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Recalling the spirit of the Easter Rising

A new book gives the 1916 Dublin revolt its due.

Patrick West 27 November 2015

Cultural appropriation will eat itself

That yoga ban showed just how ludicrous it is to ghettoise culture.

Neil Davenport 27 November 2015

The culture war on Christianity

The banning of the Lord’s Prayer ad shows traditional values are on their knees.

If we’re serious about free speech, we should say ‘Je Suis Dieudonné’

Hateful people must be as free as decent people to express their beliefs.

Mick Hume 26 November 2015

‘Every idea is an incitement’

Blurring the line between offensive speech and incitement to violence threatens freedom for us all.

The make-believe world of child-abuse campaigners

A new report is light on facts and heavy on scaremongering.

Rob Lyons 26 November 2015

George Osborne: ducking the difficult questions

The Spending Review was nothing but tinkering – we need a real plan for growth.

Tom Slater 25 November 2015

Brussels: a city terrorising itself

The shutdown in Belgium is doing the jihadists’ work for them.

Ella Whelan 25 November 2015

The DWP doesn’t kill

Using suicide to argue against welfare cuts is sick and wrong.

James Heartfield 25 November 2015

Osborne is right, we need more homes

But new plans for the ‘starter home’ scheme won’t satisfy that need.

Tim Black 24 November 2015

Labour’s men of conscience? Gimme a break

The PLP has turned the Syria vote into another chance to depose Corbyn.

Luke Gittos 24 November 2015

Silhan Ozcelik is a hero

Why are we locking up people who want to fight the Islamic State?

The mental obsession with offence-taking

Ken Livingstone has become the latest victim of these over-sensitive times.

Robert Smith 24 November 2015

Yes, the Paris attacks had something to do with Islam

Insisting that Islamists are not 'real Muslims' gets us nowhere.

Frank Furedi 23 November 2015

Microaggression theory: an assault on everyday life

This crusade against unwitting racism is deeply divisive.

Luke Gittos 23 November 2015

The fake-penis case: a moral travesty

Gayle Newland’s sentence revealed a chasm between the law and the people.

Brendan O’Neill 20 November 2015

After Paris: where’s our fire?

Why our rulers are more interested in policing our passions than fighting ISIS.

Ben Pile 20 November 2015

The world needs more energy, not green BS

Western governments and agencies are now standing in the way of development.

‘I stand with Paris, but...’

We must engage with the real motivation behind the Paris attacks.

Joanna Williams 19 November 2015

one-upmanship: Men's Rights vs Victim Feminism

Identity politics is an ugly struggle for the highground of victimhood.

Peter Lloyd 19 November 2015

The feminists who want to silence men

Why shouldn’t men have a day to talk about men’s issues?

The shocking cost of Holland’s Eurozone membership

Dutch anti-Euro campaigners explain why their leaders have questions to answer.

Political lactivism: why breast isn’t always best

The pro-breastfeeding push smacks of middle-class prejudice.

Barbara Hewson 19 November 2015

Robinson v Furlong: a case study in witch-hunting

A Canadian historic-abuse case holds lessons for today’s witch-finder generals.

Neil Ross 19 November 2015

We need tolerance, not respect

Non-judgementalism has helped embolden the state and curtail our freedom.

Mick Hume 18 November 2015

Free speech: our best weapon in the war for the West’s soul

The terror attack on Boulevard Voltaire is a symbolic reminder of what’s at stake.

Jennie Bristow 18 November 2015

Millennial terrorism comes of age

The Paris attacks reveal the fearful, beleaguered mindset of today’s youth.

Waldemar Ingdahl 18 November 2015

Why mass surveillance misses terrorists

Mass monitoring of citizens provides an entirely false sense of security.

Sean Collins 17 November 2015

The University
of Racial Indoctrination

The rise of the race therapy complex on campus.

Sadhvi Sharma 17 November 2015

The hypocrisy of
Modi’s British critics

They demand free speech in India but support censorship at home.

Tim Black 16 November 2015

After Paris:
the myth of Islamophobia

Fear of rampant anti-Muslim sentiment is really a fear of the people.

After Paris: we must refuse to be terrorised

Fear is what they want; let’s not give them it.

Brendan O’Neill 16 November 2015

After Paris:
victory to the Kurds

Why are so few Westerners standing with, or fighting with, the Kurds?

Après Paris, c’est de raviver l’esprit
des Lumières

In French and English: read spiked’s response to the Paris attacks.

Tom Slater 13 November 2015

The Tory war on privacy

The Investigatory Powers Bill should be ripped up.

Patrick West 13 November 2015

Blind altruists shall not inherit the Earth

Teaching children to be discriminating is an important life lesson.

Mick Hume 12 November 2015

Russian Olympic scandal, or dopey Western stunt?

It’s much easier to lecture Putin over drugs in sport than bombs in Syria.

Missouri: professors against press freedom

How fortysomething academics inflame campus witch-hunts.

Ella Whelan 11 November 2015

Curing Layla: the brilliance of mankind

Scientists are playing God – and it’s a good thing, too.

James Heartfield 11 November 2015

Reform the EU? Pull the other one

David Cameron's EU reform plan is a charade of sovereignty.

Barbara Hewson 11 November 2015

Is changing your child’s sex legal?

The treatment of gender dysphoria in children poses a legal and moral dilemma.