‘Climate alarmism turns politics into the art of the impossible’

Ben Pile says the floods are a crisis of British infrastructure, not climate change.

In the last month, the British press has been splashed with images of ‘Biblical’ levels of flooding, with towns and villages in the south west of England under several feet of water after weeks of heavy rainfall. Environmentalists of all stripes, from newspaper columnists to politicians, have been quick to deem the floods the inevitable consequence of manmade climate change, suggesting moments like this are a wake-up call that should shock us out of our inertia on the issue of climate change. But is climate really that straightforward? Are these voices of caution even credible? And what impact is the absolutism of the environmental lobby having on British politics and the infrastructure which could guard against future floods? To explore these questions, we spoke to researcher and blogger at Climate Resistance, Ben Pile. Listen and download below.





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