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Against Trump,
for democracy

His shallow, illiberal campaign is the sordid end result of anti-politics.

Up the Citeh!

Why Leicester won – and why they've made the commentators swoon.

London: nothing
to be scared of

A thriving, buzzing city deserves better than the politics of fear.

Let London be spontaneous

We must roll back regulations on public life.

Let’s fill London with cars

We need more roads, cheaper fuel and greater freedom for everyone.

Let’s harness London’s creativity

The new mayor should champion creative technology.

Mick Hume 3 May 2016

Hillsborough: a few truths they still want to hide

The cover-ups around the deaths of 96 Liverpool fans are not over yet.

Students are standing up for free speech

Blair Spowart reports on the anti-Prevent protest at the University of Edinburgh.

Identity politics
is the enemy of equality

Australian campuses have become infested with victim politics.

BDS: boycotting academic freedom

College leaders need to stand up to this illiberal and bigoted campaign.

‘The corporates are running scared of regulation’

We talk Dolmio, tap water with meals and the state of nannying across Europe.

‘Banning pornography is demeaning to women’

Nadine Strossen talks free speech, women's equality and defending porn.

Labour, anti‑Semitism and the cult of ‘You Can’t Say That!’

The Livingstone debacle exposes both sides in Labour's anti-Semitism row.

James Shapiro 28 April 2016

Shakespeare at work

James Shapiro talks to the spiked review about what history can and can’t tell us about Shakespeare’s continued resonance.

Hegel on Hamlet

In Shakespeare’s most famous character, Hegel saw a tragic disgust with existence.

Edward Wilson-Lee 28 April 2016

In search of Shakespeare’s universalism

Edward Wilson-Lee talks to Tim Black about Shakespeare’s East African journey, from colonial talisman to inspiration to independence leaders.

Vanessa Pupavac 28 April 2016

Made in Germany

It took the likes of Herder and Schlegel to grasp the brilliance of Shakespeare’s tragic vision.

Terri Murray 28 April 2016

In the company of freedom lovers

Sarah Bakewell’s At the Existentialist Café is an inspiring portrait of thinkers for whom the personal is philosophical.

Alexander Adams 28 April 2016

The waltz of censorship

For the likes of Flaubert and Baudelaire, evading the censors was a very serious game.

Mick Hume 27 April 2016

Let’s make the whole of London a Free Speech Zone

Time for the capital city of freedom of expression to live up to its history.

Brendan O’Neill 27 April 2016

A deep green in charge of London? I don’t think so

Having Zac Goldsmith run London would be like asking a nun to run a brothel.

Luke Gittos 27 April 2016

Afrika Bambaataa: convicted by Twitter trial

The war on statutes of limitation is bad for justice.

For a London a hundred miles wide

Let’s build on the Green Belt and let the city breathe.

Tom Slater 26 April 2016

Prince: everyone’s freak

The Purple One was more than a hero to lonely outsiders.

Ella Whelan 26 April 2016

Abortion wars: women fight back

Women are fighting for their bodily autonomy.

Tim Black 26 April 2016

The tyranny of transparency

In the absence of privacy, conformism flourishes.

Why feminists are so down on sex

Meet the puritans who think sex is bad for women.

Can humanity live without borders?

ESSAY: There is little enlightened about being ‘post-borders’ today.

Berned out

Boiled down, Bernie Sanders’ message was just too pessimistic.

What we lose when Baby Boomers die

Bowie, Prince, Victoria Wood… they remind us of a more liberated era.

Tom Slater 22 April 2016

The union that students need

It’s time to smash the NUS and start anew.

spiked podcast 22 April 2016

‘Trump is as politically correct as anyone else’

The threat of Trumpism and the fall of Bernie – this week's podcast.

Prince, pop’s genius

His dedication to his craft made him one of the greats of popular culture.

Don Quixote: birth and death of the novel

Cervantes’ classic was the first postmodern novel. Pity it wasn't the last too.

The Muslim versus the Posh Boy

The London election has been reduced to a shallow battle of identities.

Tony Pierce 21 April 2016

London, it’s time for a new industrial revolution

Let’s make London the industrial centre of the future.

The problem with Sweden’s state-approved press

Swedish newspapers must cut the umbilical cord to the authorities.

Brendan O’Neill 20 April 2016

Leftists for the EU: the radical wing of the oligarchy

The left’s journey from democracy to technocracy is complete.

The EU’s use and abuse of Syrian migrants

Whether it's welcoming or deporting them, the EU is behaving cynically.

Bureaucracy is bad for free speech

A University of Exeter student tells spiked why he is standing against #Right2Debate.

‘Students must challenge the cult of psychic vulnerability’

Listen to Brendan O'Neill's introduction to our student free-speech meet-up.

The kids are all right

Teenage angst is not a serious mental-health issue.

Mental-health activism makes you sick

The campus obsession with wellbeing is infantilising students.

Fry’s right – self-pity is nothing to celebrate

The belief that sexual abuse is uniquely traumatising is damaging to victims.

Mick Hume 18 April 2016

A sordid attempt to whip press freedom into submission

Who’s really exposed by the non-story of Whittingdale and the dominatrix?

Frank Furedi 18 April 2016

Reclaiming Europe from the EU

The EU sees European history as a source of shame. It is wrong.