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The GOP is the Trump Party now

Republican disarray has allowed for a total Donald takeover.

‘There is a moral case for abortion’

Ann Furedi discusses her new book.

Beware the phoney defenders of free speech

The Milo/Leslie Jones spat exposes the awfulness of the alt-right.

Funny Girl: is Sheridan Smith’s star fading?

The Savoy production’s understudy is the breakout star.

Labour’s woman problem

A party that treats women as weak is unlikely to get a female leader.

Mick Hume 21 July 2016

Defend Corbyn? No, let’s defend politics

The Labour leadership contest is being used to depoliticise debate.

Britain’s runway fiasco: the new fear of progress

Asia builds airports and revolutionary trains, and we can’t even lay some tarmac.

The Turkish coup and the crisis of liberalism

The failed putsch exposes the problems facing modernity itself.

Charlie Peters 20 July 2016

How Gove made prisons more humane

Anyone interested in prison reform should be gutted Gove has gone.

Cameron’s legacy? The reign of soft paternalism

Cameron was Blair with a blue rosette.

Tom Slater 18 July 2016

Breaking the spirit of Brexit

The government’s dithering is an attempt to dilute the people’s will.

Adrian Hart 18 July 2016

Brexit: the myth of a racist surge

The denigration of the white working class is the real prejudice of our age.

Brian Denny 18 July 2016

Brexit: a blow to the ruling class

A trade unionist explains why Brexit has so rattled our rulers.

‘After Nice, no more apologising – let's defend liberty’

Brendan O'Neill says we need to rediscover the Bastille spirit.

We need the Bastille spirit more than ever

After Nice, the fight for freedom and democracy must get real.

The EU: a disaster waiting to happen

From its inception, the European Union has been destined for ruin.

Ghostbusters: haunted by the original

This enjoyable reboot doesn’t hit the heights of its 1984 predecessor.

Portugal’s punk-rock tribute to defending

Don’t blame defenders for a dull Euro 2016 – attacking tacticians need to up their games.

Sean Collins 14 July 2016

After Dallas: let’s move beyond grief and fear

The US needs to rediscover its universalist outlook.

Tom Slater 14 July 2016

Why we protested at Theresa May’s first speech

This is about more than Brexit – it’s about democracy itself.

Mick Hume 14 July 2016

Political baldies squabbling over a broken comb

It would surely be better if predictions of Labour’s break-up proved true.

Needles and Opium:
a magical work

Robert Lepage’s multi-media masterpiece continues to inspire and bewitch.

After Brexit: the myth of post‑truth politics

Remain has become a religion, whose Truth we must not deny.

Ella Whelan 13 July 2016

The telling tears of Remainers

Why has there been such an emotional reaction to Brexit?

Luke Gittos 13 July 2016

The Remain campaign’s parliamentary paternalism

A note to lawyers: parliament is sovereign because it expresses the will of the people.

Tim Black 12 July 2016

The West’s war games with Russia

EU expansionism is a bigger problem than Putin’s ambitions.

Theresa May, the new PM, is a grave threat to freedom

Beneath the managerial exterior beats the heart of an authoritarian.

Tom Slater 11 July 2016

Leadsom was never the ‘Brexit candidate’

We can’t rely on the elite to deliver us democracy.

The feminist witch-hunting of Andrea Leadsom

The Tory race reveals how anti-political feminism is.

‘To defend democracy, we must invoke Article 50 now’

We discuss the attacks on Brexit and our new campaign for democracy.

spiked 10 July 2016

‘Hands off our democracy’

spiked’s Invoke Article 50 NOW! campaign pickets Mishcon De Reya.

Jennie Bristow 10 July 2016

The generation wars

From the generation of 1914 to the Millennials, what can generational labels really tell us?

Juno: a bold strike for human knowledge

Jupiter was once considered a god; this mission proves we’re mightier.

The post-Brexit ugliness of the left

Money-obsessed and anti-working class – the liberal left has revealed its ugly side.