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Brooks Newmark: another chance to bash the tabloids

Post-Leveson, even Tory sex scandals are deemed unacceptable.

Yugoslavia, Scotland and the end of nation

After the Scottish independence referendum, Britain should learn the lessons of Yugoslavia.

Mick Hume 30 September 2014

Vote for the invisible zombie parties!

Could 2015 break records for the most anti-democratic UK election?

Frank Furedi 30 September 2014

The EU’s culture war against the people

Populist movements like UKIP expose the EU’s estrangement from everyday life.

Katherine Hughes 30 September 2014

The British Feminist Party? No thanks…

Feminists should promote integration, not separatism.

Brendan O’Neill 29 September 2014

The Iraq debate: a fight among fearmongers

Both the pro- and anti-war sides have substituted panic for principle.

Barbara Hewson 29 September 2014

A Travis-ty of justice

The DLT trial shows that when enough mud is thrown, some will eventually stick.

Tom Slater 26 September 2014

When students believed in liberty

Fifty years on from the Free Speech Movement, its veterans talk to spiked.

Bruno Waterfield 26 September 2014

Self, Orwell and the English language

Will Self’s anti-Orwell tirade combines ignorance with a snobbish disdain for the public.

Shingi Mararike 26 September 2014

LVG’s big-spender football blues

Manchester United’s pitiful loss to Leicester proves that smash-and-grab management isn't all it's cracked up to be.

James Abbott 25 September 2014

Index on Censorship’s mad response to Exhibit B

Guess who it has criticised? Not the censorious protesters, but the Barbican.

Ellamay Russell 25 September 2014

Female students are not damsels in distress

It's a weird feminism that encourages women to think of themselves as weak.

The Kafkaesque clampdown on campus hook-ups

Sex at college can be cringey, but that doesn’t make it assault.

Manick Govinda 25 September 2014

Exhibit B: artists must have the right to shock

It was a sad day for freedom when Brett Bailey’s work was shut down by a mob.

Theresa Clifford 25 September 2014

NZ: the limits of scandal-mongering

New Zealand’s opposition parties need to offer more than Wikileaked conspiracy theories.

Kevin Yuill 24 September 2014

Belgium’s insane right‑to‑die laws

Accepting a mentally ill prisoner's request to be executed shows up the madness of Belgium's euthanasia laws.

spiked podcast 24 September 2014

‘Students are now demanding freedom from speech’

Podcast: Greg Lukianoff on why we should shock students out of lazy thinking.

Christopher Beckett 24 September 2014

We need to talk about extremism

Universities need to man up and face down extremism, not censor it.

Yamir Ash 24 September 2014

Get pissed, have sex and speak your mind...

The spiked guide to thriving at freshers’ week.

Neil Davenport 23 September 2014

Nick Cave: grit in the teeth of London's luvvies

20,000 Days on Earth is an engrossing film about an unlikely hero of Britain's middle class.

Frank Furedi 23 September 2014

Academic freedom is a big deal

The pursuit of truth is more important than lecturers’ or students’ feelings.

Tom Slater 23 September 2014

Freedom for the freshers!

Why spiked is waging a war of words on the campus thought police.

Dennis Hayes 23 September 2014

On the freedom to sigh

The disciplining of a professor for 'sighing' will have a corrosive effect on academics' right to speak their minds.

Tim Black 22 September 2014

The myth of anti-Tory Scotland

Scots' hatred of the Conservative Party has been much exaggerated.

Mick Hume 22 September 2014

We’re all in the Non‑UK now

Welcome to a new era of petty divisions and political chaos across Britain.

Frank Furedi 22 September 2014

The Scottish referendum: don’t believe the hype

Challenging the myth that the referendum renewed UK democracy.

Get the police off our tweets!

A senior British police officer has threatened to punish offensive speech online - where's the outrage over such Orwellianism?

Brendan O’Neill 19 September 2014

Scotland: once again the demos save the day

The masses are far more rational than the unhinged political class.

Duleep Allirajah 19 September 2014

Kick wifi out of football?

Fans live-tweeting matches from the stands isn't to blame for the sanitisation of the game.

Rob Lyons 19 September 2014

Swiss girls just wanna have guns

Rob Lyons reports from Zurich's annual shooting competition – for schoolchildren.

Brendan O’Neill 18 September 2014

Say No

Democracy itself is on the line in today’s referendum.

Mattias Svensson 18 September 2014

Sweden’s overcrowded middle ground

Forget far-right surges and left revivals - Swedish politics is gravitating to the centre.

Martyn Perks 18 September 2014

Apple: the U2 of the tech world

Apple used to lead the market; now it desperately follows it.

Tim Black 17 September 2014

Youth today – boring, polite and very fearful

Young people need to stop worrying about their careers and get out more.

Pierre Desrochers 17 September 2014

The latest culinary fad: famine food

Middle-class foodies are paying a fortune to eat what peasants once lived on.

Mark Beachill 17 September 2014

After the Sewol disaster: the future of South Korea

The sinking of a ship packed with schoolchildren is unravelling political life in Korea.

Dolan Cummings 16 September 2014

The flimsy, fantasy politics of the Yes campaign

Scottish independence is not an opportunity; it’s a political dead-end.

Neil Davenport 16 September 2014

Coppers: the armed wing of therapy culture

Chasing tweeters, raiding ageing celebs' homes... the police are fuelling the culture of victimhood.

Patrick West 16 September 2014

Gingers, nerds and fat people – the ‘new prejudice’?

Picking on people for their appearance may be unpleasant, but it's hardly akin to racism.

Brendan O’Neill 15 September 2014

The West’s sad semi-war against ISIS is worse than useless

Our leaders say the Islamic State threatens civilisation – why won’t they fight it?

Tim Black 15 September 2014

NATO’s reckless Russia‑baiting

The Cold War organisation’s crisis of purpose is playing itself out in Ukraine.

Nikos Sotirakopoulos 15 September 2014

Greek anti-racist bill: say the right things, or else...

Only a free, unregulated forum can help defeat the likes of Golden Dawn.

Mick Hume 12 September 2014

Hack Attack: how Nick Davies saved the world

…by helping to close the News of the World.

Brendan O’Neill 12 September 2014

Owen Jones' middle-class moralism

The Establishment is possibly the least convincing portrait of power ever painted.

Tim Black 12 September 2014

Ian McEwan: a lapsed rationalist

The Children Act lays bare the limits of the scientistic worldview.

Stuart Derbyshire 12 September 2014

Setting the record straight on AIDS

Chris Jennings’ new book exposes the reality of the epidemic that never was.

Rob Lyons 12 September 2014

The war on fat – a big, fat waste of time

Rob Lyons talks to the author of a new book that calls into question the demonisation of fatty foods.

Alexander Adams 12 September 2014

Boswell’s postcards from a hanging

A new collection of James Boswell’s writings reveals the enduring humanity of a man obsessed with public executions.

spiked podcast 12 September 2014

The importance of being cultured

Angus Kennedy talks to spiked about the cultural retreat of the elites and the need for discrimination.

Joanna Williams 12 September 2014

Tackling the reading gap

Overworked teachers and dumbed-down libraries are behind Britain's shocking literacy levels.