10 April 2014

Weeping for Peaches: ersatz grief gone mad

The Geldof grief-fest shows how ravenous the cult of mourning has become.

28 March 2014

Gwyneth and Chris: why celeb-lovers just don’t care

The media’s mocking of the power couple’s spiritual separation is hypocritical.

28 March 2014

Andre Marriner: we all make mistakes

Calm down, everybody. Refereeing cock-ups are part of the fun of football.

25 March 2014

Cheap booze?
Sound as a pound!

The launch of PoundPub is attracting the ire of snobs and prohibitionists.

21 March 2014

Lad culture:
a defence

Student laddishness is a kind of rebellion against the new authoritarianism.

21 March 2014

Manchester United: the emperor has no clothes

Old Trafford no longer has teams trembling with fear – and that decline started under Fergie.

14 March 2014

Football’s moralists should butt out over Pardew

A feeble headbutt earned the Newcastle boss a seven-game ban and a deluge of sanctimony. The rest of us just laughed.

10 March 2014

In defence of the dark Seventies

It wasn't all paedos and power cuts says Mick Hume (above, in white jumper).

28 February 2014

The gloriously pointless world of football banter

Cantona's kung-fu kick was not a political statement, it was comedy gold.