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‘People can’t lead full lives if they’re dependent on the state’

spiked talks to David Boaz, author of The Libertarian Mind.

Joy Division: transmissions from an edgier era

The nostalgia for Eighties alt culture reflects how pale public life is today.

Tom Slater 29 May 2015

The Dark Net: a mirror of society?

Jamie Bartlett goes on a fascinating trek though the hidden internet.

A Queen’s Speech by the Continuity Party

Where was the bill to abolish the Human Rights Act – or the NHS?

Kick the sex cops off campus

Universities have one responsibility – to educate.

Wendy Earle 28 May 2015

MONA: desperately seeking sincerity

This zany Tasmanian art gallery lays the limits of contemporary irony bare.

Rob Lyons 28 May 2015

The hoax that exposed the addiction to junk science

Dark chocolate causes weight loss? Hacks actually believed it.

The trouble with gay marriage

Yes, Ireland has entered a new era of equality – but not the positive kind.

Sean Collins 27 May 2015

Boycotting the boycotters: the wrong way to oppose BDS

Clamping down on BDS will only fuel its intolerant campaign.

Labour and the EU: still dodging democracy

There’s something sinister in Labour’s about-face on a referendum.

Operation Hydrant: an Inquisition for the 21st century

Police trawling for child-abuse cases is an affront to justice.

Young American liberals are losing the ability to argue

Censorship on campus – and elsewhere – is dumbing down political debate.

Tom Slater 22 May 2015

Taylor Swift: queen of the Peter Pan generation

Twentysomething Swiftdom shows how scared of growing up my generation is.

Gerrard should have left Liverpool years ago

He was a local hero, yes. But he fell short of greatness.

Happiness: a modern malaise

Two enlightening new books explore the miserable rise of the happiness industry.

The left: from solidarity to pity

Lefties no longer struggle with the people – they feel sorry for them.

‘Je Suis Charlie’: a caricature of freedom of speech

The pro-Charlie set is now holding back the fight for free expression.

Who needs the Labour Party now?

It lost its ‘voice of organised labour’ long ago, and has found no other.

How UK courts are betraying Magna Carta

We must resist the new assaults on due process.

Jon Holbrook 20 May 2015

HRA: giving democracy a hammering

Tory plans to replace the HRA will only reinforce judicial tyranny.

Human rights: taking liberties, not protecting them

The Human Rights Act has set back the fight for freedom.

spiked 20 May 2015

The First Amendment vs the Human Rights Act

Two defences of free expression, two very different ideas of freedom.

No, Cameron, you can never have ‘too much’ tolerance

The PM, like so many others, doesn't get how important tolerance is.

Tim Black 18 May 2015

Morsi death sentence: a judgement on Western liberals

Too many sacrificed support for democracy at the altar of Sisi’s coup.

Meet the feminists who don’t like women

Women are weak? With feminists like this, who needs misogyny.

Emily Hill 15 May 2015

The murder of Mayakovsky’s poetry

A Soviet crime — the neglect of their greatest poet — must be avenged.

The queer saint with a taste for rough trade

A fascinating new biography explores the debauched life of seminal art patron Peter Watson.

Niall Crowley 15 May 2015

Motown and the end of the American Dream

Detroit 67 is a gritty portrait of the year Motown unravelled.

Robin Walsh 15 May 2015

Edzard Ernst: a scientist in wonderland

A new memoir of the great thwarter of alternative medicine is a paean to courage, conviction and reason.

Has feminism really come to this:
fear of adverts?

The fuss over Protein World exposes the wetness of the new feminism.

#NotGuilty, but a victim forever

Rape victims shouldn't be encouraged to dwell on their experiences.

We’ll dress
how we want

The fancy-dress furore at Hartlepool shows that football anti-racism has sunk to a new low.

Why I’m not celebrating Billy Elliot’s 10th birthday

This film/musical is nasty piece of ideology from which no one may dissent.

The Guardian exposes Prince Charles as a Guardianista!

What a fantastic irony: his letters to ministers show how very Guardian he is.

Anti-terror: the perversion of tolerance

Cameron’s crackdown on extremists will destroy freedom, not protect it.

800 years on,
why Magna Carta still matters

The document that built a ‘brazen wall’ to guard the individual from the state.

Magna Carta: reignite the spirit of rebellion

Freedom is never given to us – it must be won.

‘Everything that Magna Carta stood for is being buried’

Peter Hitchens talks to Tom Slater about the phoney nostalgia for the great charter.