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Global gender gap: equality is overrated

Ignore the myopic miserablists; British women have never had it so good.

Tom Strong 31 October 2014

Educating the East End: school as soap opera

The latest fly-on-the-wall education doc shows how British schools have become centres of therapy rather than learning.

Shingi Mararike 31 October 2014

Balotelli-bashing: why always Mario?

Knocking the Italian striker has become a media obsession.

Mick Hume 30 October 2014

The awful truth about free speech

Time to stop paying lip service to the principle and take a stand in practice.

We need more, not fewer people

The scourge ravaging humanity is not overpopulation; it’s underdevelopment.

Tara McCormack 30 October 2014

The EU: an accidental warmonger

European politicians have a lot to answer for in Ukraine.

Tom Slater 29 October 2014

Student censors – the children of an academy in crisis

Academics’ abandonment of knowledge has green-lit campus censorship.

James Woudhuysen 29 October 2014

Transport: breaking through the impasse

ESSAY: Six arguments for innovation in transport.

Rob Lyons 29 October 2014

HS3: we need more ambition and less spin

The UK needs cheaper, quicker and easier transport – fast.

Tim Black 28 October 2014

Canada’s terror: sad lone wolves, not dogs of war

Canada’s response to last week’s violence was an invitation to terrorists.

Has Russell Brand really destroyed the lefty weft?

Nope – he’s merely the bastard child of the left's own self-induced decay.

Hong Kong can’t dodge democracy forever

Mischa Moselle reports from Hong Kong on the ‘umbrella revolution’.

Moses Dube 24 October 2014

Weeping for Reeva, ignoring Marikana

The Western press's obsession with Pistorius has been grotesque.

‘Teachers need to remind pupils who’s boss’

Tom Bennett discusses the crisis of authority in the classroom.

Duleep Allirajah 24 October 2014

They think it’s
all ebola

The football world's response to the disease has been farcical.

Luke Gittos 23 October 2014

Ched Evans and the silencing of debate

Campaigners are snuffing out any dissent from the official rape narrative.

Brid Hehir 23 October 2014

FGM crusade: with feminists like this, who needs misogynists?

Anti-FGM campaigning is doing violence to women's rights.

And the lame shall walk

Mankind now does what ancient peoples thought only God could do.

Rob Lyons 22 October 2014

Sartre: Nobel Prize refusenik

Fifty years ago, the French philosopher exposed the Nobel Prize for what it is.

In defence of the ‘white’ curriculum

Student campaigns for 'inclusive' courses are undermining academic freedom.

Rossa Minogue 22 October 2014

Robul Hoque: sentenced for a thought crime

Since when has possessing weird cartoons been a criminal offence?

Tim Black 21 October 2014

‘The best answer to bad speech? More speech’

Nick Gillespie on Fox News, press freedom, and our new media utopia.

Tom Slater 21 October 2014

Trolling is a free-speech issue, and always has been

Tougher sentences for trolls are shocking, but not surprising.

Helene Guldberg 20 October 2014

Tommy the chimp is just an animal, not a prisoner

The campaign to give a chimpanzee ‘legal personhood’ is ludicrous.

Tim Black 20 October 2014

Ebola: the culture of fear goes viral

The real threat to the West does not come from ebola.

Brendan O’Neill 17 October 2014

Darzi’s doublespeak

When nanny staters say ‘choice’, what they really mean is ‘less choice’.

Duleep Allirajah 17 October 2014

In praise of terrace banter

It’s time to stick up for football fans’ right to trade insults.

Neil Ross 17 October 2014

Why it’s bad to be protected from offence

Greg Lukianoff's Freedom From Speech skewers the idea that we have the right not to be offended.

Tom Slater 16 October 2014

Gone Girl: movies should entertain, not educate

So what if this movie sends the 'wrong' message about rape?

#GamerGate: an un‑PC rebellion

Gamers are not happy with the right-on activists ruining their hobby.

Mick Hume 15 October 2014

‘The Establishment is trying to choke journalism’

David Dinsmore, editor of the Sun, on the challenges to press freedom.

Norman Lewis 15 October 2014

Is Big Data squishing our humanity?

The use of new technologies is turning us into objects of analysis, examination and manipulation.

Jan MacVarish 15 October 2014

Why parents are beating themselves up

The anxiety around smacking has undermined parental authority.

Is a vote for UKIP really just a screech of rage?

There’s something anthropological in the political class’s view of UKIP voters.

Christopher Snowdon 14 October 2014

America, we need to talk about the word ‘progressive’

Berkeley's proposed soda tax shows the city is no 'bastion of liberty'.

Alex Dean 14 October 2014

London: let’s build better

The capital is headed in the right direction – up. But can we please ditch the ‘quirky’ buildings?