21 December 2006

The year we nearly went mad

From celebrity colonialism and Muslim-mania to flying backwards and resurrecting dead gods: some trends of 2006.

24 October 2006

When celebrities rule the Earth

It might seem trashy and trivial, but sometimes it is important to trash celebrity culture.

13 October 2006

Why is Madonna treating Africa like a little orphan that needs adopting?

Read spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times (London).

Brad, Angelina and the rise of ‘celebrity colonialism’

What gives two Hollywood actors the right to shut down an African nation so that they can have a special experience?

The Hollywood Actor’s Burden

Why are those, like George Clooney, who opposed Bush's war in Iraq now calling on the president to 'Save Darfur'?

24 January 2006

Why are coppers stalking celebrities?

The police are taking their lead from reality TV shows and gossip columns.

19 January 2006

Who cares about Celeb BB? You decide

spiked-TV: Has-beens, hissy fits and a competition of victimhoods make Celebrity Big Brother grimly compelling.

13 January 2006

I’m Not Really a Politician, Vote for Me…

Read spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times (London).

23 September 2005

Cocaine Kate and the PR-conscious cops

spiked editor Mick Hume's Notebook in The Times (London).

7 July 2005

Who saved Birhan Woldu’s life?

Live Aid apparently saved the Ethiopian famine’s poster child in 1985, and 20 years later the UK media claims it ‘found’ her looking beautiful. Nice story - shame about the facts.