Friday 10 February 2012
Page 3
What's the problem?

Letters responding to: The misogyny of the anti-Page 3 brigade, by Gabrielle Shiner

What the anti-Page 3 amounts to is a lot of middle-class feminists trying to restrict working-class men from seeing bare breasts.

Daniel Factor, UK

I know its trendy of spiked to be ‘controversial’ about issues when pontificating about society as a whole, but I have actually worked in factories and tool rooms where there are Page 3 girls stuck up on walls and notice boards.

It may not affect middle-class girls such as Shiner at University, but let me assure her, the working-class lads in these places leer at and objectivise women, maybe not as a direct consequence of the images, but it certainly reinforces them. This has a direct effect on the relationships between them and their working-class girlfriends and their perception of women as a whole.

Greg Barr, UK

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