9 July 2003

Knocking equal opportunities

People think women are equal now - so why won't feminists believe them?

9 July 2003

Ageism is not the problem

Britain needs proper employment opportunities for older people, not a government consultation on 'age discrimination'.

4 July 2003

Don’t paint the town red

Confessions of a late-night graffiti-remover.

3 July 2003

A marriage that dare not speak its name

The UK government's 'Civil Partnership' scheme for gay couples makes an institution of inequality.

27 June 2003

Losing its religion

The Church of England has become Britain’s most openly divided public institution.

19 June 2003

Offside, 19 June

The pros and cons of pre-match Eminem.

13 June 2003

Flagging up difference

Putting some black in the Union Jack would cause more problems than it would solve.

13 June 2003

Offside, 13 June

Britain is plagued by BSE: Beckham Speculation Ennui.

13 June 2003

Nursing suspicion

A climate of fear and paranoia is making men wary of joining the childcare profession.

5 June 2003

Life choices

Smoking saves lives, hunting kills foxes, and things were never better in the old days.