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3 July 2020
Brendan O'Neill
At last, on Saturday, the pubs are reopening. And restaurants and cinemas and barbers, too. Lockdown fanatics are fuming, naturally. They think the masses who will spill inebriated from pubs on Saturday night will be a plague in motion. Officialdom is getting jittery. The government says we must drink in moderation. The NHS is fretting that A&E departments will be overrun by injured pissheads. But the rest of us should celebrate this boozy day, because it represents the return of some of the liberty snatched from us at the start of this pandemic. It is extraordinary how much freedom was taken from us. The right to protest, to assemble, to worship, even to leave our homes in the early days. The relationship between the state and the individual was utterly rewritten. This cannot stand. Recovering freedom is the central task of the post-pandemic moment. Drink to that on Saturday night.
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