13 February 2014

You don’t know that Woody Allen is guilty

In the name of supporting Dylan Farrow, commentators have unleashed a wave of prejudice and intolerance against Woody Allen.

12 December 2013

Robin Thicke is misogynistic?

Why teenagers are nonplussed by all the 'Blurred Lines' hysteria.

5 December 2013

Nigella: a private life on trial

Nigella Lawson’s private life has provided a feast for hypocritical broadsheet commentary.

12 November 2013

Rethinking role models

Why should we look to popstars or footballers to be inspiring for any other reason than that they are good at what they do?

4 October 2013

Diana: the patron saint of airheads

A rubbish new biopic confirms we no longer care about the ‘People’s Princess’.

8 November 2012

I’m an MP… Get Me Out of Westminster

Nadine Dorries’ descent into the heart of reality-TV darkness shows that even politicians are disengaged from politics.