9 December 2009

Why designers should take more risks

Michael Wolff, the designer who irritated Thatcher and helped rebrand Labour, talks about being creative during a recession.

21 July 2009

Who’s afraid of electric vehicles?

Green opposition even to eco-friendly electric cars shows that what environmentalists really dislike is travel itself.

29 June 2009

Let’s go back to the
moon — and beyond

As the 40th anniversary of the first manned moon landing approaches, backward attitudes here on Earth have tainted our view of lunar exploration.

15 June 2009

Risk-taking, R&D and the recession

Contributing to the spiked/CMP debate on the future of business, an innovation expert demands real wealth creation.

An R&D recession

Today’s economic crisis partly springs from years and years of under-investment in research and development.

5 December 2008

This is no time to call the ‘design police’

By reorganising our lives around suspicion and the fear of crime, design can leave us feeling insecure - and less free.

23 September 2008

The best foundation for the web: open debate

Tim Berners-Lee’s new group aims for a ‘free and open’ web, but the idea of ‘rating’ content would close down discussion.

21 August 2008

The rise and rise of 'anti-design'

Designers who focus on producing only meek and sustainable things are denying their own creativity and impact on the world.

The World Wide Web is nothing like a brain

Contrary to what Wired argues, there is a world of difference between super-powerful computers and human thought.

19 June 2008

Design can cut crime

The director of the Design Against Crime Centre responds to Martyn Perks’ claim that designers are bowing down to the UK government’s authoritarian agenda.