22 May 2008

Can design cut crime?

Government attempts to ‘design out’ crime by sticking anti-theft, noise-emitting devices around the country will make us feel less secure.

Gordon Brown and the ghosts of innovation

James Heartfield reports from yesterday’s NESTA conference in London on the flailing PM’s vampiric relationship with the ‘innovation economy’.

19 May 2008

To see the future of the internet, look East

If Westerners could shake off their prejudices about ‘copycat’ Asians with ‘small hands’, they might just see the wonders of Asian web innovation.

Innovation in a time of caution

The live launch of the spiked/Pfizer survey ‘What is the Greatest Innovation?’ took a critical look at the i-word - that buzzword of our age.

Take a PEW, hear a sermon

With three new tracts on planning, energy and waste, the government shows it would rather change our habits than encourage innovation.

24 April 2007

The tyranny of technology

Promoting healthy eating, tackling truancy, improving 'social inclusion': the great potential of IT is being used for instrumental political ends.

16 March 2007

This month: Grumpiness

What's behind the fashion for labelling cultural critics who are dissatisfied with the present (such as himself) as ‘grumpy old men’?

19 February 2007

Just another brick in the wall?

Lynsey Hanley’s book Estates: An Intimate History titillates the Guardian-reading class’s fascination with a poor and excluded ‘underclass’.

14 February 2007

Is Wikipedia part of a new ‘global brain’?

Everyone from Time to TV networks is singing the praises of user-generated ‘people’s content’ on the worldwide web. But is it reliable?

31 October 2006

Transport innovation: slowing to a standstill

New Labour’s deep-seated hostility to popular mobility is holding back advances on roads, railways and in the air.