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We’ve surveyed all British universities, examining the policies and actions of universities and students’ unions, and ranked them using our traffic-light system.

Traffic-light ranking system:

  • RED:

    has banned and actively censored ideas on campus

  • AMBER:

    has chilled free speech through intervention

  • GREEN:

    has a hands-off approach to free speech

Traffic-light ranking
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Warwick 2016


The University of Warwick and Warwick Students' Union collectively create a hostile environment for free speech. The university, which has maintained its Amber ranking, restricts material that is 'likely to cause offence'. The students' union, which has maintained its Red ranking, has instituted bans on the Sun and the Daily Star; operates a ban on sexist, racist and homophobic speech; and, in 2015, banned a talk by Maryam Namazie. The institution’s overall ranking remains Red.

The university - AMBER


  • Dignity at Warwick

    Definition of harassment includes ‘displaying material that is likely to cause offence to others’.

    Read the full policy

The students’ union - RED


  • Equal Opportunities

    ‘The union, and all of its clubs and societies that organise events, must be fully satisfied with an agency’s Equal Opportunities policy before contracting any artists on that agency’s books. If an artist under contract is deemed to be racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic (or not adhering to this bylaw), that artist should not be re-engaged and the agency from which the artist was obtained should be reviewed.’

    Read the full policy

  • External Speakers Policy

    ‘Must seek to avoid insulting other faiths or groups, within a framework of positive debate and challenge.’

    Read the full policy


  • 2013 Warwick SU

    Bans the Sun and the Daily Star

  • 28 September 2015 ibtimes

    Bans Maryam Namazie

To find out more about the FSUR, or to request further comment, contact Tom Slater.

Warwick progression

  • 2015
  • 2016