20 July 2001

Offside, 20 July

Brazil is the embodiment of the jogo bonito (beautiful game). But perhaps the awe in which we hold the Samba Boys is set to end.

Bristol Inquiry: key questions

The Bristol Inquiry report into baby heart deaths was more the result of the drive for reform of the medical profession, than it was the cause of it. The consequence has been to manipulate parents and demoralise doctors.

Training to complain

The UK rail network covers its tracks (no pun intended) with apologies left, right and centre, while passengers moan and whine. No wonder Richard Branson travels by balloon.

18 July 2001

Sensitive about censorship

Free speech on the internet gets the youth vote (almost).

18 July 2001

McEducation - and bits on the side

A conference at Canterbury Christ Church University College, Kent, in July 2001 brought together sociologists George Ritzer and Frank Furedi to debate the question: 'What is the McUniversity?'

spiked-seminars: Privacy from whom?

spiked has been organising a series of seminars in the run-up to its London conference, Don't Blow IT. Norman Lewis and Neil Barrett led the discussion on privacy and data protection.

18 July 2001

AS good?

The AS-level saga indicates deeper problems with UK secondary education.

Away with the fairies

Co-writer of the BBC Radio 4 play 'No Future in Eternity' wonders why a godless society has started loving angels instead.

18 July 2001

Smoking: a matter of choice

Philip Morris report: Is the equation 'smoking kills = government savings' any more dodgy than the quasi-economic arguments rehearsed in the smoking debate by both sides?

16 July 2001

Screaming blue murder

The Tory leadership contest may have high entertainment value - but its outcome will have little political significance.