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Mick Hume 23 February 2017

Five Revolting! reasons to fight for democracy today

Mick Hume on some ideas behind his new book, out now.

Rob Lyons 23 February 2017

Live longer and prosper? Yes, we will

A new study on rising longevity around the world puts health fears into perspective.

Jacob Furedi 22 February 2017

Stoke: the people vs the political class

Jacob Furedi reports from a city in revolt against Westminster politics.

Naomi Firsht 22 February 2017

The Greek tragedy continues

The EU’s crushing of Greece shows it is no friend of workers.

Patrick Marmion 22 February 2017

In defence of Wayne Shaw

The sacking of the pie-eating keeper speaks to the sanitisation of football.

The tyranny of ‘breast is best’

The breastfeeding crusade undermines mothers’ autonomy.

Christian Butler 22 February 2017

PewDiePie is not an anti-Semite

Why is the media smearing this juvenile YouTuber?

Anti-flying activists: plummy-voiced enemies of progress

Blocking the road to Heathrow is a teen tantrum disguised as radicalism.

Paul Nuttall: following the trail Blair blazed

The UKIP leader’s Hillsborough claims are in a political-class tradition.

Pauline Hadaway 21 February 2017

The EU is no friend of the Irish

Ireland's interests lie with links to Britain not Brussels.

Fraser Myers 21 February 2017

Facebook fascists are no threat to the West

No, far-right British bloggers did not swing the US election.

Andrew Calcutt 20 February 2017

The Moorside: how the other half doesn’t live

The BBC’s dramatisation of the Shannon Matthews case expresses the worldview of a cut-off elite.

What fascism is, and isn’t

Trump’s America doesn’t even come close to fascism.

Frank Furedi 20 February 2017

‘Just like Hitler’: the diminishing of the Holocaust

Exploiting the Holocaust for political ends is a dangerous game.

Tom Bailey 20 February 2017

Trump’s critics are falling for conspiracy theories

Bannon is no more a fascist than Obama was a Marxist.

spiked podcast 18 February 2017

‘The Trump challenge is constitutional’

Podcast: Jeffrey Rosen on the legal battle over Trump's immigration order.

Mick Hume 17 February 2017

The Russians didn’t elect The Donald

...and other home truths behind the hysteria.

Patrick West 17 February 2017

Fahrenheit 451 is a better guide than 1984

Ray Bradbury foretold the tyranny of ‘You Can’t Say That!’.

How not to ‘re‑think autism’

As an expanding diagnostic category, autism is problematic – but it’s not a myth.

Brendan O’Neill 16 February 2017

Why you should back neither side in the Flynn scandal

Both Trump and his critics are damaging democratic politics.

Blair Spowart 16 February 2017

The SNP: the world’s most rubbish nationalists

Independence from Britain to stay in the EU? It doesn’t add up.

Tom Slater 15 February 2017

Brexit: the wheel upon which Labour will be broken?

Labour is terrified of working people ‘taking back control’.

Andrew Doyle 15 February 2017

Labour: still not listening

Labour MPs would rather destroy their own party than heed the people's will.

Let’s abandon sex education

We should teach kids the biological facts, not how to feel about sex.

Ella Whelan 14 February 2017

Generation Whinge, quit the granny-bashing

The idea that the Baby Boomers stole our future is ridiculous.

Turning journalism into a crime

The proposed new Espionage Act would devastate press freedom.

Luke Gittos 14 February 2017

The tragedy of the transgender ultra-Orthodox case

In family conflicts, the law cannot rule on who’s right.

Christopher Bray 14 February 2017

David Hockney: from the sun to the sublime

Hockney at his best shows us that we often look but rarely see.

David Davis and the rise of the Thought Police

That Davis had to publicly apologise for private texts is alarming.

Tim Black 13 February 2017

Yemen: the bloody reality of the pre‑Trump era

This devastated nation shows the US was never a force for peace.

Christian Butler 13 February 2017

The Grammys isn’t racist...’s just painfully out-of-touch.

spiked podcast 11 February 2017

‘Students must fight for free speech’

Podcast: Tom Slater discusses spiked’s 2017 Free Speech University Rankings.

Tom Slater 11 February 2017

Revealed: how censorship on campus is getting worse

The Free Speech University Rankings is back, and the news isn't good.

Students’ unions: putting a radical gloss on moralising

Universities and SUs now work in tandem to stifle freedom.

Spiked 11 February 2017

FSUR 2017: the honourable mentions

Five of the maddest bans from this year’s Free Speech University Rankings.

James Heartfield 10 February 2017

The green belt is strangling our towns and cities

Britain needs millions of new homes. Let’s build on the belt.

Patrick West 10 February 2017

Brass Eye wouldn’t survive today

Our era is too kneejerk and censorious for iconoclasm.

Brendan O’Neill 9 February 2017

Calling Trump a Nazi is its own kind of Holocaust denial

Wild comparisons with Hitler belittle the genocide of six million Jews.

Rob Lyons 9 February 2017

Hans Rosling: humanism by numbers

The Swedish statistician was a powerful antidote to our Malthusian times.

David Nolan 9 February 2017

Defending the right to choose in Trump’s America

A new Arkansas law should worry everyone who believes in women's freedom.

Mick Hume 8 February 2017

The danger is not fake news, but fake democracy

We don’t need gatekeepers to tell us what to believe.

Barbara Hewson 8 February 2017

‘My thinking was infected’

A Canadian judge has been forced to capitulate to feminist groupthink.

Christian Butler 8 February 2017

Toni Erdmann: the humanism of comedy

It has taken a German film to show Hollywood how to do humour.