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Luke Gittos 17 April 2015

It’s right that Lord Janner won’t be prosecuted

Demands to try Janner show how unhinged the child-sex panic has become.

The genius of the football missile thrower

Yes, throwing things at players can be dangerous. But, at its best, it’s an art.

Montage of Heck: nevermind the tragedy

A new rock doc about Kurt Cobain is a paean to the Nirvana frontman’s restless creativity – not his tragic end.

The secret to winning the yoof vote? Big ideas

Young people want some vision, not pity-me politics.

The racist roots of the French FGM crusade

France’s anti-FGM campaign was the product of an immigrant-bashing time.

Why the political class *hearts* Joey Essex

Party leaders have mistaken a reality-TV star for the electorate.

The Tories’ great third‑sector sell‑off

Selling off housing-association homes further erodes the social spirit.

Why shouldn’t working people own their homes?

Anger over right-to-buy sums up the left's municipal miserabilism.

The student occupiers dying by their own censorious sword

To protect the right to protest, students must get serious about free speech.

Why the Armenian genocide still haunts the world

Many of the tensions of the Great War remain scarily unresolved.

Smashing statues: the chilling desire to be free from history

The new fashion for defacement is intolerant and vengeful.

The rise of Hillary and the death of politics

Clinton’s gender-obsessed campaign confirms the end of political life.

Kosovo and Bosnia:
the EU’s Iraq

It’s not just Iraq that has been destroyed by Western intervention.

How can we breathe life back into the American Dream?

Hectoring the poor has taken the place of inspiring all.

Tim Black 10 April 2015

ISIS: the mad residue of the war on terror

Patrick Cockburn’s study of ISIS indicts both Saudi Arabia and the West.

Neil Davenport 10 April 2015

The PC terror of the Twittermob

Jon Ronson finds something nasty lurking in the eye of the Twitterstorm.

Dyatlov Pass: a chilling mystery solved?

Science may hold the key to unlocking a tragedy that has fascinated since 1959.

Jennie Bristow 10 April 2015

Schooling goes back to the future

Teaching subject knowledge will give young people the means to shape their own destiny.

Ignore the belt‑tighteners: growth is good

Want to boost people's wellbeing? Then create more wealth.

Patrick West 10 April 2015

It’s time Brits got down with the Lingo

Gaston Dorren’s fascinating book is a must-read for us chauvinistic monoglots.

What do we want? To be treated like children!

Recent university occupations expose how infantilised students have become.

Good boobs, bad boobs: how feminists police women’s bodies

Middle-class breasts on Instagram – good. Big tits in the Sun – bad.

Consent classes for footballers, but not cricketers?

The elite views footballers and football fans as rapists-in-waiting.

Universities: the environmentalist enemy within

A vital new report shows how sustainability poses a threat to academic freedom.

From Ireland to Indiana, the spread of gay-marriage groupthink

Why the campaign for same-sex hitching is so censorious and intolerant.

Barbara Hewson 8 April 2015

How ‘recovered memories’ fuelled the paedo panic

The UK justice system needs to face facts: 'recovered memories' simply aren't credible.

Sean Collins 7 April 2015

Rolling Stone and UVA: more than a failure of journalism

The real problem is the unhinged moral panic about rape on campus.

Islam vs liberalism: the classroom’s silent Culture War

Teachers are afraid of tackling difficult questions in front of pupils.

Civil rights come before religious freedom for secular businesses

If you are open for business, you should be open for business.

Tim Black 2 April 2015

Indiana: why we must be free to discriminate

Attacks on religious freedom undermine liberal society.

Tom Slater 2 April 2015

Porno Britain: have we no shame?

Porn-watchers shouldn't be demonised. But they shouldn't be celebrated either.

Spiked team 2 April 2015

‘She’s an inspiration, not a criminal’

VIDEO: Kurdish Londonders demand the release of anti-ISIS fighter Shilan Ozcelik.

Get the cops off Hopkins’ Twitterfeed

An MP has disgracefully reported Katie Hopkins for speech crimes.

Rhodes to nowhere: smashing statues won’t change South Africa

South African students should focus on fighting the ANC, not past injustices.

Why the yearning for grammar schools?

They are a reminder of a subject-based education rarely found elsewhere today.

Give us the freedom to build our own homes

We need 260,000 new homes a year, and officials won’t build them.

Tim Black 30 March 2015

Opportunity Knox for Italy-bashing

Yes, Amanda Knox has been demonised. But so has Italy.

Only a mug would vote for the anti-immigrant Labour Party

Why the outrage over a mug? Labour has been bashing migrants for 50 years.

What’s behind the fashion for banning?

Barely a day passes without someone demanding a ban on something.

Germanwings: can we no longer call mad people mad?

The policing of language has reached lunatic levels.

They’re all Lib Dems now

The rootless politics embodied by Clegg is now widespread in Westminster.

Tom Slater 27 March 2015

Kendrick Lamar: rap’s angry young man

To Pimp A Butterfly is a rap classic for Generation Y to call its own.

Patrick West 27 March 2015

Jeremy Clarkson: a true internationalist

Far from being parochial, Top Gear was loved from Italy to Iran.

Video reviews: a reffing mistake

Refereeing errors don't detract from football – they add to the drama.