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Who’d be a football coach now?

The child-abuse panic is poisoning the adult-child relationship.

Luke Gittos 9 December 2016

No institution should be above the people

The Brexit judges must realise they are beholden to us, too.

Patrick West 9 December 2016

Veganism: a cult of purity

This obsession with clean living is a denial of human nature.

James Heartfield 9 December 2016

The rise of the officious state

A new book challenges the arbitrary power of modern officials.

Stephen Bremner 8 December 2016

Why are quangos so scared of the public?

Why the EHRC wants to tame politics post-Brexit.

The myth of the 48%

The anti-Brexit mob is the most elitist British movement in memory.

Wendy Kaminer 8 December 2016

America’s imperilled democracy

Trump’s own ‘identity politics’ are damaging democratic rights.

Barbara Hewson 8 December 2016

The Harding Clark report: when hysteria trumps fact

A new Irish report on symphysiotomy reveals the dangers of victim culture.

Alexander Adams 7 December 2016

Philistines in avant-garde clothing

Sohrab Ahmari’s scathing critique shows how identity politics is destroying the arts.

Ella Whelan 7 December 2016

There’s more to university than getting a good job

Students suing their alma maters speaks to the devaluation of learning.

Why I’m fighting my Uni ban on tabloids

Banning the sale of tabloids is slippery censorship and should be opposed.

Fraser Myers 7 December 2016

In defence of Last Tango in Paris

The new censorious rage over this great film must be resisted.

Jim Butcher 7 December 2016

Global citizens vs the people

Self-styled citizens of the world are driven by disdain for the demos.

Dominic Standish 6 December 2016

The rejection of Renzi: a good day for democracy

Italians have had enough of this unelected PM.

Tim Black 6 December 2016

The Casey Review: a nation divided

The British state’s multicultural dream has turned into a segregated nightmare.

Naomi Firsht 6 December 2016

Season’s Greetings: Santa Claus is dead!

Here come the Christmas killjoys.

Guy Birchall 6 December 2016

Why I love the new animal-fat fiver

Don’t have a cow, vegans, this new currency is great.

Tom Slater 5 December 2016

The war of attrition on Brexit

The elite is trying to break the public spirit. We must resist.

Frank Furedi 5 December 2016

Italian revolt

These ballot-box uprisings are more liberal than the elites they’re targeting.

Izzy Lyons 5 December 2016

30 quid for contraception? #JustSayNon

British women are penalised for seeking emergency contraception.

spiked podcast 3 December 2016

‘The fight for Brexit goes on’

Podcast: Bruno Waterfield on the legal coup against Brexit.

Jacob Diamond 2 December 2016

The silence about campus anti-Semitism

At City University, BDS has been introduced by the back door.

The Lib Dems: neither liberal nor democratic

They've made themselves a party against the people.

Are cries of sexism holding back science?

Humans are not ruled by biology – that doesn't mean it's not important.

Derek Turner 2 December 2016

Dublin Seven: nasty, brutish and brilliant

A tale of drug-dealing and disillusionment shines an angry light on the Irish capital.

spiked 1 December 2016

Enemies of the state

Watch the videos from our religious-freedom conference.

Tara McCormack 1 December 2016

East Aleppo: a catastrophe of the West’s making

How Western meddling pushed Syria over the edge.

Naomi Firsht 1 December 2016

Fillon, Le Pen and the Brexit effect

The flux of 2016 looks set to hit the French elections.

Stop the fearmongering about fascism

The left’s Nazism panic shows how out of touch it is.

Eric Bristow’s tormentors are far more immoral than he is

Piers Morgan vs Eric Bristow was a grotesque spectacle.

How the left learned to love Prevent

Leftists are cool with government censorship when it’s aimed at the right.

Luke Gittos 30 November 2016

Using the law as a weapon against the people

The legal coups against Brexit are getting out of hand.

Patrick Marmion 30 November 2016

The Children: an unsubtle swipe at Baby Boomers

Lucy Kirkwood’s new play ladles on the generational resentment.

Brendan O’Neill 29 November 2016

In defence of ‘the poorest hee’

The brilliant democratic cry of the Levellers remains unanswered.

Mick Hume 29 November 2016

A short history of anti-democracy

The elitist sentiments coming back into fashion have been around since Plato.

Tom Slater 29 November 2016

The case for democracy

Jason Brennan's miserable tract misunderstands the nature of political freedom.

Tim Black 29 November 2016

At the party’s end

Peter Oborne reflects on the defeat, and future, of the political class.

Paul Cartledge 29 November 2016

The Athenian legacy

Paul Cartledge talks ancient democracy, the English Revolution and the fate of people power.

Frank Furedi 29 November 2016

Populism: a defence

Anti-populism is often just anti-democracy.

Arlie Hochschild 29 November 2016

Anger, mourning and the American right

Arlie Hochschild talks Trump, liberal ignorance and the importance of empathy.

James Heartfield 29 November 2016

Europe: a left-wing revolt?

A new survey of the European left reveals too many parties and activists out of step with the people.

Tim Black 28 November 2016

Child-abuse hysteria’s latest victim: football

Now the national game is being transformed into a site of evil.

Hands off the press, your Highness

Tabloids must be free to report on royal romances.

Frank Furedi 26 November 2016

Fidel Castro: a tragic Cold War figure

How the US and Soviet Union helped turn Castro into a dictator.

spiked podcast 25 November 2016

The rise of the booze burqa

Martin Durkin, Chris Snowdon and Tom Slater talk public-health killjoyism.

Fake news and post‑truth: the handmaidens of Western relativism

It isn’t Macedonian teens who killed truth and objectivity.

Patrick West 25 November 2016

The wrath of the do‑gooders

Are bien pensant observers the most hateful people in politics?

Christian Butler 25 November 2016

Sex, drugs and failure

Jim Jarmusch’s Gimme Danger is a powerful tribute to the Stooges.

Jennie Bristow 25 November 2016

Understanding Trump voters

Arlie Hochschild’s latest explores the emotional universe of Trump’s support.

Remainers, please, let Jo Cox rest in peace

The media’s use of Cox to score political points is grotesque.

Phil Mullan 24 November 2016

Economic sloth: stop blaming it on Brexit

We need to boost productivity, with or without the EU.

Luke Gittos 24 November 2016

Prison reform needs big ideas

We need a revolution in justice policy.

Wendy Kaminer 24 November 2016

Trump: a threat to the republic

The president-elect is surrounding himself with authoritarians.