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Two cheers for Theresa May

The fury over her speech is really a fury with democracy.

Sean Collins 17 January 2017

Obama is not your saviour

Sean Collins on the cult of Obama and the crisis of American politics.

Ben Pile 17 January 2017

London is not bound in toxic smog

The scaremongering about air pollution is blighting innovation in the capital.

Tim Black 16 January 2017

For Hunt, the party’s over

But the Corbynistas are as aloof as the 'Blairites'.

Alexander Adams 16 January 2017

Samuel Beckett: a man of letters

Beckett’s letters reveal a personality inseparable from the act of writing.

Tom Bailey 16 January 2017

A pro-EU strike? Good luck with that...

AC Grayling's latest anti-Brexit idea underlines how cynical elite Remainers have become.

Milo isn’t dangerous, but censorship is

The equation of words and violence harms open debate.

Henry Scanlan 16 January 2017

Fabric: a Pyrrhic victory?

The club has reopened, but under stringent new rules.

spiked podcast 14 January 2017

Why liberals are now falling for fake news

Podcast: Brendan O'Neill on the media's reaction to the Trump dossier.

Tom Slater 13 January 2017

We’re all haters now

If a middle-of-the-road speech now counts as a ‘hate incident’, we’re all screwed.

Tim Black 13 January 2017

Graham Taylor: a decent man out of time

Football's new fans couldn't stand what Taylor represented.

To some, Israel is the new Illuminati

Anti-Israel conspiracy theories are rife in the mainstream media.

Christian Butler 13 January 2017

The Passion of Scorsese

Silence has its flaws, but it speaks to Scorsese’s greatness.

Andrew Doyle 13 January 2017

Trump isn’t clever enough for urinary Dadaism

It is an indictment of the liberal left that they’re sharing the piss story.

Mick Hume 12 January 2017

Yes, Obama, democracy is in danger – but not from voters

His speech put a ‘democratic’ spin on age-old elite prejudices.

Sabine Beppler-Spahl 12 January 2017

Who decides what is fake news?

The German clampdown on ‘misinformation’ is a threat to free speech.

Tom Bailey 12 January 2017

They’re all Hamiltonians now

The liberals bashing the Electoral College are far from democrats.

Brendan O’Neill 11 January 2017

Watersportsgate: who’s post-truth now?

Why liberal hacks are going wild for the dodgy dossier on Trump.

Ella Whelan 11 January 2017

Gender quotas are an insult to women

Stop offering women a patronising leg-up into politics.

University isn’t about ‘satisfaction’

Academics should teach students – not look after them.

Turning neighbour against neighbour

Anti-social-behaviour policies are breaking down community bonds.

Andy Shaw 11 January 2017

Fracking is the future

We need to remake the case for progress and plenty.

And the award for most patronising speech goes to...

Meryl and Co, spare us the preaching.

Ken McLaughlin 10 January 2017

Mental health: stigma isn’t the problem

We need better resources for mental care, not awareness-raising.

Tim Black 10 January 2017

NHS: the state religion

The sacralisation of the NHS reduces citizens to patients.

Frank Furedi 10 January 2017

RIP Zygmunt Bauman

The energetic doubter of modernity has died.

Taking on the tabloid-bashers

Queen Mary student Emily Dinsmore on why she made a stand for press freedom.

24 hours to save the press

Leveson is driven by a fear and loathing of the public. You can fight it.

James Heartfield 9 January 2017

We’re doomed!

Another eco-doomsday claim is proven wrong.

James Woudhuysen 9 January 2017

The robots aren’t taking over

The idea that IT is surpassing human beings sells us short.

‘The PC war is becoming interminable’

Podcast: Tom Slater on the alt-right and illiberal liberals.

Why the alt-right and the illiberals need each other

The response to Milo’s book deal is the reason he has a book deal.

The narcissism of foreign aid

It's now entirely about making Westerners feel good.

Students should stand up for press freedom

A London student on why he's fighting the anti-tabloid snobbery of both SUs and the state.

Leveson II: revenge of the freedom-snatchers

A second showtrial of the press would be a disaster for journalism.

Naomi Firsht 5 January 2017

New Year, same old nanny state

In 2017, let's cast off the public-health killjoys.

The teaching assistants who took on the system

Durham TAs show us how to challenge pay cuts.

In defence of dirt-digging journalism

How Section 40 will prevent journalists from speaking truth to power.

Luke Gittos 4 January 2017

We need freedom, not human rights

There's nothing to fear from repealing the Human Rights Act.

The problem with facts

Political life cannot be driven by ‘evidence’ alone.

Tim Black 3 January 2017

Russia-bashing: the world’s most dangerous blame game

The conspiracy theory of seeing Putin’s hand in everything.

Rob Lyons 3 January 2017

Smokers enjoy cigarettes – deal with it

The anti-smoking brigade doesn't understand pleasure.

Why comedians must be free to say ‘faggot’

The calls to slap trigger warnings on Eddie Murphy's old stand-up special are insulting to gay people.

Ella Whelan 30 December 2016

‘I won’t ask permission to say what I want’

Lionel Shriver takes on the dreary conformism of contemporary culture.

Brendan O’Neill 30 December 2016

History begins

How 2016 rekindled the historical imagination.

Johan Norberg 30 December 2016

And the poor shall rise

The eradication of poverty is becoming a reality.

Zygmunt Bauman 30 December 2016

Living towards the past

Zygmunt Bauman talks retrotopia and humanity's disillusionment with the future.

Norman Lewis 30 December 2016

Homo Deus – humanity diminished

Yuval Harari’s ‘brief history of tomorrow’ draws deep on the anti-humanist prejudices of today.

Christopher Bray 30 December 2016

Bowie: a ceaseless search for the new

Paul Morley’s biography rushes past the modernist genius of David Bowie.

Alexander Adams 30 December 2016

A violent obsession

Violent Sensations explores the fascination with sex and murder in 19th-century culture.

Tom Bailey 30 December 2016

The politics of Utopia

A fascinating new study sheds light on Thomas More, the political thinker.

James Woudhuysen 30 December 2016

A postcapitalist pseuds’ corner

Two books prophesying the future show a distinct ignorance about present-day capitalism.