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Why won’t we tell students that Kant is better than the Koran?

The problem on campus isn’t hate preaching — it’s academic cowardice.

Twentysomethings, call off the generational jihad

Tom Slater, 23, calls for an end to pity-me yoof politics.

Duleep Allirajah 27 February 2015

Football’s fantasy racism

Ignore the well-paid ‘anti-racists’ — racism in the game has been on the wane for years.

The best reason to kick Cameron out? Libya

Why the hell of Libya isn't on the election agenda. Why it should be.

Henry Williams 26 February 2015

Is ISIS going to invade Europe from Libya?

In a nutshell, no. So stop the scaremongering.

Nikos Sotirakopoulos 26 February 2015

Syriza’s compromise: a revolution betrayed?

Begging its creditors for more money won’t liberate Greece.

Mick Hume 25 February 2015

Hugh Grant: hero of the fight for press freedom?

His boasts confirm freedom is being redefined as liberty-on-licence.

Tom Slater 25 February 2015

Students, join our fight against campus censorship!

Say no to No Platform and Safe Spaces and yes to some real debate.

Dan Bell 24 February 2015

Kangaroo courts on campus: ‘martial law against men’

The campus rape panic is destroying due process.

Wendy Earle 24 February 2015

Give us good art, not ‘socially inclusive’ art

The new policy of cultural democracy is bad for culture and bad for democracy.

Brendan O’Neill 23 February 2015

Hating football fans: the opium of the elites

The furore over those racist Chelsea fans has been unhinged and ugly.

An ominous pilgrimage to Syria: what made them go?

Blaming jihadist ‘groomers’ for warping young Brits’ minds is a moral copout.

Daniel Ben-Ami 23 February 2015

This dodgy tax crusade is undermining freedom

The war on tax avoidance boosts arbitrary state power.

Patrick West 23 February 2015

Spiral: the cure to Scandimania

So long to another sweary series of this balls-to-the-wall French drama.

Tom Slater 20 February 2015

Modafinil: the drug of choice of Generation Worry

The rise of smart drugs on campus shows how boring my generation is.

Neil Ross 20 February 2015

US satirists have been ‘de-fanged’

Neil Ross reports on an NYC debate on satire apres Charlie.

Duleep Allirajah 20 February 2015

Where is the Je Suis Chelsea march?

The Chelsea fans on the Paris Metro have spurred on football’s censors.

Patrick West 20 February 2015

A trip down Chelsea’s hooligan lane

There was a time when racist abuse really was a Chelsea-fan staple – it’s not now.

Frank Furedi 19 February 2015

After Copenhagen: resist the empire of offence

The biggest threat to free and open debate is the fear of giving offence.

Tim Gregg 19 February 2015

The tyranny of health Down Under

Australia is leading the way in public-health authoritarianism.

Assisted suicide: death is not ‘a part of life’

Using the language of freedom to justify on-demand death is Orwellian and dangerous.

Ukiphobia: the prejudices that dare not speak their name

Channel 4’s docudrama on UKIP revealed the bigotry of the elite.

Harman’s Barbie bus: The new face of feminism

It isn't only Labour that views women as a distinctive political species.

Elsa Makouezi 18 February 2015

Why Operation Black Vote doesn’t get my vote

Politicians have to earn our vote by giving us something worth supporting.

Gilbert Ross 17 February 2015

The madness of the war on e-cigs

Corruption and distorted facts are driving the clampdown on vaping.

Carrie Levi 17 February 2015

The 10 worst US states for abortion rights

Land of the free? Think again.

Ellie Lee 17 February 2015

Stop Gendercide: a dangerous campaign

Changes to the UK criminal law could put abortion doctors on trial.

Tim Black 16 February 2015

The real dodgers are those obsessed with tax avoiders

Scapegoating the rich has become a way of dodging economic debate.

Censorship on campus: a tale of two comedians

Why liberals defend Kate Smurthwaite but denounce Dapper Laughs.

Copenhagen: the bloody, murderous No Platforming of blasphemers

After this shooting, let’s fight even harder for the right to offend.

Alexander Adams 13 February 2015

Hermann Nitsch: Blood on the museum floor

A Mexican art gallery has turned the pretentious Austrian into a free-speech martyr.

Tom Slater 13 February 2015

The Victorianism of the Fifty Shades boycotters

Those railing against the BDSM romp have a low view of womanhood.

Bernie Whelan 13 February 2015

Harper Lee, welcome back!

Why I'll be devouring the ‘sequel’ to To Kill A Mockingbird.

Jim Butcher 13 February 2015

Kids need the freedom to play

Children lose out when their every pastime is supervised.

Jon Holbrook 12 February 2015

New rape laws: turning sex into a crime

Rape laws in England and Wales have become terrifyingly Kafkaesque.

Sean Collins 12 February 2015

Jon Stewart, the king of snark, abdicates

How the once funny comedian became a viral snark-generator for lazy liberals.