progressive – it’s one or the other

Politicians are too tied to environmentalism to oppose austerity.

A journey into UKIP country

Patrick West reports from South Thanet – Farage’s prospective constituency.

Plain packs: an attack on intellectual property

Today’s parliamentary vote on plain packs for cigs needs to consider some actual facts.

The gender pay gap is a myth – so why do so many buy it?

There’s an ironic paternalism to the anti-pay gap campaign.

Five reasons you shouldn’t vote Green

Anti-growth, anti-human and bizarrely pro-horse riding: a Green government would be awful.

Neil Ross 10 March 2015

Making the American Dream a reality

The US needs big ideas and ballsy politicians.