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Frank Furedi 30 January 2015

The truth about the Nazi camp my mum was in

My mother would have recognised but not understood this depiction of Ravensbrück.

Elsa Makouezi 30 January 2015

Houellebecq’s not the bigot you think he is

Soumission is a serious interrogation of French politics and society.

Alexander Adams 30 January 2015

The Franklin expedition: a Victorian-era moon landing

New light is being shone on the brave but disastrous 1845 Arctic journey.

Joanna Williams 30 January 2015

Teaching: it’s about what you know

William Kitchen vs education’s child-centred, anti-knowledge orthodoxy.

Neil Davenport 30 January 2015

Generation Me loves keeping it real

Peter York takes well-aimed shots at the contemporary obsession with authenticity.

Ann Furedi 29 January 2015

In the struggle over abortion access, BPAS isn’t backing off

Why restricting clinic protests is not an attack on political freedom.

The new war against PC – it’s too late and it’s picked the wrong target

Why almost everyone is wrong about political correctness.

Duleep Allirajah 29 January 2015

Six reasons why giant killing sucks

We should celebrate Premier League Goliaths crushing lower-league Davids.

Neil Ross 28 January 2015

Obama is wrong: we need more politics, not less

The State of the Union address exposed Obama’s abandonment of reality.

Jon Holbrook 28 January 2015

How to prevent terrorism in five easy steps!

Jon Holbrook’s top tips for playing your role in the fight against terrorism.

Mick Hume 26 January 2015

Journalists should not be ‘beneath the law’, either

The trials of UK tabloid reporters reveal the state’s contempt for press freedom.

Tim Black 26 January 2015

Syriza’s victory: this is no anti-austerity revolution

The new rulers of Greece embody miserable eco-austerity.

Pro-choice and pro-free speech: say no to buffer zones

Wendy Kaminer on why she opposes restrictions on anti-abortion protests.

‘We must have the freedom to offend anyone’

Aussie cartoonist Bill Leak on satire, censorship and mocking Muhammad.

Boris: the only Brit allowed to point a gun at the Islamic State

Pretending to fight IS is fine – actually doing it apparently isn't.

Duleep Allirajah 23 January 2015

Holding out for a local hero

The local lad who bleeds the team’s colours is becoming a rarity in the high-stakes Premier League.

Stephen Sondheim: a puzzling genius

The secret of the lyricist-composer’s success? Hard work, a love of crosswords and brilliant librettos.

Waiting for Chilcot

Why politicians and pundits are so desperate to see the Iraq War report.

Where’s the ‘Je Suis Page 3’ movement?

Boobs, prophets – true press freedom means nothing should be off limits.

Ella Whelan 21 January 2015

No More Page 3 is no victory for women

I find the censorious campaign against Page 3 far more offensive than a pair of tits.

Tim Black 20 January 2015

Stuart Kerner: a criminal conviction for being foolish

A teacher having sex with a 16-year-old pupil should not be a legal matter.

Niall McCrae 20 January 2015

From food to sex: what is consent?

Everyday life contains far more grey areas than our laws will allow.

Universities are no place for the
anti-terror thought police

Counterterrorism laws are stifling research and debate in UK universities.

Tom Slater 19 January 2015

Oscars scandal: stop this racial policing of art

The sniping about a ‘whitewash’ in this year’s nominations is ugly and divisive.

Barry Curtis 19 January 2015

Health zealots have taken over the asylum

Plans to ban smoking in a mental-health facility reek of illiberal cruelty.

spiked 16 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo wouldn’t have survived here’

Listen to Brendan O’Neill discuss the likely reaction to a British Charlie Hebdo.

Matthias Heitmann 16 January 2015

Ich bin Charlie? That’s not enough

The Charlie solidarity is now being used to authoritarian ends.

Duleep Allirajah 16 January 2015

Stephanie Roche is not the world’s best goalscorer

And: Her goal was excellent, but it's right she didn't win the FIFA award.

Patrick West 16 January 2015

Night at the Museum’s nod to Philip K Dick

This film really is family fun, with a bit about what it means to be human.

Tim Black 15 January 2015

Why is Boko Haram so barbaric?

The new movements that float free of politics and morality.

Tim Black 14 January 2015

Reality TV’s moral freakshow

Big Brother gathers up the morally ‘deformed’ for the right-thinking to laugh at.

Rob Lyons 14 January 2015

Milk is not cheaper than water

From booze to petrol, water is the scaremongerers’ comparison of choice.

Kevin Yuill 14 January 2015

The nihilistic liberalism of assisted dying

If assisted dying is a medical treatment, then all are entitled to it – including convicted murderers.

Je suis Charlie? Then challenge the Islamophobia industry

The accusation of ‘Islamophobia’ is designed to strangle critical thinking.

Tom Slater 13 January 2015

Sia: pop’s Lolita moment

No, the 'Elastic Heart' video doesn't promote paedophilia.

Rossa Minogue 13 January 2015

The Greens are pro-immigration? Pull the other one

Anti-consumption and anti-growth... Little wonder the Green Party is also anti-migrant.

Alex Standish 13 January 2015

An alternative lesson from London schools

The capital’s schools have improved, but at what cost to education?