A grotesque illustration of modern politics

Politicians pursue pointless, illiberal policies like plain packaging as a cheap way of scoring points against each other.

13 March 2014

Busking: keep the streets free for music

It’s time to make a racket over Camden Council’s closing down of public space.

20 February 2014

Anti-tobacco campaigners: what a bunch of Cnuts

The controversy over TV advertising for e-cigs shows that tobacco-control activists are more interested in lifestyle regulation than health.

31 January 2014

Down Under: dancing for liberty

Cass Wilkinson on why she and other Sydneyites are rebelling against a new government clampdown on late-night drinking.

27 January 2014

Upping the ante in the fight for free speech

Why spiked wants to make freedom of speech the great cause of 2014.

15 January 2014

IPNAs: don’t thank the Lords, win the debate

How can you take Liberty’s belief in democratic rights seriously when it sings the praises of the unelected House of Lords?

13 January 2014

The phoney war over Cameron’s porn filter

Some anti-filter campaigners have just as low a view of personal freedom as the anti-smut brigade.

9 January 2014

A blank cheque to police public space

A new bill aimed at tackling ‘annoying’ behaviour represents an assault on public liberty.

17 December 2013

Gender segregation: Islamist crusaders on campus?

It isn't 'Islamofascists' who are destroying reason and Enlightenment.

6 December 2013

The inhumanity of a forced Caesarean

The Italian woman forced to have a C-section was effectively treated as a fetal container.